28 JAN 2016
LibrIT Paris, France

Remote Django application developpement


we are looking for a django developper for few days. We need someone with a real experience on django and some references.

The mission is to developp a web application to supervise technical equipements (servers, boards, connected objectcs...). The developpement include either the equipement data gathering (quite easy) and the web interface.

If the first milestone si achieved you'll be certainly have other developpents/addons contracts. We can work with almost any country.

If you interessed, as an independant, please contact us with references, prices/days, project methods and communications tools you are using.If the three fill our requirements, we will send you the detailled infos to have some idea of the global price and delay.

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26 JAN 2016
Club Connect UK London, United Kingdom

Full Stack Web Application Developer

Club Connect, an entrepreneurial software company, is seeking a full stack web application developer to help develop the web application that integrates with the existing and already published mobile app. You’ll be accountable for influencing architecture decisions, development and maintenance of our web application.

Club Connect is a night club events promotional platform that provides a full listings of event as well as providing an integrated management tool for clubs and promoters to manage their teams.

Club Connect is an exciting start up with its founders having huge experience in event promotions as well as strong links with a number of universities, a strong student database and a large number of important Club industry contacts. This is a great opportunity to join at a pivotal point in our evolution and reap the benefits that a startup has to offer!


  • Contribute to the full application stack
  • Develop, test, and maintain robust, scalable, high-quality software for our technology platform and full suite of products
  • Contribute to continuous improvement of software development best practices in the areas of coding tools, languages and APIs, as well as software design and development processes
  • Solve difficult problems while continuously learning and improving
  • Work closely with a team, including non-developers and a technical architect, in a fluid environment with evolving requirements
  • Be proud of every line of code that you lay down
  • Estimate work efforts so that they can be prioritized
  • Challenge the status-quo


  • 2+ years experience in modern full stack web application development
  • 1+ years experience with AngularJS
  • 2+ years experience writing clean and concise Python
  • Strong experience in the Python framework django
  • Experience with design and interacting with relational databases, postgres or mysql
  • Familiarity with Git or Other Code Revisioning Systems
  • Taste for simplicity and elegance in technical design and implementation as well as an appreciation for test driven development and building software the right way
  • Strong Computer Science fundamentals (algorithms and data structures)
  • Strict Attention to Detail
  • BS in Computer Science or Equivalent Street Cred
  • Desire to Work in a Fast-Paced, Start-up Environment Where Opportunities and Challenges Are Great.
  • A Strong Work Ethic, Sense of Humor (Even Bad Humor) and Collaborative Spirit


Above average compensation based on experience with equity
Local candidates preferred but not required


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19 JAN 2016
Sandals Software United States

Freelance Django & Full Stack Engineer

I am looking for an excellent freelancer to help maintain and improve client sites. The right person would be able to suggest and implement technical improvements, have excellent spoken and written communication, and is interested in diving into new technologies and helping other businesses grow through technology.

About the business

Sandals Software is a Django consultancy. We help customers grow their business through technology, and our toolset is everything around the Django ecosystem. As a full stack engineer, you will be helping customers with every aspect of their site development and setup - from suggesting ways they can improve their business using technology, to implementing the latest technologies to help them do it.

Our customers are generally small to mid size businesses who need more than a basic site, but don't want to maintain a full development team. We provide the technical expertise to grow their business, and provide the best technology platforms to enable their success.

Work environment

We are an office-less company - everyone works remote, and at their own pace and schedule. As long as you are willing to occasionally meet over skype or hang outs, and are self directed, you can be successful.

Skill Requirements

  • 2+ years of Python & Django
  • 1+ years JavaScript
  • 1+ years Database knowledge, Postgres preferred. 
  • General sysadmin and deployment skills (You don't mind diving into Nginx or Apache configs on occasion, for example)
  • familiarity with Git
  • An inner drive to be the best engineer you can be
  • An interest in business, and helping others improve
  • Top notch communication skills
  • Great leadership skills
  • Self directed, and self motivated.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills (English)

Other things to know

  • I am looking for an average of 10 hours per week. If things work well, this could grow if you so desire. 
  • You can work from anywhere - any country, any timezone, as long as you are flexible in meeting times.
  • Work is initially for a single client who needs significant work on a large codebase.
  • I like to have a weekly touchpoint (often over text chat). with weekly or bi-weekly production deployments of features and fixes.

To Apply:

Please send me the following information to be considered:

  • Information about yourself: projects you have completed, and your background in programming.
  • Links or files of at least one project you are proud of
  • Your expected hourly rate
  • Any information you think I would find helpful!
  • If you are part of an agency or an independent freelancer.
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Catchafire New York, New York

Senior Django Engineer

Job Description:

Catchafire is looking for a passionate, highly skilled, senior python engineer, with a social conscience, to work on world-changing software. Lots of companies claim they are trying to change the world for the better. The difference is this: we mean it, and we're doing it.

Our engineers live in several countries around the world and we promote a remote-first work culture even for those of us who are local.


  • Engaging in all aspects of software development, including architecture, documentation, unit testing, and deployment using Python and the Django framework
  • Writing Django templates, JavaScript, and basic HTML and CSS
  • Working with internal sales, community, operations, product team and executive staff to review and implement ideas
  • Website systems administration and optimization on Ubuntu servers
  • Providing leadership to and mentoring other technology team members


Key Skills:

  • 5+ years experience coding in Python
  • 5+ years experience using the Django (or similar) web framework
  • 5+ years SQL coding experience
  • 3+ years experience coding JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Experience scaling and administering full web application stacks
  • Eagerness to learn and work at all levels of responsibility
  • Working knowledge of source code control and unit testing

Valuable Experience:

  • Experience working in the social good sector
  • Project leadership and management duties
  • Experience scaling with MySQL and/or Django
  • Experience using the Fabric for devops tasks
  • Experience with Experience with nginx, gunicorn, caching systems
  • If you're truly awesome, and have some characteristic that you believe will compensate for lacking one of the key skills, just explain it in your submission

About the company

Catchafire matches professionals who want to give their skills to nonprofits and social enterprises that need their help. Catchafire pro bono professionals have donated many thousands of hours to provide over 20 million dollars in services to social good organizations. You'll help us continue to scale so that we can touch the lives of more and more talented professionals by enabling them to give to social good organizations in need.

Contact Info:

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7 JAN 2016
Wildfish United Kingdom

Remote Full Stack Django Developer at Wildfish

Wildfish -

We're a London based consultancy specialising in building web apps for startups using Django.

We're looking for a full stack Django developer to join the team.

We all work remotely via Slack. It would be a bonus if you're within meeting distance of London but otherwise we're happy with someone who can set their working day to match UK time.

Some of the skills which would be useful:

  • Python / Django
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • React (plus npm, browserify and associated JS tooling)
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, Elasticsearch
  • Ubuntu Linux Server Administration
  • Testing / TDD
  • Docker
  • AWS / Ansible / Terraform

We've also recently finished a couple of projects in React Native, so any interest or experience in that would be a bonus.

You'll be working autonomously a fair bit, so it's important that you're the sort of person who has attention to detail and can read requirements carefully.

Please email, including 3 of your favourite Django apps and the salary or rate you're looking for.

We're also recruiting for a Technical Lead. Please see other post on Django Gigs.


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Wildfish London, United Kingdom

Technical Lead at Wildfish – Remote (but able to commute to London for meetings)

Wildfish -

We're a London based consultancy specialising in building web apps for startups using Django.

We're looking for a Technical Lead to join the team. You'll need to be someone who is an enthusiastic and experienced hands on developer when required, but also comfortable managing and scheduling a team of developers and their workload, and happy to be a point of contact for the client or product owner for your team's projects. You'll need to be able to work autonomously so it's important that you're the sort of person who has attention to detail.

We all work remotely via Slack, but we'll need you to be in the UK and close enough to London to come in for meetings as required.

Everyone in our organisation has a background in code so it's at the core of our organisation, so we'd like you to be someone who is passionate about their craft, and eager to share and learn with others who feel the same. We'd encourage you to be contributing to our open source projects and blogging as a regular part of your work.

Some of the skills which would be useful:

  • Python / Django
  • Project Management
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • React (plus npm, browserify and associated JS tooling)
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, Elasticsearch
  • Ubuntu Linux Server Administration
  • Testing / TDD
  • Docker
  • AWS / Ansible / Terraform

We've also recently finished a couple of projects in React Native, so any interest or experience in that would be a bonus.

Please email, including 3 of your favourite Django apps and the salary or rate you're looking for. As this is a fairly key position ideally we're looking for someone permanent but we'll also consider freelance or someone who might like to freelance to start with.


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22 DEC 2015
United Kingdom

FILLED Full stack Django freelancer(s) somewhere near Yorkshire FILLED

This position is in the process of being filled so please DO NOT APPLY.

If you have already applied and not had a personal reply my apologies.

I am retiring due to poor health and recruiting my own replacement for my largest client. They have a small Django website which is used to support personalised car registration auctions. The site needs a number of new features adding, payment processing and a new, responsive front end for example. The site also needs upgrading, usability improvements, greater test coverage and general tightening up.

At the moment we use:

  • postgres
  • git
  • fabric
  • nginx with uwsgi
  • basecamp

The client currently takes 100 hour/month at £40/hour. There is no urgent work needed and this is an average figure i.e. you can vary the number of hours you do in a month to work around other clients, holidays, sickness etcetera, as long as the average remains 100 hours per month. 

If you work in a company with other developers that would be a bonus as it provides more continuity, but expertise and reliability are the most essential things. The clients are not technical and require you to provide clear guidance and direction. I will be available to hand over and field questions for the first few months.

The client is based in Leeds and the site is hosted in York. They like to have a face-to-face meeting every few weeks so ideally you will be located in or around Yorkshire.  You must be based in the UK.

Please get in touch with questions as I'm sure there will be things I have missed out.

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30 NOV 2015
iGROW Corp Health Singapore

Senior Python/Django Developer

iGROW is a Health-as-a-Service platform based out of Singapore. With the launch of our flagship product iGrowFIT (, we are trying to solve the problem of employee health and fitness for companies. Our platform is based on Python/Django/jQuery/Bootstrap, and hosted on AWS. We aim to be the leader in Corporate Health solutions in Singapore and ASIA.

We're looking for great developers who are

  1. Knowledgeable in Python/Django
  2. Experienced with AWS, and deployment with Fabric.
  3. With Some front end chops with jQuery, Bootstrap
  4. Love working at a startup environment that's growing(we already have paying customers)
  5. Enjoys learning new things
  6. Comfortable with taking tech decisions and leading the product dev
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16 NOV 2015
Cnova Systems Los Angeles, California

Full Stack Django Web Developer (Media Streaming)

Looking for savvy python/django developer to assist an existing project. Will consider long term position for the right candidate. The systems in nutshell are LINUX+NGINX+DJANGO+AWS(S3)


  •  Solid django and python skills
  •  Solid AWS (mostly just S3), jquery, css, SQL, git, redis
  •  Good knowledge of LINUX, NGINX
  •  3+ years experience

Bonus Points 

  • Ansible, Vagrant
  • Scaling

The Ideal Candidate is

  • Reliable and responsible
  • On schedule, solid communication
  • Resourceful and able to find solutions to new problems
  • 18+ and not offended by legal adult content

Please send us the following:

  • Your resume and github, linkedin if any
  • On a scale of 1-10, please self rate your Django, python, jquery and LINUX skills
  • Your expectation in term of compensation (hourly)


This is a 1-2 month engagement that will require 20-30 hour work/week. We will need these 1-2 months to be uninterrupted by any vacations or extended holidays.

Apply here or direct info(a)cnovasystems(period)com

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8 OCT 2015
brainbot technologies Mainz, Germany

Blockchain and Ethereum Developer

brainbot technologies is working on cutting edge blockchain development.

We are a major contributor to Ethereum, a Blockchain 2.0 system which supports turing complete smart contracts and is a platform for rapid development of decentralized applications (DApps). The platform also comes with a secure messaging infrastructure (Whisper) and a DHT based storage (ipfs).

Our core product is HydraChain which is an extension to Ethereum for enterprises.

You’ll work on the client core and/or build applications based on the Ethereum and HydraChain platforms. Most of the work will be on open source software.

To get an idea about the tools we are using, please take a look at the code:

As we are relying on PyPy and gevent, we are currently using Python 2.7 but plan to move to Python 3 once PyPy is compatible with Python 3.3.

Note: We do not use Django. The architecture of decentralized applications which are build on top of Ethereum is: local ethereum-node <- jsonrpc -> HTML/JS
While building distributed applications on top of the Ethereum stack might be one of your tasks, the focus will be on core development.

Essential Skills & Experience

  • Strong Python skills
  • Experience in an open source community
  • Experience building and maintaining products with real-world usage
  • Experience in testing and continuous integration
  • Attention to detail – awareness that the applications here are mission critical  
  • Ability to own what you are building and see it through from end to end
  • Knowledge of git and git workflows
  • Fluent in English (oral and written).


  • Good C++ skills
  • Experience in profiling code
  • Experience with blockchain technology
  • Experience with cryptography
  • Experience with p2p and networking

How to apply

Send your updated CV to

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