Providence, Rhode Island

Mike Leone

Hello! I provide software engineering and technical lead services to a variety of industries.

  • Expert in Python, Ruby and JavaScript.
  • Broad understanding of full-stack web development, operations, deployment and software integration.
  • Experienced technical lead and developer mentor.
  • Background: Computer Science, Applied Mathematics.

Read more about me here:

Tehran, Iran

Arash Fazeli

I've started web development since 2001 and I have developed sites mostly with PHP till 2008, since I was introduced to Django I fell in love with it and started developing sites using this framework.

Skills: > CSS 3 > jQuery > MySQL > Linux

Bielsko-Biała, Polska



I am c++, python (django) programmer.
DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
I also know a little bit javascript, jquery, css, html

Kolkata, India


Working on web developement last few years , and now started with django framework.Liking the framework much.Its pretty simple

Berlin, Germany


7 years experience as a professional software engineer writing embedded C for government encryption devices, Django e-Commerce sites (core team member of Django-Oscar) and GoLang service based API's.

Islāmābād, Pakistan

Kashif Ali

* An experienced Software Architect with extensive Cloud and Virtualization experience
* Hands on experience with various cloud stacks including Openstack
* Lead Developer for Python, Django, PHP and .Net projects
* Well-versed in various software development methodologies such as Agile development
* As a System Architect, and Project Lead, implemented VMware and KVM automation ...

Las Vegas, Nevada

Grant Kelly

Hi, I'm Grant. I do programming in Python, a beautiful language. I've written web applications using Django, built databases with PostgreSQL, configured Apache servers, administered Ubuntu Linux, and almost everything else required to run modern web applications on an open-source stack. I'm looking for interesting work using ...

Mission Viejo, California

Jason Hasselkus

Developer and Architect working mostly with Django and other frameworks to bring rich media websites to life for companies. Completed a video sharing application for a client that allows internal employees to post/comment/share/vote on videos.

London, United Kingdom

Antonio Martin Romero

I am a software engineer which more than 4 years of experience who is specialised in Python, Django and mobile technologies, like IOS and Android, feeling confortable with databases (MySQL, PostgresSQL) , Javascript and CSS.

Good knowledge about Linux environment and enthusiastic about Open Source. 

I am able to create a ...

Peoria, Illinois

Travis Nickles

I have been a Python developer for around 4 years. My first projects written in Python were written when I was part of The Linux Link Tech Show's Python Study Group back in 2007. The best program that I was involved with over that summer was YouTubed-2x; the program ...

Saint John's, Canada

Matthew Hynes - Junior Developer

I am a junior Django developer looking for any and all freelance work. I am a 4th year Computer Science undergraduate and I have lots of knowledge about proper coding practices and design patterns; I have ~1 year of experience working with Django and 2 years of experience with front-end ...

Beijing, China


I have 5 years experience in Python development. I focus on Web-Based games and business projects development, and my technical features is the use of Django and Twisted to develop the server-side service, and also use the Flex, Google Web Toolkit and jQuery to develop the client-side UI. I am ...

Bilbao, Spain

Igor Soengas

I have developed 3 sites with Django: my company corporate website, a technical support application for a software product and a stock management app for car retailers.

I also have a lot of experience with Python, Visual Basic and SQL Databases. (+ 10 years)

Denver, Colorado

Nina Pavlich

Full-stack web developer, including server configuration, database design, web application development, and front end development.

Kansas City, Missouri

Clem Flory

I currently work as a Senior Software Developer at Cerner Corporation, on the Lights On Network team. We use Python, Django, Oracle, Celery, Javascript, PhantomJS, Jasmine, AngularJS, jQuery, D3, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, and many more technologies in a custom web application that provides a continuous feedback loop between Cerner ...

Trent, Italy

Fondazione Bruno Kessler

I have started to play with html, css and javascript since 2000… I really like the World Wide Web! On this lasts 5 years I worked as webmaster and in a web company building tens of websites; now I specialize in Django, Php, xHtml/Css2/Js, MySQL/PostgreSql. I also ...