San Francisco, California

Butchershop Creative

We are a a creative house. Our expertise and passion for innovative advertising, marketing, graphic design, technologies, web development and strong branding set us apart from the proverbial fat.

, Indonesia


Python/Django Developer,always ready for some challenge.

, Bulgaria


I'm GIS professional with more than 8 year of experience in GIS developement, implementation and education. In last 4 year a lot of projects was implemented using open source tools in WEB env and client-server applications.

, Mexico

Juan Pablo Romero Méndez

Has a passion for computer languages, and enjoys learning new techniques and patterns. He makes web applications for fun and profit.

Thinks Django is the holy grail, but also has in high esteem Grails/Ruby on Rails, MVC3, Git. He despises perl, and regards php and visual basic as very …

Wroclaw, Poland

Patryk Zawadzki

PLD Linux developer, GNOME developer and foundation member, Linux admin.

Opensource stats:

  • Ohloh
Beijing, China


an web developer using python/django web framework.

Malang, Indonesia

Eka Rudito

learn python and now learn django dan flask too.

Warsaw, Poland

Marcin Kaszynski

Fresh software provider.

My experience:

  • Python: around 15 years
  • Django: over 10 years, I started using it for my projects about a month after it was published
  • Other computer languages: Go, C++, Perl, Java, a number of other languages used whenever appropriate, including the usual Unixish scripting tools
  • Human languages: …
Coral Springs, Florida

Joey Espinosa

I'm a problem solver, first and foremost. Beyond that…

I'm a Python developer with expertise in the Django web framework. I build web applications using either jQuery or Dojo on the front end, and MySQL or PostgreSQL (preferably Postgres) as the database. I prefer to deploy my applications onto Ubuntu …

Merida, Venezuela

Alexander Olivares

Freelance programmer with 10 years of experience in free technologies, great ability to develop simple software that requires research because of its complexity.

  • Python, Django, Jquery, Bootstrap, Html, Css, Javascript, Potgresql, Mysql, Linux, Apache/Wsgi
Newport, United Kingdom

Richard Price, django developer

A web developer since 2001 and Django-ing since 2006.  Team lead and technical architect experience.

Happy to work across the the whole web stack - experienced in Linux system administration, server hardening, sql databases, cloud storage, message queues, efficient solr, nltk parsing, payment integration, api integrations, content management systems. All …

Puteaux, France

Yann Malet

Django expert Worked on several big Django projects. I write quality code that is well tested and that follows python and django best practices. I am deeply familiar with django based reusable apps.

Portland, Oregon

Iron Mountain Foundry, LLC

20 years of experience in web and database development, LAMP stack, Open Source technologies. Many web sites including e-commerce, stock charting, inventory systems, professional, etc.

Chengdu, China


Django developer with experience in django, python, mysql, postgresql, xhtml, xml, json, css, linux(debian, ubuntu).

, Czech Republic

Tomas Bilek

As freelancer I am open minded visionary with aim to functionality, usability and additive value for my work.

I like Solution design, discovering new technologies and bringing my ideas into real world life. I am fan of lightweight solutions with spirit.

I like DRY, KISS and Agile

To give live …

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Mischa Zurke

4+ years experience in Python and Django, more than 14 years commercial experience.

Please see my LinkedIn page for more information.

Skills: Python (Django), PostgreSQL

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Git, virtualenv, Linux CLI

San Francisco, California

Jeremy Grosser

I specialize in writing and building scalable web infrastructure using Python and related technologies.

Bengaluru, India


Django, jQuery, HTML/CSS . Self starter. Have built with a friend, a shared expense management web application. Has Project/Product Management experience too. Graduated from IIT,Kharagpur with major in Computer Science and Engineering

Kyiv, Ukraine

Andrzej Gurjew

I am interested primarily in developing Web applications with Python (Django) and Android Software (Android Studio).

Primary Skills:

  • Python (Django)
  • Java (AndroidStudio)
  • C/C++
New Delhi, India

Nikhil Verma

Hi All ,I am Software dude from New Delhi and Django developer having 1.5 years of experience.