Nanchang, China


I like python, simple is better. I like django, simple is better. I like ubuntu, simple is better.

Tomsk, Russia



jQuery fan

Freebsd SA

Git, svn, trac, redmine

Portfolio: (php+mysql, highload) (django, mysql) (django, mysql) (django+satchmo, mysql) (django, mysql) (php, mysql) (django, mysql, xml api with oracle)

mmoboom userbars (django, mysql, xml api client) (django, mysql, xml api client) …

Dhaka, Bangladesh

MSI Shafik

  • Python
  • Django
  • JavaScript
  • C
  • Portland, OR

    John Reeves

    I graduated from Oregon State University in early 2008 with a BS in Computer Science. About a year before that, I came across something written in Python and decided to learn it and was hooked ever since.

    While in training for my first out of school job, a co-worker told …

    Caxias Do Sul, Brazil

    Rafael Campos de Bastiani

    Curso faculdade de Analise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas, meus conhecimentos com Python e Django são de um autodidata, desenvolvi meu blog do zero no qual tenho como base meus conhecimentos, boa parte do que sei esta em forma de artigos no blog, gosto muito do Django e Python e …

    Recklinghausen, Deutschland

    Superlative GmbH

    Management consulting with focus on IT professionalization, agilization, and establishment of software development departments.

    Former Django based projects:

    • Some anonymous projects

    More info:

    Superlative GmbH | 

    Bengaluru, India


    i am a django,python developer in last one year in nanolets software pvt ltd ,bangalore based open source firm.

    Akron, OH


    smarttypes is a web development team with the simple focus of doing cool stuff, and making the world better a better place - follow us on twitter if your into django and passionate about learning and big ideas

    , México

    Andrés Torres Marroquín

    Full-Stack Web Developer / Django Expert

    I love Django tools, and I really love Web Development. I love work with the Django framework. Passionate for concepts like DRY.

    Expertise and passionate of Software Engineering.

    • Automated deploying
    • Automated testing
    • Automated provisioning

    Definitely you should look at my résumé

    Kiev, Ukraine



    Team of 5 experienced Django developers are looking for freelance job. We are located in Kiev.

    Ready to start working on your project right now :)

    Toronto, Canada

    Lights on Software

    Lights On Software is group of friendly Python and Django experts. At Lights On Software, we believe in simplicity, quality, and early delivery.

    Our clients value thoughtful and rational software development process that we follow and a proactive approach we take with every project. We have outstanding references from the …

    La Habana, Chile

    Yaisel Hurtado

    Freelance Python/Django Developer with 9 years of experience (6 years in commercial development). Developing applications using technologies, methodologies and tools such as:

    • Django
    • Django Oscar
    • Django Rest Framework
    • jQuery
    • Boostrap
    • Jira
    • Git
    • Redis
    • Apache Solr
    • ElasticSearch
    • Scrum
    • Git Flow
    • Celery
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • Slack
    • Angular
    • ExtJS 4
    • Docker
    • Gunicorn
    • Test-driven development …
    Castaic, California

    David Almendarez

    Are you searching for a Python / Django Developer with a proven ability to develop high-performance applications and technical innovations? If so, please consider my enclosed resume.

    Since 2011, I have served as a Python / Django Developer for several contracts, where I have been repeatedly recognized for developing innovative …

    , Bangladesh

    Tanvir Islam Streame

    • Programming languages: python,c#,php,java,c
    • Web Framework: Django,Flask

    Love programming <3 working for python since 2016,Previously I have worked in many platform such as android (using java,c#, python) ,web (ASP.NET MVC ,PHP) ,Desktop Software (C#,java),Windows Phone app (Using C#) I found python is much helpful in rapid developing.

    Providence, Rhode Island

    Matt Miller

    I am local to New England and looking for Django work.

    Chennai, India

    Kathirvel Rajendran

    I am Kathirvel working as Software Developer in Django. 1 year experience in Django and Python. I have the following skills

    • Python
    • Django
    • HTML/CSS
    • JavaScript
    • JQuery
    • Postgres/MySQL
    • Bootstrap
    • PHP
    • Linux
    • Version control.
    Toulouse, France

    David JEAN LOUIS

    Hey there,

    I am a french python/php senior developer, I have 8 years experience in both languages and I particulary love the django web framework and also building cool desktop applications with pyqt or pygtk.

    I am currently unemployed and I am looking for a cool job (either full time …

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Diogo Baeder

    Developer mainly interested in Python and JavaScript. Lover of Django and jQuery. Also very interested in other techs like NodeJS, Erlang, PyQt etc.

    Leipzig, Germany

    Julian Moritz

    Working on my Diploma Thesis at the moment, but looking for small jobs around python and django.