Johannesburg, South Africa

Jaffar Chiosa

  • django developer;
  • django rocks;
  • php is great love, but django is marriage material;
  • Sausalito, California

    Daniel Ostrowski

    Currently working as a Python developer for in the Bay area.

    Kuwait City, Kuwait

    Yousef Zuriqi

    took a boot camp for full stack web development course from JoinCoded on Django framework. The course was 3 months 4 hours daily . It included the following languages : 

    1- Python 

    2- HTML & CSS 

    3- JavaScript 

    We worked on a couple of projects. We learned to start a …

    Morelia, México

    Eduardo Lujan

    Salt Lake City, UT

    Richard Esplin

    FLOSS savvy generalist with experience in the following areas:

    • Development
    • Systems Administration
    • Project Management
    • Technical Process Analysis
    • Technical Business Analysis
    Toronto, Canada

    Robert Chan

    Freelance Django/Python Developer

    Brisbane, Australia

    Jeff de Ruyter

    • Python developer for 11years
    • Django developer for 4 years
    • Interested in freelance/permanent work (remote or local)
    , Slovakia

    Miroslav Palun

    I am a Python/Django developer with 7 years Python experiences and 2-3 years Django. I have several project done based on Python/Django but not limited to. I am frelancer developer so looking forward for contracts.

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Guillermo Fritz

    I'm a system engineer with experience on django development.

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


    I am passionate programmer

    La Habana, Cuba


    I am a Software Engineering from Havana, Cuba, with 9 years of graduated.

    Bellow are my skills.

    Advanced knowing of Php, C #, Python, Delphi, Visual Basic.

    Advanced knowing of Django (Python) and Codeigniter (Php) Web Frameworks.

    Experience using external APIs like Google maps, Twitter, Facebook.

    Advanced knowing of AJAX, …

    Los Angeles, California

    Zak Johnson

    I've been working with Django since March of 2007. I'm fluent in Python, SQL, relational database design principles, and front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript/DOM). You can also find me on LinkedIn:

    Suceava, Romania

    Bogdan Bursuc

    I'm an expirenced DJANGO Developer, I've been working with Python for more then 2 years and for 1 year with DJANGO framework, I understand the MVC concept and worked in PHP and web development for more than 5 years. I also have experience with the following: MySQL, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, …

    Waterloo, Canada

    Bartek Ciszkowski

    Excited Python/Django developer. Have successfully created many business applications using Python and Django (among other languages and platforms). Always looking to improve and learn new things. Professional experience 5 years, been working with Python for over a year now.

    Most passionate about creating wonderful user experiences :-)

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

    Debashis Dip

    Skills? PHP , JS , C , VBBut I am in love with Python.With score of 95.1% number i passed MOOC's from University of toranto.I love to learn, Doing as many course as i can.I love the web. And that's why Django is my best friend.That's it.

    Campinas, Brazil

    Renne Rocha

    Software developer with more than 7 years developing web application.

    Actually working mainly with Django.

    Knowledge: Python Flask Javascript HTML Java  PHP

    Khulna, BD

    Al Hizbul Bahar

    Always like to work with LAMP stack. I have a great working experience with php and several of its framework like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel etc. I'm also walking on the way of Python and Django. I'v also quite a working knowledge with C#, Java, ASP.NET and Jquery.

    Bangor, United Kingdom

    Matthew Russell

    I'm interested in web projects (especially backends) which provide services. I've been developing professionally with Python since Python 1.5. (circa 1999), with a two year break to acquire a BSc in computer science. For the dissertation I developed an Artificial Immune System, which employed machine learning techniques to identify mutations …

    Quezon City, Philippines

    SLab7, Inc.

    • 4 years experience developing Python/Django web applications
    • 10+ years experience in Software Development
    • 3 years experience developing iOS Mobile Applications integrating with our Django API backends
    • Extensive knowledge of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Proficient in English
    • Open-source contributions:
    • [forked]