Ottawa, Canada

Weblivion, Inc.

I have nearly two decades of experience creating web sites and applications for customers from small businesses to the extended enterprise. I specialize in user interface archtiecture for web-based applications, including everything from concept to implementation.

I have a broad variety of web-related skills, including strong skills in core technologies …

Athens, Greece

Voyae Online

Seriously serious developer.

Seasoned with Python thanks to Zope, Django and AppEngine.

Proper DB designer with PostgreSQL and Oracle.

San Francisco, California

David Brenneman

I'm an engineer based in San Francisco, California with over ten years of professional experience in the field of information technology and open source software.

I provide bespoke web applications and managed server solutions for our clients with an emphasis on pragmatic solutions, quality over quantity and a singular attention …

Donetsk, Ukraine

Alexey Afinogenov

Django developer for 2 year. Experience in Python, Django, WxPython, Mysql, PostgreSQL, SQLite etc. Good knowledge of HTMLCSS, JavaScript/AJAX. Fluent in Linux, Apache.

Toronto, Canada


We turn ideas into great products.At Hipo, we are experts at crafting tailor-made solutions for your idea, from strategy and design to technology and infrastructure development. We help disruptive startups and small businesses create meaningful products and services.We have over 8 years of building scalable, well-tested, robust Django systems. We …
Bogotá, Colombia

Eforcers S.A.

Como Google Enterprise Partner, Eforcers es la firma pionera y experta en el país en el desarrollo de aplicaciones sobre la plataforma Google App Engine sobre el runtime de Python con Django, que permite a las organizaciones ejecutar software a la medida de sus necesidades vía Internet sobre la sólida …

Oulu, Finland


A django programmer with 2 years of Django specific experience and ~7 years in Python.

Buenos Aires, Argentina


I'm System Engineer. Java-Python developer with 5 years experience on several tecnologies like MySql, Postgres, Java Frameworks MVC, Django, Python, Jquery, WebServicies, Google Calendar API, among others. I build a webapplication DEMO to see my work. This application have build based on this technologies

  • Ajax
  • Google Calendar API
  • Django

This …

, Bangladesh


I am working as a software engineer at Cookups. I have developed web applications using Python, MySQL/Postgres, JS, Node Js, Angularjs. I have followed Test Driven Development and Git flow for version controlling. I am familiar with Linux environment, developed applications using Docker and Vagrant. Love doing R&D and find …

Rome, Italy

Filippo Caprioli

12 years of web experience as an architect and lead developer, both for medium-to-big .com and enterprise projects. I've used many, many languages and platforms, raging from PHP to .NET and J2EE. Right now I've specialized in the Django+LAMP stack, alongside mobile & iPhone. I'm currently working on and …

Duisburg, Germany

Andreas Dopfer

I'm a freelance software developer in Duisburg, Germany. I build business and ecommerce applications, with an extra focus on operations research.My portfolio and my contact details can be found here: technologies: C++, Python, Django, JavaScript, Backbone.js, HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Apache, nginx.

, France

Xavier Antoviaque

  • Web Development - From small websites to full applications
  • HTML5 / CSS - Integration, animations
  • Python - Django, Twisted
  • Javascript - jQuery, Underscore, Node.js, Meteor
  • Design - Beautiful and clean
Los Angeles, California

Alex Reich

Instructor, Coach, Team assist. Django, Python, .NET solo developer w/small, private office in Venice. Currently accepting new consulting clients.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Daniel Cassiano

Python developer with experience on backend and frontend. Great skills with search platforms and large data processing. Software passionate, love to solve problems and to be involved on great challenges.

McLean, Virginia

Capital One


OBJECTIVE: To blaze a career in Application Software Development and Management that will enable me to effectively use my qualifications in project management, programming and team building to develop optimum synergies for the organization.

, Pakistan


A good Django developer and a learner.

, India

Abhishek Bajpai

I am a python django developer in an Indian IT Company. I am looking for a job abroad. My skills are listed below: - Python and Django - Platforms: Linux(Preferred), Windows, AWS, Google Appengine, Heroku - Databases: Postgres(Preferred), mysql, MongoDB, Appengine Datastore - Deployment: Apache+mod_wsgi and Gunicorn+Nginx - Other skills: …

Bristol, United Kingdom

Closed Loop Labs

Closed Loop Labs is a Bristol-based web development studio.

We specalise in making web apps using Django. We are currently looking for short- to medium-term projects to get involved with.

We are familiar with the following tech:

  • Django
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript/jQuery/AJAX
  • CoffeeScript
  • Less
  • Backbone.js
  • postgreSQL

We would love to hear about …

, Italia

Dario Moceri

Hello world, sono un entusiasta sviluppatore fullstack con due anni di esperienza professionale alle spalle, residente in Italia.Innamorato del Python e del suo potentissimo framework DJango sono solito utilizzare questa tecnologia in ognuno dei miei progetti.