, Benin


We build web app solutions through Django, Javascript and Vue.js

Montréal, Canada

Alexandre Forget

Experience building web apps with Django, 10 years of software development experience.

I build simple systems targeted to the client need.

Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation

Stas Shtin

Python developer since 2006. Experienced with Django, Twisted, SQL, Asterisk, GTK, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Erlang, Haskell.

Merida, Venezuela

Alexander Olivares

Freelance programmer with 10 years of experience in free technologies, great ability to develop simple software that requires research because of its complexity.

  • Python, Django, Jquery, Bootstrap, Html, Css, Javascript, Potgresql, Mysql, Linux, Apache/Wsgi
Warsaw, Poland

Adam Kaliński

I have been working with django since 2008. Then I was a student of Warsaw School of Technology (faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science). I've started learning django because of Google App Engine, which my friend was using to build simple “to do” application and where I've written my first …

Istanbul, Turkey

Muslu Yüksektepe

ONly Django!





  • Egepen - Programlama
  • Kavram Dershaneleri - Programlama
  • Libart USA - Kısmi Programlama

, India

Palansh Agarwal

I am a philomath having prior hands-on consulting experiences in Web/Mobile(REST APIs) backend development in Python/Django and NodeJs. I have experience in workflow design for web backend and REST API design for mobile backend. I am an avid startup enthusiast,always looking for exciting and challenging opportunities. I am a self …

Manhattan, Kansas

Derek Stegelman

Python/Django developer specializing in web application development in cloud environments. Experience with Celery/RabbitMQ and AWS

Волгоград, Россия

ID Powers

We are a team of web developers from Russia. 

More than four years we have worked mostly on Django and we know everything about it. We are able to find solution for a large variety of different tasks. We can inplement any kind of functionality and create unique design to …

Wroclaw, Poland

Piotr Czapla

I'm service developer. My fields of expertise is python and Django but I have also high level of understanding of other technologies like: java, C#, Objective-c (iPhone apps).

If you are looking for someone that is able to lead a team and develop complex projects using any mentioned technology just …

Peterborough, Canada

Joshua Jonah

I'm a proficient Django developer with experience in real estate, streaming video, and digital signage applications. I've been doing software and web development for 10 years.

Vancouver, Canada


Professional web development with Zope Plone, Python, Django, jQuery, Ruby on Rails.

Chennai, India

U software system

I am a software engineer and currently working in lawrence media company,kansas USA. And also I am learning Django from the place where it was invented..

Center District, Israel

475 Cumulus

We design and develop digital products from concept to production. Our expertise span over technical and product engineering and cover every aspect of the product development. Wether you require short-term consultation or a long-term engagement we can help you build your next great product with creative thinking and the matching …

ঢাকা, Bangladesh

Lutfar Rahman Milu

After completing my bachelor degree from BUET, I started my career as an web developer. Since then, I've been using Python. My web framework is Django. I'm a front-end developer also. Jquery and Bootstrap are my front-end tools.I love drawing and playing with HTML-Canvas.

Bangalore, India

Zeomega Infotech

young software engineer working with python,zope and django.experienced with mvc development.