Warszawa, Polska



Pune, India

Pranav Ambhore

I am passionate about programming and learning new things.



Tolyatti, Russian Federation

Pavel Fedorov

Knowledge and understanding of object-oriented programming principles.

Strong knowledge of Python programming language, Django framework, PHP language.

Skills in designing relational databases, experience in writing procedures in PL/PGSQL and PL/Python.

Strong knowledge of JavaScript programming language, jQuery, jQueryUI, Prototype and Scriptaculous frameworks.

Knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Skills in using …

Porto, Portugal

Nuno Mariz

Web application developer with 11+ years experience, 5+ years of Python and Django programming.

Skills also include PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, GIS applications, scalable web architectures, etc.

I'm the founder of the Portuguese Python User Group.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/nmariz

Christchurch, New Zealand

Darryl Cousins

Christchurch based Python developer. Four years experience with Zope3 and a year with Django. Eight years experience with Python. Always on the look out for interesting projects as part of a team.

Test driven development and doctests are integral to my work habits.

Additional skills include: HTML, Javascript, Postgres, MySQL.

Pune, India


I am a Python developer with 7+ years of experience in developing Web based applications using Django, Cherrypy. Also experience in developing Deskop applications using Python.

Longmont, Colorado

Ian Shorrock

Hey there! I'm an experienced Python and Django developer who got his start doing front-end web design and development, who's been working as a consultant and contractor for about the last two and a half years.

If you're looking for someone who can fill in as a generalist or for …

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Sadh Ibna Rahmat

I am a Django/Python developer.

I am interested in backend development or full stack web development and Data Science. 

Looking for interesting projects to improve my skills and learn new things.

I have experience with Python/Django - 3+ year.

I came to Python from Java (Android development). 

I have experience …

Atlanta, Georgia

Daniel Frost

3 Years Python Development

1 Year Python/Django Development

1 Year Javascript/Jquery


Berlin, Deutschland

Robert Strobl

7 years of freelancing as a Web developer. Developed two big online vacation residence portals from scratch, maintaining an online music magazine and some small Django projects. Have a look at my Website for further references and skills.

, Italy

Massimo Scamarcia

Python, Django, Javascript and AJAX programming, MySQL and Postgresql databases, basic (x)HTML and CSS, Linux server administration

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


I've been programming since I was 14 and that's around 10 years. I've worked on heavy traffic websites and applications. Been developing with Django for the past 2-3 years. With both MySQL and PostgreSQL, used stuff like CouchDB, Redis and Memcached for performance help. Big fan of NoSQL for many …

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

David Ramos Coelho

Back-end developer. Work with Python and Java. Good skills in telecom and gsm protocols.

Châtel-Saint-Denis, Switzerland

PeakXL / Marc-Aurèle Brothier

Web applications builder, with a tiny bit in love with Django. I can combine my experiences in big companies with your idea to help bring your MVP to life. Contact me to discuss your idea.

  • agile
  • angularjs
  • cli
  • cloud
  • css
  • django
  • html5
  • java
  • javascript
  • jquery
  • linux
  • postgres
  • python
  • spring
  • UX/UI
Kiev, Ukraine

Volodymyr Tartynskyi

NOTEIndependent individual specialistOnly long term projectsOnly high-quality code, I can't write low quality/quick/dirty low-value codeTechnology stack (top 5%)Python, Golang, JavaScript, Django, Flask, AngularDatabases: Postgresql, MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Cassandra,OS: Linux, Unix, Debian, Ubuntu, OSX, FreeBSD,Clouds: DigitalOcean, Heroku, Linode, AWS, Google Cloud, OpenVZ, LXC, KVM, Vagrant, Docker,Familiar with DevOps tools, provisioning, and …

Logan, Utah


We build sites exclusively with Django and Satchmo. Need a great looking site that works the way you want it to? Look no further.

Bangalore, India

Entigence Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Are you searching for a Software Engineer/Developer with a proven ability to develop high-performance applications and technical innovations with strong problem solving aptitude? If so, please consider my resume.Since May 2012, I have served as an application developer for Entigence Solutions India Pvt Ltd, where I have been repeatedly recognized …

Frisco, Texas

Chris Austin

Professional python and Django developer.