Bangalore, India

Jeethu Rao

I'm a Bangalore based Python developer, also happen to be the author of tagz ( )

Towcester, United Kingdom

Nicholas Tollervey

Extensive experience with Python, Django and .NET in many different sectors.

More information can be found here:

An up-to-date CV is always here:

Umea, Sweden

In Formation

Experienced in developing web applications in Django.

Montreal, Canada has more than 30 years in development. Specialized in python + django development to develop Web 2.0 apps and CMS. Has a lot of experience to configure Nginx and Postgresql. Please email info at codefitters dot com for a quote. See our portfolio on our Company Website: ​

, Italia

Gianfranco Reppucci

Full stack software engineer, mostly focused on backend.

Python expert, golang evangelist, technology addict, passionate about the web since 1996, I consider myself lucky because I love doing my job.

Independent, versatile, responsible and eager to work, good organizational skills, interested to learn, great attitude in team working, good skills …

Orlando, Florida

X Studios Inc.

X Studios is an award winning web development company specializing in Python/Django development and programming. Clients include Universal Studios, EA Sports, Honda, Google and more. Contact us today for a project quote.

Windsor, United Kingdom

James Summerfield

Freelance Django web developer in Windsor, UK. I develop web applications with a focus on accessibility, security, scalability and performance. I can make a good cup of tea.

Limburg an der Lahn, Deutschland

fiëé visuëlle

Not only a developer, but also media designer & printing engineer, excels in automating routine tasks in prepress, publishing and office environments. Lots of experience with Linux servers.

Port Coquitlam, Canada

Dominic Yordan

My focus (since 2012) has been on the rapid development of Web applications that are maintainable and scalable.

Over the years, I have been heavily involved in the development of numerous Python and Django projects.

Aside from Django, I have used other Python-based frameworks and tools such as Flask, Tornado, …

Brno, Czechia

Martin Jansto

I have experience with:

DjangoPostgreSQLCelery, RedisPenetration testing (OWASP, OSSTMM) and ISMS

I am working full-time at own project - DjangoSafeCMS and IS focused on information security management. I am looking for 10-15 hours/week remote contract work.

Turku, Suomi

Anders Inno Oy

We create websites and applications with Django, Python, Ajax and other modern technologies. Few Django-based sites we have build:

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Domen Kožar

Django/Plone/Pyramid/Python developer

Costa Mesa, California

Michael Godshall

I have been developing web applications in Django since 2008. I learned Django while developing Amaze.FM, a music promotion site that gives aspiring music artists and bands a chance to be played on a nationally syndicated radio program every week. After that, I went on to develop sales collaboration and …

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


  • Linux/Ubuntu
  • Web server: Apache
  • Database: MySQL
  • Programming language: Python, Php, Java
  • Web frameworks: Django, CodeIgniter.
  • Javascript: JQuery
  • CMS: Joomla
  • Looking for full-time or part-time position.
London, United Kingdom

Oleg Gerasimenko

Experienced (10y+) digital product maker. 

I'm co-founder and CTO at a digital agency with the focus on building digital products (web, mobile, bots, VR).

In the last 10 years, I've managed to get a broad range of skills. Currently, I'm interested in building digital products for startups and businesses. Read …

Skærbæk, Danmark


I am 35 year old full-stack programmer with huge enthusiasm to learn as much as possible in the shortest time possible. I have great satisfaction in automating tasks, you can say I am lazy but I prefer to say that there are better ways to spend your time than to …

Washington, District of Columbia

Web Development Group

At Web Development Group, we strongly believe that our success is built and contingent on the success of our clients. From our initial client meetings to our post-production quality client service, our dedicated WDG members maintain quality relationships and open communication with our clients to ensure that we meet, and …

Budapest, Hungary

Technologix Studio Ltd.

E-business & e-commerce development CMS & CRM development Bespoken software development

, United Kingdom

Anand Kumria

I'm an experienced technologist who has worked for many companies.

They range from small, dynamic startup companies to large companies seeking an edge over their competitors — by using Python, Django and other cutting edge technologies.

Patras, Greece

Katerina Kabardi

Python/Django Full Stack Developer

My core expertise is Front End UI Frameworks / Bootstrap, Front End Javascript Frameworks, AngularJS,  while for Back End I primarily use Python DJango Web and REST Frameworks. My strong focus is on accessible and usable Front End Development and Back End Applications based on MVC …