Jaipur, India

Rohan Jain

Software Engineer, Open Source Enthusiast

B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur

Perry, Utah

Joshua Gardner

Sophomore College student. Looking for intern-level development jobs.

Praha, Česká republika

CodeScale Czech Republic s.r.o.

CodeScale Czech Republic provides custom software development and consulting built on open source platform. We deliver full service support including everything from planning and analysis to end-user training. Because we take quality seriously right across the board, you’ll enjoy working with a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team.

Washington, DC

ab emam

Solid experience with technologies including Django, Python, PHP, MySQL, Postgresql. Fluent in Linux, Apache, etc. Well experienced in developing and implementing Django / Python based content management systems for hyper-local newspapers.

Other projects completed using Django and python include a large online staffing recruiting database, online reporting system for event management ...

Russian Federation


6 years Python experience (GUI applications, network applications, web-sites parsing, documents parsing), 4 years Django experience.

Great experience of creating complicated, high-loaded web-services.

Good knowledges of PostgreSQL (triggers, functions, indexes, full text search and especially PostGIS).

Good knowledges of Javascript (jQuery, Google API, OpenLayers).

Full-text search engines experience (xapian, whoosh ...

Pune, India

Tushar Thantharate

open source practitioner having 5+ years of experience in Python, Django, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Django 3rd Party apps.

Princeton, New Jersey

Uncryptic Communications

I am a Python and Django developer, experienced in Database Administration (PostgreSQL, MySQL, sqlite3) and backend development. Also adept at webservice integration and other business to business implementations.

Cochabamba, Bolivia


  • Django (over 5 years experience)
  • Python 2.x and 3.x (over 10 years experience)
  • HTML5/CSS3/SASS etc.

Zele, Belgium


Senior System Engineer with strong development skills. Developed multiple websites with Django. Experienced Project lead/Manager.

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Ulises Cervino

Django developer based in Aberdeen. Experience in NoSQL databases and search applications.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


A colorful individual apt in the use of technology for social progress; exerting passion for people — hardly ever flabbergasted by anyone's occasional demotion from rationale; oft loves sharing great new comedic material in the ongoing joke…

New Jersey, United States

Modular Programming Systems

I own a small business and we provide Web Design (in Django), Open Source Application Development, Mainframe Application Development, Networking & Systems support and Project Management. We've been in business for 43yrs, but we are small enough to remain flexible to accommodate any client around the world. Check us out ...

Fortaleza, Brazil


I'm a Python, JS, PHP and Ruby web developer! Love web dev, MVC (or MTV)frameworks and code.

Kathmandu, Nepal


Django is a wonderful framework to play with. Python's cool too … :) Playing football and trekking are my hobbies .. :)

Dublin, Ireland

Timmy O'Mahony

I'm a web developer & programmer from Dublin, Ireland. I specialize in Python web applications, particularly Django.

Jakarta, Indonesia


We are a primier technology consulting firm with primary focus in delivering real business benefits to our clients.

We do custom develop web based enterprise application utilizing latest technology including Django, Python, J2EE, .NET, and ORACLE.

Our products: ONEINSURE: General Insurance Software

ONESUITE: General Trading and Manufacture Software

Our team ...

Tampa, Florida


I am interested in doing some nice websites using Django.

Brisbane, Australia

Jeff de Ruyter

  • Python developer for 11years
  • Django developer for 4 years
  • Interested in freelance/permanent work (remote or local)
San Francisco, California

Sumit Chachra

Deep experience in using the Django Framework / Python. Also very good with:

  • Leveraging the “cloud” (thats what they call it!) - aka Amazon EC2/S3, Slicehost etc.
  • MySQL - setting it up, Django models etc.
  • Memcache - for caching of data / sessions / scaling
  • Jquery and plugins like Facebox / Thickbox etc.
  • Satchmo - Highly custom ...
Melbourne, Australia


Reduce staff turnover. Automate boring business processes.


Based on Python and Django, we build computing systems to help your organisation enable self-service, automate payments, analyse and report, allow mass participation and get notified of problems before your customers call.

We manage e-commerce payment systems with ...