, United Kingdom

Tangerine Smash

Tangerine Smash is a newly formed independent software company which focuses on writing high quality software using Django, Python, C# and .NET. I write good, clean code which is why Django is my platform of choice for web development, as its structured design fits well with my own coding style. …

Delhi, India

Anjali Jain

  • Web developer in Django
  • Proficient in Python 
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Interested in image processing
Wien, Österreich

Gabor Guzmics

spoken languages:

  • python
  • java
  • javascript

also experienced:

  • pascal
  • ada
  • perl
  • lua
  • assembler
  • c/c++
  • .net/c#

frameworks with particular interest (and used in projects):

  • django (south, whoosh, sentry, …)
  • redis
  • postgre
  • twisted
  • zope
  • lighty/nginx
  • tornado/gunicorn
  • gwt/pyjamas
  • qt3, qt4
  • wxWidgets
, Slovakia

CodeScale s.r.o.

CodeScale provides custom software development and consulting built on open source platform. We deliver full service support including everything from planning and analysis to end-user training. Because we take quality seriously right across the board, you’ll enjoy working with a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team.

, Romania

Crystal Works

We are a small Romanian-based web development studio, specialized in custom web sites production for small to medium-sized businesses using Django (python) and symfony (php5).

Our proven expertise in graphics design, web applications development, search engine optimization, database programming and standards compliance, makes us your one stop solution for all …

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


I am passionate programmer

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Pablo Carpio

Python, Django, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, Social Authentication. Full configuration of Linux servers to deploy Django applications. 

 Software Version Control – Git and github.

 Payment gateways:  Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.NET, First Data.

 Salesforce & ServiceMax helpdesk.

 CMS (Joomla & Drupal, Wordpress), OSCommerce, VirtueMart.

 Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator CS5

 Google Maps API. …

Zwijndrecht, Nederland


Four-headed Django Dragon! Besides extensive experience in Django every team member has a special front or back end web development skill. Since 1999 we deliver specialized both ends technology for businesses and design agencies; HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX/JSON, Canvas, Django, Python, XSLT, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, SEO, Semantic Web, Mobile …

Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile


Agencia de desarrollo web, 90% Django

Honolulu, HI


I'm a web developer working in Honolulu, Hawaii. I'm currently lusting after Django, Javascript, and fixed-gear track bikes.

, Philippines

Wiz Media, Inc

A Team of Web Designers and Programmers who specializes in creating powerful and effective websites, with artistic and practical designs. Other services include PSD to XHTML conversion, Web Application Development using Django and Joomla MVC Framework.

George Town, Singapore

Tomas Neme

I am a seasoned programmer, specialized in games development in Japan in 2003-2006, and worked in the games industry until now, mainly making games for the Nintendo Wii.

I began my CS degree in 2001, and then the japan trip happened, and when I came back monetary obligations are stopping …

Kuching, Malaysia

Wenbit Sdn Bhd

Greetings, 12+ years of Corporate IT work experience with various companies including top Fortune 50 companies and technology startup. Wenbit Sdn Bhd is recognized as a Global Cleantech Programmer Semifinalist 2016 (worldwide) and our industry partner is Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (Prime Minister's Department) - Python - Django …
João Pessoa, Brazil


I'm working with Django since August, 2008 at SODA Virtual (www.sodavirtual.com) and studing Internet Systems at IFPB (Instituto Federal de Ciência e Tecnologia da Paraíba) since 2008.

Auckland, New Zealand

James Lin

I have been concentrated my last 5 years working on various high profile websites in New Zealand using Django, since version 1.3.

For the past year in 2 companies, I have been mainly converting legacy systems to Django platform. Currently at GrabOne we are typically converting to SOA & PAAS. …

Hyderabad, India

Usware Technologies

Uswaretech is a web application development studio. We build web applications for leading Django web agencies, all over the world. You can know more about us on www.uswaretech.com, or our blog www.uswaretech.com/blog/. Our open sourced code is available at, http://www.uswaretech.com/code/ and www.github.com/uswaretech. We tweet at www.twitter.com./uswaretech .

Salt Lake City, UT

Protoven, LLC

The guys behind Musicpeeps.com!

12 django projects under our belts. 3+ years using django. 10+ years writing Python. 4 full-time Django Devs on staff. User Interface Designer on staff.

Also experienced with Lighttpd, fastcgi, wsgi, Apache, mod_python, mod-wsgi, Google APIs including maps and docs, JQuery, JQueryUI, Y! UI, Prototype, Scriptaculous, …

Pearl City, Hawaii

Ricardo Arroyo

6-Years software development BS in CS from University of Central FL MS in Networking and Telecommunications from Johns Hopkins Looking for after hours part-time freelance work Located in Oahu HI and willing to telecommute