Victoria, Canada

Mighty Oaks

Since 2002 we have created innovative custom applications to help people communicate, collaborate and innovate.  Some of our past projects include (1) solutions to track medical equipment in home care settings, (2) online grocery e-commerce and delivery management solutions used by two major grocery store chains, (3) food safety risk ...

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Guillermo Fritz

I'm a system engineer with experience on django development.

Helsinki, Finland


  • HTML/5, CSS2/3, JavaScript (+jQuery) and cross-browser experience
  • PHP, PHP CMSs (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal) and PHP frameworks (CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii)
  • Python, Django, Pyramid, Google App Engine
Los Angeles, California


Live Breath Eat Tech. My passion…

City of London, United Kingdom

Marco Fucci

I’m a Django Developer with 7 years of experience in web technologies. I love learning new things and I spend much of my time studying books.
I'm an Apple addict.

If you want to know more about me, take a look at my website at

Toronto, Canada

Decode Technology

Decode Technology provides software development services for web platforms, analytics, and rich experiences.


Aflaak Technologies

We are a Morocco based company we provides analysis and developments services around Java Technologies, Python especially Django.

Caroline, Canada

Aaron Fay

I've been working in Django since spring 2008 after a number of years in php. I am competent in sql, actionscript/flash, javascript and have completed a number of large projects in django.

Kiev, Ukraine


css django jquery mysql postgresql python security ubuntu

Montreal, Canada

PA Parent

I started programming Python in early 2010. I do now Django and really enjoy it!

Kathmandu, Nepal

Amit Chaudhary

A fullstack software developer with core expertise in Python and related technologies.

Chennai, India

Gopi K

One and half years experience in PHP Technologies. eight months experience in Python/Django web Framework Technology

City of Zagreb, Croatia

Filip Jukić

CS student from Zagreb, Croatia interested in web development (Django, nodejs, PHP), music and football. Looking for freelance work.


  • Django
  • Python
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Javascript
  • Linux
  • Git/Hg
  • CSS
  • HTML
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Coming from a GIS (geo information system) background pyKitchen is specialized not only in web application development but also web MAPPING applications. Check our website for some examples

Beirut, Lebanon

Alaa Salman

Started using Python over a year ago, and first used it for web programming by way of the Turbogears framework. I later ditched Turbogears in favor of Django noting the differences.

Although i constantly have to develop using different technologies, Django has become the preferred web development framework and it ...

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Diogo Baeder

Developer mainly interested in Python and JavaScript. Lover of Django and jQuery. Also very interested in other techs like NodeJS, Erlang, PyQt etc.

Russian Federation


Deal with Python about 5 years, with Django about 1,5 year. Wrote closed source application for callcenter and many hobby projects.

Python Libs: Django, PyXML2, PyGTK, wxPython, CPython, PIL, PyOpenGL, PyGame and more…

DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

OS: Free/OpenBSD, Linux, Windows, Haiku.

Another languages: DMD, C/C++ little ...

Boston, Massachusetts

Amplete Software, LLC

Amplete Software, LLC is a Boston based full-service software engineering consultancy. From data modeling and wireframes to deployment, we help the small-medium enterprise develop bespoke solutions for their business needs.

Contact us today!

Bogotá, Colombia

Eforcers S.A.

Como Google Enterprise Partner, Eforcers es la firma pionera y experta en el país en el desarrollo de aplicaciones sobre la plataforma Google App Engine sobre el runtime de Python con Django, que permite a las organizaciones ejecutar software a la medida de sus necesidades vía Internet sobre la sólida ...