Costa Rica


Django webapps. We develop cool apps for startups.

Gothenburg, Sweden


Started programming in MATLAB during my bachelor studies in Mechanical Engineering studies at Chalmers. Then took up python during the last year of my master in Entrepreneurship and Business Design in order to build my own web applications.

Enschede, The Netherlands


I'm a Python, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Django and Geodjango specialist, I develop spatially consistent Django supported web GIS application. I have strengths in Pl/pgSQL server-side programming of database functions.

Nairobi, Kenya


"I breathe life into empty space, I create where none exists and given a computer, I can perform fetes of magic."

I am a creative full-stack developer with ever-growing skills in javascript, django, php and java. I design and develop web as well as desktop applications using various technologies.

Elkader, IA

Tony Hauber

A student at Iowa State University, majoring in computer science. I have been working in Django for about 6 months but have taken quite a liking to it. I am currently working on and django-threadedforum.

GoiĆ¢nia, Brasil


IT Professional, working with technologies. Python/Django for create websites, blogs etc…

Python/Blender for create Open Source 3D Games.

Advanced Knowledge and teach in Java, Mandriva Linux, Blender, Python, webstandards/tableless, HTML5, CSS3

Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan


i am a freelancer software eng.

Czech Republic

Tomas Bilek

As freelancer I am open minded visionary with aim to functionality, usability and additive value for my work.

I like Solution design, discovering new technologies and bringing my ideas into real world life. I am fan of lightweight solutions with spirit.

I like DRY, KISS and Agile

To give live ...

Vancouver, Canada

Empirical Results

Empirical Results is a Big Data consulting company, specializing in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and End-to-end Engineering. We help our clients build a competitive advantage via data-driven technologies. Our wide array of clients include startups, non-profits, governmental organizations and large enterprises. 

Los Angeles, CA

Brian Riley

Freelance programmer working with Django since 2006 and over a decade in software development. I've lead teams, and I've grown sites to handle lots of traffic. I'm a Django contributor and organizer of the LA Django meetup. I'm available to help:

  • build applications
  • fix problems with ...
Durban South, South Africa

Django Python Pro

Websites are not what they used to be and ushering in a new age of dynamic websites is Django. With Django as the backbone for for information system your once simple website becomes a marketing tool. Change content when you want to and not when the designer has time.

With ...

United Kingdom

Tangerine Smash

Tangerine Smash is a newly formed independent software company which focuses on writing high quality software using Django, Python, C# and .NET. I write good, clean code which is why Django is my platform of choice for web development, as its structured design fits well with my own coding style ...

Lviv Oblast, Ukraine


Flex/Flash, Python/Django, C#, SQL, HTML/XML, developer (7years experience)

Gurgaon, India

TekritiSoftware Pvt Ltd

Hi i am Nikhil Verma Software dude from New Delhi. I have just started my career in Python and Django. I have one Year of Experience.I have build small and large websites individually as well as team member

Karlsruhe, Germany


see djangopeople

Kampala, Uganda


am an experienced python enthuisiast with skills mainly in text processing.i have worked with mapnik and mapserver, geodjango,django facebook apps

my other non python skills include java mainly working with Openmrs and frontlinesms, Ruby on Rails, javascript ,adobe flex

Coral Springs, Florida

Joey Espinosa

I'm a problem solver, first and foremost. Beyond that…

I'm a Python developer with expertise in the Django web framework. I build web applications using either jQuery or Dojo on the front end, and MySQL or PostgreSQL (preferably Postgres) as the database. I prefer to deploy my applications ...