Voronezh, Russia

Vitaliy Shishorin

I’m an experienced and passionate Web Application Developer with strong Object-Oriented Design skills both front-end and back. I’ve been making software for around 15 years and there’s nothing I’d rather do. I have an excellent understanding of how technology can be used to align the requirements ...

Warszawa, Polska


Highly skilled software engineers and graphic designers.

  • Web pages
  • Internal systems with web-based interface
  • Flash animations and applications
  • Programming in Python and Django

Only top quality products!

We are located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

West Palm Beach, FL


I have used django, jQuery, and MySQL to create sites for many local businesses. I have extensive experience with Python, Javascript, and several different SQL databases. I have written custom components for integrating customer sites with Paypal for order processing, and I am very comfortable with XML, Webservices, and integrating ...

The Hague, The Netherlands


Hi, I'm Dave de Fijter, a freelance Django developer working under my own company called Indentity. Django has been my main development platform for the last 3 years and I'm specialized in all aspects of Django development, including the frontend goodness. More information about my services can be ...

Oldenburg, Germany

Tim Fiedler

I'm working as Freelancer for 12 Years now. I'm specialised in Python and Web-Solutions almost written in Django.

I have strong experience in Developing large scaled Systems with Django using Docker, Celery and RabbitMQ.

  • Python (Django, Tornado, Flask)
  • JavaScript (jQuery, Angular, Angular2)
  • API (HATEOS, jsonapi)
  • Testing (pytest, Selenium)
місто Київ, Україна


Chernoshchyokov Denis, born in 1984

Tel. +3 8063682 81 42

den.chernoshchekov @gmail.com

Python / Django developer

Education: Higher

with 09.2001 for 06.2006

KNEU they V. Getman, Department of Information Systems and Technologies

Bachelor of Economic Cybernetics.

Master: specialty - "Information technology in the economy."


with 01.2010 ...

Christchurch, New Zealand

Justin Velluppillai

Professional background in PHP and ecommerce, but a long time hobbyist in Python and Django building web apps and sites.

I'm available for small to medium freelance contracts. I'd love to hear from you.

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Ponga Computing Limited

I have 10 years of commercial development experience and have been working with Django and Python since about the 0.91 release. I have moderate design skills and reasonable linux administration skills.

Currently I'm looking for casual remote work to provide some extra income; I'd be ideal for ...

Palo Alto, California

Michael Egorov

I have an extensive experience in python programming, using Django and web-development since 2005. Additionally, I am a scientist who is experienced in data analysis and machine learning.

My CV: http://tinyurl.com/lubxgeo

Fleet, United Kingdom


We're a small development agency outside London. We've been building sites and apps in PHP on some the popular MVC frameworks and have recently made the switch to Django.

We've got loads of work coming in. If you want to send through your details I'll keep ...


Mario Gonzalez


I have got experience in developing using web technologies, I love Django and I have contributed on it time ago. Then, I changed my “environment” for a while and I joint Mandriva Linux S.A writing an online/offline desktop integration framework, in ...

Dortmund, Germany

Anton Bessonov


ajax apache nginx tornado backend client-side cms css linux debian developer django dom framework frontend html xhtml xml javascript jinja2 js json latex memcached mvc mysql oop php prototype python script script.aculo.us server-side simplemachines smarty sql subversion git template engine trac ubuntu vim xt:commerce

Projects with ...


Ubaid ur Rehman

2 Years experience of Python ,Django , Django REST Framework, Web2py and Odoo.

Vilnius, Lithuania


We are a small and friendly web company located in Vilnius, Lithuania. We specialize in Python technologies (Django/Pylons) and rich UI, and we have experience working with clients from UK, France, USA, and Lithuania. Please find more information about us on our website.

Lohmar, Germany

Bernhard Biskup

Freelance software developer based in Lohmar Germany.

Available for projects in Cologne/Bonn area, remote work, or on-site in Dublin, Ireland (other locations negotiable).

Professional software development since 1999 (C++, Java, Python).
Full-stack web development since 2011, with focus on Python, Django, jQuery, PostgreSQL.

Dhaka, Bangladesh


  • Languages: Python, PHP, Java

  • Methodologies: OOP, design patterns, extreme programming, agile

  • Frameworks: Django (Python), Zend (PHP), Express (Node)

  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle, PostgresSQL, MongoDB

  • ORM: Django ORM, SQLAlchemy, Doctrine

  • JavaScript: JQuery, Underscorejs, Requirejs, Socket.io, Angularjs

  • Unit testing: Python unittest, Django-nose, PHPUnit, SimpleTest, 

  • Caching: Memcache, Redis, Varnish

  • Messaging Queue: RabbitMQ

  • Worker ...

Coimbatore, India

Freelance Developer - for Python and Django

  • Hi I am Varad, I am a Freelance developer working with a Software Giant in India.
  • Skills:
  • Programming: Python
  • Scripting : Shell and Perl
  • CSS : Bootstrap 2.3.2 and Zurb Foundation
  • Web Framework : Django
  • Cloud Platform : Google App Engine
  • Post in Bit bucket : package coffeebreak (http://agvarad.in)