Loughborough, United Kingdom

Paul Chaplin

I'm a freelance web developer in my twenties with a preference for Python and Django, and am also comfortable with PHP5 and JavaScript. I have some limited exposure to jQuery, Ruby (and Rails), and Haskell. LISP makes me dizzy.

I'm passionate about semantic, meaningful markup, adherence to open ...

Austin, TX

Adrian Nye

I build sites that do useful stuff, that don't just sit there.

I worked for O'Reilly for 10 years and wrote most of their X Window System books, and edited quite a few other UNIX and C++ books.

Now I'm an independent Django/Python/jQuery developer.
Zoomflip ...

Nairobi, Kenya

Samuel Muiruri

I am an experienced Django developer working for several startups in Kenya but creating solutions all over the world.  With ny software engineering and technical lead skills, I can help you move to from inception to production with a scalable solution. 

  • Expert in Python and JavaScript (Angular,jQuery)
  • Broad understanding ...
Paris, France

Madra David

I am an entrepreneur ,software engineer and linux sys admin.

I am a Fullstack developer , I do Frontend , Backend and DevOps.

I have 8 years experience with Python , Ruby on Rails and PHP .

I have built Python Apps using Django,WebPy and Flask .

I built an OpenSource BitCoin Escrow Service ...

Hyderabad, India


MicroPyramid is a Hyderabad based python django development company with excellent resources extensively working on all big data, e-commerce, social and cloud technologies. we are committed to develop on opensource and contribute back to opensource. our skill set include python, django, nodejs, mysql, mongodb, amazon web services (EC2, S3, SES ...

San Francisco, California

Joel Burton

I'm a Python web applications engineer, with a strong focus in polished, content-focused websites.

I was one of the earliest contributors and key members of the Plone community (http://plone.org), and served for years on the board of directors of the Plone Foundation. Together, we created one of ...

Bangalore, India

Zeomega Infotech

young software engineer working with python,zope and django.experienced with mvc development.

Krakow, Poland

Jakub Paczkowski

Interested in Python/Django since January 2009. Known technologies:

  • South,
  • Celery,
  • CUPS,
  • Mercurial,
  • MPTT,
  • HTML and XML parsing,
  • nginx,
  • Gunicorn,
  • Debain- based servers
  • Basics of JavaScript & jQuery

Bitbucket profile: mrbox

Ohloh profile: mrbox

Firenze, Italia

Nephila sas

We are an open source company, specialised in the creation of web based applications. Nephila was founded in 2001 in Florence, Italy. In early 2014, we reached out across geographical boundaries, expanding our presence in the UK and then, in 2015, in Zurich.

Our expertise in open-source technology led us ...

United Kingdom

Tangerine Smash

Tangerine Smash is a newly formed independent software company which focuses on writing high quality software using Django, Python, C# and .NET. I write good, clean code which is why Django is my platform of choice for web development, as its structured design fits well with my own coding style ...

Utah, United States

Jay McEntire

  • 3 years experience using Python and Django
  • Over 12 years experience as a web programmer
Bengaluru, India


Hi, I Python/Django/Zope freelancer with over 9+ years of experience.

Let me know if you have any freelancing work.


Oregon, United States

Evan Carmi

I'm a programmer with years of experience in web development. I'm passionate about creating beautiful, functional and accessible projects. Check out my portfolio at http://ecarmi.org/portfolio/ for more information.

Selangor, Malaysia

Pytech Resources

Python and Django developer/consultant/trainer. 15 years experience with Python and have developed and hosted several sites using Django.

See Web Development References for more information.

Kingston, Canada

Danols Web Engineering

Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Services

Founded in 2008, Danols Web Engineering team offers proven Google search optimization, tailored Django web development, and custom web design services; we are proud of what we do and proud to excel at it.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Tyler Bye

Professional Data

  • 2 years experience with Django
  • 6 years experience with Python
  • 17 years professional programming experience
  • Platforms ordered by preference OS X, Linux, Solaris, Windows
  • Languages used professionally Python, C, C++, Objective-C, Java, C#/.NET, Javascript

Work History

  • Move Networks
  • Tierpoint / LLIX
  • World Wide Packets
  • Packet Engines

Public Django ...