Portland, OR

Richard Paul Flosi

Skills include: ajax, apache, confluence, css, django, elixir, extjs, html, javascript, jira, nose, paste, postgresql, pylons, python, restructered text, roundup, selenium, soap, sqlalchemy, sqlobject, subversion, trac, webware, zope

Tegucigalpa, Honduras


We are a company dedicated to software development especially in django. We use a variety of front-end and back-end frameworks to master any web application.


Michael Teo

I'd been using Django for 8+ years and had integrated Django with Twisted network framework. I'm also the author for pysmb (a pure Python-based SMB/CIFS client implementation). In addition to Django development, I had also developed iOS apps which interfaced with Django for real-time information exchange.

Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

Yoandy Mesa

Amplia experiencia en desarrollo web con Django/Python, MySql, PostgreSql, Oracle, Bootstraps, Fabric, Celery, gunicorn, nginx, etc; tanto para sitios Web como APIs REST.

Amplia experiencia en administración de redes, servidores Linux (RedHat, CentOs, Ubuntu), almacenamiento, seguridad, diseño de centros de datos, servicios de correo, base de datos, mensajería instantánea ...

Juja, Kenya


  1. Python(Django framework)
  2. Postgresql -->Postgis
  3. Node js
  4. Angular js
  5. React Native
  6. Mongo DB
  7. Data Visualization and Analytics
  8. Os --> Ubuntu
  9. Spatial knowledge(leaflet, Mapbox, Carto, Open Layers)
  10. And of course HTML5, CSS, Vanilla, es6.
  11. RESTful api

Start Matter

Exceptional web and mobile applications for your business.

Python, Django, Twisted, Tornado, Flask

JS, Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, React.js

Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

Carl J. Nobile


An accomplished Senior Software Engineer with over fifteen years in the computer industry. Experienced in leadership, planning, software design, and implementation of small to large software and hardware solutions. Application knowledge includes data import/export systems and large Internet applications. Created many web services including a thumbnail and a ...

Rozier-en-Donzy, France

Apidev - Luc JEAN

I am an experienced developper working with Python, Django and other web technologies. I am running my own business trying to use this wonderful technology for making useful things

Omsk, Russian Federation


28 Django/Python projects completed. 7 Django/Python Devs on staff. 5+ years writing Python. User Interface Designer on staff.

Also experienced in SQLAlchemy, testing (unittest, nose, twill), Google App Engine, Pylons, PyQt4, wxPython, Twisted, ZODB, PostgreSQL, git, mercurial etc.

Contact on skype: mzubachevsky

Brno, Česká republika

Tomáš Ehrlich

Python (mostly Django) developer.

What I do, how and where I work:

  • GNU/Linux, Debian
  • Python, (PHP), C++, Haskell (descending order)
  • Python/Django, Python/Qt (Pyside)
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite
  • Git, although Mercurial is possible (SVN as well)
  • Apache, nGinx, memcached and related deployment stuff
San Francisco, California

Mantas Vidutis

Over 3 years experience with production Python development.

Past Django Experience:

  • Northern Illinois Hockey League: Led the development of a hockey

  • Wakemate: Sole developer in charge of all backend work. Worked with Postgres, RabbitMQ/Celery

Past Python Experience:

  • Getaround: Core development team. Responsible for Rentals based business logic, and payments ...
San Francisco, California

Sahil R Cooner

Django is my job! full-time!

Caxias Do Sul, Brazil

Rafael Campos de Bastiani

Curso faculdade de Analise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas, meus conhecimentos com Python e Django são de um autodidata, desenvolvi meu blog rfdev.org do zero no qual tenho como base meus conhecimentos, boa parte do que sei esta em forma de artigos no blog, gosto muito do Django e Python ...

Leuven, Belgium


I work with companies and academic institutions to deliver software solutions and training. I help build web projects from initial conception to completion. I also provide learning services and staff training. Sometimes a talk is just enough to understand where to begin, how to organize ideas, or how to move ...