, México

Andrés Torres Marroquín

Full-Stack Web Developer / Django Expert

I love Django tools, and I really love Web Development. I love work with the Django framework. Passionate for concepts like DRY.

Expertise and passionate of Software Engineering.

  • Automated deploying
  • Automated testing
  • Automated provisioning

Definitely you should look at my résumé

San Diego, CA


I have had experience working on various django projects including http://suggestionbox.com. I'm currently looking for any work around the San Diego area.

Atlanta, Georgia


Small software development team in Atlanta, Georgia. Extensive frontend and backend experience with Django, Python, Javascript, JQuery, ExtJS 4, and more. Our team members previously worked at Google and fast moving startups, and are capable of running project/product management if necessary.

Swift Current, Canada

Mackenzie Kearl

Love working with Django

check out an example site that I have built http://www.paddlecrazy.com/

Chennai, India


We design, develop, modernize, install, and support web applications in a grand way to devise 100% life cycle support.

Shenzhen, China

Torsten Engelbrecht

Working for Accedo Broadband Ltd., Hong Kong (http://www.accedobroadband.com/)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Yuri van der Meer Consulting

I am a perfectionist all-round web programmer and architect with strong communication and training skills. After years of experience in front-end development (Ajax), my more recent focus has been on developing complete data-driven web applications using the python-based Django framework.

I focus heavily on separation of concern, design patterns and …

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Marcus Whybrow

An excerpt from my Stack Overflow Careers profile:

Interesting problems and ideas fuel my life, from music, to design, to programming, to anything, my analytical mind in combination with unwavering dedication (to the right tasks) needs focusing into a meaningful job!

I am currently finishing my final semester at the …

Springfield, Virginia



Buenos Aires, Argentina

Leonel Quinteros

+8 years experience on web development. Technical Leader position managing development groups.

Sr. Level on PHP projects (LAMP environment, Zend Framework, CakePHP Framework) Ssr. Level on Python / Django projects.

Bucharest, Romania

Florentin Sardan

Hello! My name is Florentin and I run a small web development business. I am offering my services of building ingenious and reliable web applications on the technology of your choice, be it PHP (i.e. CakePhp, Codeigniter, Zend Framework, Wordpress, Drupal), Python (i.e. Django) or Ruby, all flavoured with Javascript …

Manila, Philippines

DevMizer Django Devs

DevMizer is an experienced software development group - specializing in Python/Django - delivering a diverse portfolio of applications to clients on 4 continents. DevMizer clients are organizations of all sizes ranging from entrepreneurs to large enterprises needing professional applications to operate their services, market their capabilities, and generate revenues. We …

Toms River, NJ

Evan Reiser

Web Developer located in New York City specializing in social media community websites. I've build social networking websites from the ground up, youtube and flickr clones. Please contact for portfolio, references or resume.

My most recent project is a Redeployable Social Networking Platform, new niche social networking sites can be …

, Senegal

Ousmane Wilane

Python/Django/JavaScript independent consultant with 15+ years of development and training experience. Willing to relocate.

Islamabad, Pakistan

Mudassar Hashmi

I am a Full Stack Python Developer and created more than dozen web/desktop applications from scratch ground up to production. I've served in many roles from app Design, Development, TDD based Testing, Deployment and support for industry scale web applications.

Web Stack:- Python, Django, Ruby on Rails, Go, JuliaLang, Flask, …

Umeå, Sweden


We design and develop high quality custom web applications according to specific business requirements. Our applications are powered by Django, AngularJS and MySQL, aimed to satisfy our clients’ needs and produce measurable results. Our team is experinecd in designing and developing scalable applications in Python / Django from scratch.

, Israel

Ami Ben

Love coding in Python and Django. Interested in gigs.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Artran Ltd

Many years IT experience. Produced many web applications in several frameworks/environments currently very happy in django. Good experience of writing valid HTML/XHTML and CSS.

I am keen on agile methodologies and I am a Certified Scrum Master.

I'm currently working on a major rebrand and move to django for the …