Santiago de Querétaro, México

Benjamin Salcedo

Skills: Django, python, html, css, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL, SQLite, MSSQL, linux.

Hyderabad, India

Suchan Infotech Ltd

In every thing innovation matters, and one may use djando as one of the tool for it

Johannesburg, South Africa


I have more than 5+ years of experience. I have worked with various technologies such as Python, Java, Unix, etc. I have worked on various projects and delivered in time.


Wade Cybertech

12 years experience writing software, web, desktop applications and games

Karlsruhe, Germany


see djangopeople

Pune, India

Atif Haider

I am a Python/Django developer, a Free software enthusiast, a Lisper, and a Thinker.



A software engineer with 10+ years of experience. Python has been my key skill during my career, and have used django intensively for many years. My skillset also covers working on high demand projects, postgresql, influxdb, a bit of neo4j, lots of couchbase and recently working with Python Pandas, Numpy ...

Sydney, Australia

Georges Villot

12 Years commercial web development using LAMP stack and open source technologies.

La Paz, Bolivia


Hi, soy nuevo aprendiendo Django, pero voy a especializarme este excelente Framework, tambien desarrollo para Android, para poder hacer un dia una app como plataforma y tener su app mobil.

Fitzroy, Australia

Common Code

Common Code is a collective of application developers specialising in Python/Django along with a complimentary ecosystem of technologies and languages. We are made up of high level technical architects, UX design, Python/Django specialists & front-end experts (for both web and mobile).

Kochi, India

Sayone Technologies PVT Ltd

Sayone Technologies provides custom software application development services to its clients from its offshore center in India. Clients who need design, development and implementation expertise in an outsourced offshore model can rely on our experience in executing turn-key as well as module based projects.

We believe our unique approach to ...

Santa Monica, California

Colby Palmer

Making tools & toys!

CTO/Co-Founder, Web developer, UI/UX designer, project manager, problem solver. Check out my site and portfolio at

I work at the cutting edge of technology, marketing and social media, with a knack for merging disparate technologies and developing new tools for ...

Wrocław, Polska


  • Python, 4 years
  • Django, 2+ years
  • Pylons, 1+ year
  • 4+ years experience with commercial software

I'm looking for freelance work.

Atlanta, Georgia


Small software development team in Atlanta, Georgia. Extensive frontend and backend experience with Django, Python, Javascript, JQuery, ExtJS 4, and more. Our team members previously worked at Google and fast moving startups, and are capable of running project/product management if necessary.

Nairobi, Kenya

Samuel Muiruri

I am an experienced Django developer working for several startups in Kenya but creating solutions all over the world.  With ny software engineering and technical lead skills, I can help you move to from inception to production with a scalable solution. 

  • Expert in Python and JavaScript (Angular,jQuery)
  • Broad understanding ...
Nyon, Switzerland

Sébastien Fievet

Python/Django enthousiast & hacker.


  • aws
  • cloud-computing
  • devops
  • django
  • linux
  • mysql
  • postgresql
  • python
Caracas, Venezuela

Nicolas Lara

Im a Python/Django developer with high concern in best practices and good reusable code.