Saarbrücken, Germany

Nicolas Kuttler

I am Nicolas Kuttler, a freelance web developer and system administrator with more than a decades' worth of experience. I am working with clients across the globe to build anything from simple websites to complex web applications.
Portland, Oregon

Jeff Schwaber

Been freelancing since 2008, and I love seeing all the different ways projects go.

LoFi Art is a full stack development shop of 2, sometimes 3, people. We love Django, especially with Backbone JS and Bootstrap on the front and PostgreSQL on the back. Here's a short list of ...

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Bogdan Nistor

Python/Django, CSS, HTML, JavaScript

Ciudad de México, México

Andres Vargas

My updated cv:


GNU/Linux, i love sed,grep,wc,wget,tmux,screen,vim

Using by 9 years, with diferents flavors, from gentoo to ubuntu


Web SysAdmin
I hate cpanel, plesk, i prefer a clean and small vps, I used openstack from rackspace and ...
Sala Consilina, Italy


Hi I'm a software developer, background in client software, server software and web development.

Skilled in software design, unit testing and coding in .net framework (c#), Python, and C++. Working on Web technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript, REST, SOAP) on Django and ASP.NET frameworks and loving the Google AppEngine ...

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Bloomsbury Digital

I'm a full-stack developer with 15 years experience developing for the web, and an avid Django developer since 2008.

I've built MVPs for startups, large and complex systems for the UK primary education sector, content management systems and social networks in Django.

I formed Nymbol in 2011 and ...

Hanoi, Vietnam


5 years Zope/Plone experience 2 years Django

Portland, OR

Matt Youell

I build, I troubleshoot, I rescue. I've been building web apps for many years on a variety of platforms. Django just happens to be my favorite. :)

Logan, Utah


We build sites exclusively with Django and Satchmo. Need a great looking site that works the way you want it to? Look no further.

Wiesbaden, Germany

Manuel Schmidt

+2 Year of django experience. I'm interested in new django projects with other django developers to gain expertise. Fell free to contact me. Other skills html, css, jquery.

Chicago, IL

Cyberworks Media Group

We having been building great websites and web applications since 1995. Our websites are a hybrid of design and technology with a business twist and powered by great frameworks such as Django.

United Kingdom

Anand Kumria

I'm an experienced technologist who has worked for many companies.

They range from small, dynamic startup companies to large companies seeking an edge over their competitors — by using Python, Django and other cutting edge technologies.

Ernakulam, India

Anish A

Working as a Django developer for the past two years, have prior experience in J2ee. Have done more than ten large and medium sized projects for clients from different geographic locations.

New York, New York

Scott Meisburger

Senior Developer at Rhizome at the New Museum. 3 years Django experience (team and solo). Also iOS dev. Available for freelance/consulting opportunities.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Andres Osinski

  • Worked for a large variety of companies, customers and environments, form two-man startups to IBM.
  • Highly experienced as both a software developer and systems administrator.
  • Excellent communicator. Native speaker of English and Spanish.
  • Worked in Python/Django, C#, C++, PHP, Java, Javascript/jQuery, shell scripting, and others.
  • Full CV and ...
Sydney, Australia

Mark Finger

Full stack web developer working across Django and all the other wonderful things.