, Belarus


Professional team of experienced Python/Django developers.

Full stack development. 

From simple websites or CMS to complex solutions in the cloud

São Paulo, Brazil

Ricardo Silva

Developer and entrepreneur. Experience with Java, JEE, Linux, Python and Django.

, Zimbabwe


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Escondido, California

Derek Payton

I am a Southern California-based software developer who specializes in web application development using Django. I have worked at all levels of the web stack, including front-end and back-end development, and system administration. My primary technical interests revolve around web application architecture and scalability.

I am not currently seeking work.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ben Konrath

I'm a freelance full-stack web app development using Python / Django and JavaScript (Vue.js, Angular, React, etc). I have a Computer Science degree and many years working with different software stacks - from Desktop application development in Java and C++ to web development.

I'm the maintainer of https://github.com/django/django-localflavor/.

You can …

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Alex K

I'm a Python developer with 6+ years of experience.

As for backend I prefer working with Python and Django,  also I had some practice with Tornado web framework, and I'm familiar with Ruby On Rails and Express.js web frameworks.

Developing websites I had experience in projects with more than 1'000'000 …

Padova, Italy

Borgia Antonino Stefano

I work for Tieto Italy at Telecom Italia Mobile. I realize monitoring systems developed using python/django

Paris, France


Expertise Python/Django : Nous concevons et réalisons des backends, CMS et API performants et personnalisées pour tous types de projets web et mobile.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Al Hizbul Bahar

I’m used to keep up with the cutting edge of technologies. Being familiar with versatile diversity, I have been working in several software projects for more than three years. I follow agile methodologies of software development and try to develop shippable software using TDD.

Developing wordpress plugin is now become …

St George, Utah

Infowest, Inc

I am a full-time web developer, proficient in PHP and Django. We also have a full-time web designer so we can do almost anything.

Denver, Colorado

Miriam Eric Suzanne

Web designer, developer, front-end architect, author, and artist. Founder of OddBird (http://oddbird.net), creator of Susy (http://susy.oddbird.net) and True (http://oddbird.net/true), and co-author of Jump Start Sass from SitePoint (http://sitepoint.com).

Beijing, China


an web developer using python/django web framework.

San Francisco, California

Turbines Consulting

US & EU Citizen. Travel Possible. Open to relocation for short term projects.

Experienced software developer/manager with an extensive history in startups. 8+ years experience with Python/Django.

We've helped entrepreneurs develop their MVP, as well as large companies develop core features. Provided services such include feature development, engineering management, product …

Omsk, Russian Federation


Python-addicted software engineer. Write everything mostly in Python.

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Rolando Espinoza

Software developer, web data miner, fast learner, self-starter, I can wear many hats. I've worked from frontend javascript programming to api service development to map/reduce reports.

Note: I'm not doing web development right now. You can find me on linkedin too.

Inverness, United Kingdom

Spey Software Ltd

Spey Software is a small but very experienced software development company based in Aviemore, Inverness-shire.

Need a Django powered app? Give us a call!

Oslo, Norway

Ask Solem

Developer with experience in scaling high-traffic websites.

New York

Michael Dizon

New York City based Full Stack Developer. Nine years of experience using Django beginning with 0.95!. Additional experience with Django-Rest-Framework, Celery, Redis, Haystack & Elasticsearch. Front-end web development with AngularJS, & Bootstrap. Native iOS development in either Objective-C or Swift.

Chittagong Division, Bangladesh

Wasi Mohammed Abdullah

Wasi Mohammed Abdullah.CEO, Founder of Dreamcatcher ITChittagong, Bangladesh.

Cell: +8801858 503 621

E-mail: wasi0013@gmail.com

Pythonista, Javascript Enthusiast, Thinker, Day Dreamer & An introvert with exception

I’m a  passionate web developer who loves to help others to find the best programmable solution to achieve their objectives. As a web developer, I …