Lausanne, Switzerland


We're a web agency based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We have over 6 years experience developing websites in Python/Django. On the front-end side we practice mobile-first, progressive enhancement and we dig HTML5, CSS3, SVG and WebGL.

Charleroi, Belgique


After years of solid experiences with industries' standards (php, mysql, and such). I moved 3 years ago to python, django but also NoSQL. Passionnate, open minded, performance and simplicity are my master assets.

Lincoln, Nebraska

Anthony Roberts

Technology Consultant for the Nebraska News Service (NNS), an education and outreach specialist position at the University of Nebraska College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Accomplishmets over the past 2 years include:

  • Increasing the number of clients by 50%
  • Increasing the number of clients prepared to publish NNS video content …
England, United Kingdom


Django/Python developer with other five years experience. Linux admin/site hosting for multiple projects. Experience in many other programming languages C/C++/Java/PHP.

Contact me for details.

Bengaluru, India


Full Stack & DevOps Engineer. Mobile Developer (iOS & Android). Open-Source Fanatic. Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT Enthusiast. Father. Atheist.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Joshua Chinemezu

Energetic software engineer with 6+ years of experience in developing robust code for high-volume businesses. Increased code-efficiency of OneBmac Accounting Software by 55%. Boosted customer retention by 25%. Spearheaded a team that won the 2018 NaijaHacks Award for cloud computing. An enthusiastic team player and a deep creative thinker, my …

Klamath Falls, Oregon

42nd Design

I'm an experienced freelance django developer specializing in dynamic ajax and database driven applications. I'm US based, working on the west coast. I'm available by whatever means you prefer email, skype, phone, or whatever IM client you prefer during normal business hours PST.

I have worked on various django based …

Pernambuco, Brasil

Andre Machado


I'm Andre, from Brazil.

I've been used Python/Django about 1,5 year and I really want to make some difference in your life. What about take off from paper that idea of a great webApp that you had while having a relaxing shower? I can help you out!

My skills? …

Pensacola, Florida

Andrew Coleman / Strike Iron Studio


My name is Andrew Coleman and I'm an expert Django and Python developer, and well versed in all the web technologies. I'm very familiar with prototyping for a MVP, and rescuing troubled projects. I will work for you.

Skype: theandrewbc



Company: -- If you've …

Karnataka, India



  • 1.4 years of  experience in core django development at startup.
  • Extensive knowledge in django.
  • Proficient in python.
  • Good knowledge  in  Jquery, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
  • I develop web apps. Passionate about Django django django...................
Claremont, California

Brian Luft

I have been developing software professionally for a decade. Experienced across multiple operating systems, platforms, frameworks, and languages. Focused on Python and Django development. Recently I've worked on projects for household name media companies, startups, and an open source publishing platform.

Brighton, United Kingdom

Graeme Sutherland

Senior Django / Python / JavaScript / jQuery Web Developer with 20 years developing software for the web, desktops and all. Certified Scrum Master,  Startup CTO, Team Leader, Technical Lead.

Norwich, United Kingdom are an IT development company based in Norwich, Norfolk, specialising in Internet services including Web Design and Web Development.

At Tridan, our focus is always on our client and their business needs. We’re very flexible with our working arrangements, and are always happy to work with agencies or IT …

Oslo, Norra


Thorgate is one of the largest Python development companies in the Nordics. We use Django framework for back-end and mostly React.js for front-end. Feel free to contact us as soon as you need help in Python/Django or React.js development.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

MSI Shafik

  • Python
  • Django
  • JavaScript
  • C
  • Quezon City, Philippines

    Tim Medina

    I'm a software developer with experience in desktop and web application development. I've been doing Python development since early 2006 and started using Django around September 2006.

    Although I am more experienced in developing web sites in Ruby, for a long time now, I have been looking for a project …

    Poznan, Poland

    Over last few years I was working on many web-related projects as a freelancer for companies and startups in Poland and also in USA, Holland, Switzerland and UK using Python and Django framework.

    I strongly believe in Test Driven / Behaviour Driven Development - I always try to design and …

    Boston, MA

    Django Boston

    Django Boston (DB) is the premier consulting firm for Django solutions on the east coast. With a particular experience in lxml, DB caters to the mid-size business which may or may not be dealing with concurrency and caching problems.

    We're ridiculously good at saving projects. If you're behind schedule or …

    Tolyatti, Russian Federation


    Python developer since 2006