Valencia, España

Juan Miguel Olmo

I´m a developer adicted to Django. I've build Internet portals and sites using Django + PostgreSQL in the backend, and Html (4 and 5), CSS (2 and 3), javascript and jQuery in the frontend. Usually I install, configure and mantain the servers for the project, using different linux flavors ...

Białystok, Polska

Python, Django Developer, Python Data Scientist

3 years in Python commecrcial, 2 years in commercial django developing

About 5 years non-commercial in total.

About 6 months as Python Data Scientist (sklearn, numpy, pandas, matplotlib)

Very good knowledge in Python, Django, Postgres, Celery, jQuery, css3, html5, ajax, sys admin, gunicorn, uwsgi, redis, elasticsearch, sorl

Tunis, Tunisia

Mounir Messelmeni

I'm an ambitious Engineer, punctual, personable, and shrewd individual.
Autodidact in new technologies, I made several projects in R&D.
Always looking for new solutions and new challenges.

La Habana, Cuba


Programming languages:

  • Python + Django
  • PHP + Symfony2
  • Object Pascal
  • C++

Other technologies:

  • Javascript + jQuery
  • Twig, Jinja2 Templates Engines
  • VCS + Git, Mercurial
  • MySQL, PostgreeSQL
  • Apache
  • Linux OS
  • Agile Methodologies
Bengaluru, India

Komal Gupta

Software Engineer with 2.5 Years of Experience in Software Development.
Expertise in Python, Django, REST, Linux, GIT, MySQL, POSTGRESQL, Jquery, AJAX, Elastic Search.

I am an enthusiast python developer with expertise of Django/Flask, MySQL/PostgreSQL, Linux, Git, AWS, Elastic Search. Holding my Engineering with major of Comp Science ...

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Dougal Matthews

A highly enthusiastic developer with over five years experience in professional web development, the last two have been spent working full time on Django or Python powered websites. I'm a regular to many conferences and very interested in the up and coming trends.

Indiana, United States

Chris Pickett

I've been using django for about a year, using it to create a few personal websites, as well as one for a well-known local realtor, and another for my mother. Outside of Django I created a Document Management system for real estate that is currently being used by 60 ...

St Louis, Missouri

May Digital Solutions

May Digital Solutions lives in St. Louis, MO. We have been building Django websites and applications since 2007.

We have a strong background and proven track record in designing, building, deploying, and supporting Django applications for all sizes of companies.

We have a strong expertise in eCommerce and Custom CMS ...

Kraków, Poland

Sizeof Sp. z o.o.

Sizeof Sp. z o.o. designs and makes:

  • Web sites
  • Online shops
  • Facebook Applications
  • Dedicated IT systems
  • Marketing tools
  • Software outsourcing
  • REST-full and other APIs integrations

Our favorites technologies:

  • Python, Django, Flask
  • Linux, Ubuntu, Geento, Centos
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, DynamoDB
  • Amazon AWS, S3, Ec2, Lambda
  • Nginx, Gunicorn, Supervisor, Cirsuc
  • AngularJS ...
合肥, 中国


We are an agile development team!

Web4Py is a small agile web/mobile development team. We have the web backend/frontend developers and mobile (ios/android) app developers. We are proficient in python / django web development with strong web front-end development skills, such as html / css / javascript / jquery / bootstrap / backbone ...



I am a django web layout designer. html, css, jQuery…

Kathmandu, Nepal


Full Stack Python/Django Developer.

Los Angeles, California

Netlandish Inc.

Netlandish Inc.

A Little About Us

We are a small team of Python / Django specialists based out of Los Angeles (area), CA. Unlike most developers, we were hard core FreeBSD / Linux system administrators for years before moving to web development. This leaves us with a ton of experience that enables ...

Bologna, Italy

Agnese Camellini

I am a passionate freelancer web developer. Building web applications is not only my field of study but also my way of thinking and expressing my ideas. I really am a creative one. I develop in Python and Django from the beginning of time. I am a fast learner and ...

Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

Yagata Consulting

Currently in love with Python and Django Development

Surry Hills, Australia

Dr Alastair Weakley

I am Chief Operating Officer of The Interaction Consortium

Saint-Jean-d'Aulps, France

Guy Bowden

I'm an English freelance developer working and living in the French alps.

I specialise in website builds - both front end and back end development. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Actionscript, Python, MYSQL, PHP etc.