Orlando, Florida

Samuel Toriel


  • Fluent with Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Familiar with C, Java, Bash, SQL


  • Django, jQuery, jqPlot, jQuery Sparklines, Highcharts




  • Vim, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, Gunicorn, Subversion, Git, Pip, VirtualEnv, Supervisord


  • Fluent with Ubuntu and Windows
Berlin, Germany

Johannes Hoppe

As an entrepreneur, I believe that success is not always about succeeding, but preservation of your vision and to carry on when you are failing.
As a developer, I have faith in Open Source, and the powerful opportunity it offers for society.
As a design thinker, I know that innovation ...
Omsk, Russian Federation


28 Django/Python projects completed. 7 Django/Python Devs on staff. 5+ years writing Python. User Interface Designer on staff.

Also experienced in SQLAlchemy, testing (unittest, nose, twill), Google App Engine, Pylons, PyQt4, wxPython, Twisted, ZODB, PostgreSQL, git, mercurial etc.

Contact on skype: mzubachevsky

Atlanta, Georgia

Daniel Frost

3 Years Python Development

1 Year Python/Django Development

1 Year Javascript/Jquery


Maracaibo, Venezuela

Amador Cuenca

I'm a Yii, ASP.NET developer with 5+ years of experience. Also work with Django and Android. Interested in any type of development experience. Available for contract work.

Santa Clara, California


Rapizi, a silicon valley based firm, that has deep technical expertise in the areas Python, Mako (a templating language), Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, MySQL,Javascript, Amazon cloud technologies, linux. We are a team of seasoned developers who have experience building highly scalable web architectures that are highly available and scalable.

We ...

Palo Alto, California

Tarams Software

Tarams is a technology solutions company operational since 2005, specializing in web application services on open source platforms.Tarams has worked on various Django projects covering domains like CRM, HCM, and Performance Review system.

Technologies that we work on

Web frameworks

o ASP.NET, JSP ,Servlets, JSF, Flex, Struts, Django ...

New York, New York

Dmitry Roitman

  • Django
  • Node.js
  • Ruby on Rails
  • nginx
  • AWS
  • Python
  • Twisted
Los Angeles, California

Evan Culver

More than 9 years experience with web development and systems administration. Enterprise level software development experience. Young, progressive approach of thinking for today’s evolving world. Enthusiasm to learn and adjust to a company’s needs in order to improve both personal technical skill set and the success of an ...

La Paz, Bolivia


Aprendiendo Django.

Moscow, Russian Federation

Pavel Shvedov

Currently I'm working at one of the most popular russian online newspapers vz.ru. Looking for freelance job with Django.

My skills include PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Apache, Nginx, Linux, CVS, SVN.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Devskunk, LLC

I'm currently looking for new contracting opportunities working on Django / Python projects. I have 3+ years of Django experience, and have multiple sites in production that I have worked on. These include, schoolrack.com (a site that has over 60k teachers), ilovephotos.com, kindfish.com, and groovr.com. Most ...

Bengaluru, India


Over 5 years of experience building enterprise web and mobile applications.

Specializations - Django, Ionic, Cordova

Perth, Australia

Adam Wright

Full time senior web developer at The University of Western Australia. Unlikely to give that up for anything that isn't extremely special. :) Currently using up the rest of my time in a startup.

I learnt Django before it got to 1.0, and got serious with it around 1 ...

Zürich, Switzerland


We take your idea and turn into great products.

We are a very experienced development and design team available for hire.

We have developed full stack applications (web and mobile) for multiple award winning, and well funded startups.

Some keywords to give a taste of what technologies we have utilized ...

Stuttgart, Germany


We are based in Stuttgart Germany and ❤ building Python and Django applications. We have special interest in the field of feature-oriented programming - we developed django-productline which implements feature-oriented software development on top of django (https://github.com/henzk/django-productline) - never been so productive :)

Generally, we are on the django train ...

Vancouver, Canada

Nav Aulakh

A full-stack Javascript/Django/Python developer with over 7 years of experience. 

Washington, District of Columbia

Little Weaver Web Collective

Little Weaver Web Collective is a full-service web application development group. We do design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Django-based backends. We take on both new development projects and maintenance of existing projects.

Our collective skills include:

  • Web and Print Design
  • HTML5
  • CSS with Compass and SASS
  • Javascript with jQuery
  • Django ...
Vienna, Austria

Sean Mc Allister

I'm a seasoned django developer currently based in Vienna/Austria.

I do full stack web development.