Nantes, France

Samuel Girardin

Hello, I am Samuel a freelance developer and R&D Engineer. I am fond of Python development for both desktop software or web applications.

I have a background in numerical modelling and fluid mechanics earned in engineering school in Bordeaux. Then I decided to strengthen my programming skills especially in Python. …

, Pakistan

Hameedullah Khan

Python and Django developer, email me to see the latest work samples.

Longmont, Colorado

Ian Shorrock

Hey there! I'm an experienced Python and Django developer who got his start doing front-end web design and development, who's been working as a consultant and contractor for about the last two and a half years.

If you're looking for someone who can fill in as a generalist or for …

Cordova, Spain

Bartolomé Sánchez Salado

Junior developer in NTT Europe, Barcelona.

I'm interested in contributing with Django Project. See here.

Alfter, Germany


references in pythonic projects (extract)

  • (marketresearch): implementing statistical methods on server side, webservices
  • (it): online market research, it project management, postgres optimization, catalyst data warehousing
  • (science): online market research, it project management, python development of applied multivariate methods
  • (development aid): built a django based project for …
Las Vegas, Nevada

Grant Kelly

Hi, I'm Grant. I do programming in Python, a beautiful language. I've written web applications using Django, built databases with PostgreSQL, configured Apache servers, administered Ubuntu Linux, and almost everything else required to run modern web applications on an open-source stack. I'm looking for interesting work using the latest open-source …

Srinagar, India

Waris Amin

  • python
  • Django
  • postgresql
  • javascript
  • css
  • mysq
New York, United States

Flat White Software

We develop custom phone apps and websites. We can develop on aws, heroku and gcp. We have experience in the healthtech and blockchain industries.

We use: Python, Celery, Channels, NGINX, Cassandra, Redis, Docker, kubernetes and Terraform.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.

Principal Harry Moreno

Manchester, United Kingdom

Just Fiona

Over five years of professional experience in the web development industry and over a dozen years of programming experience. Primary skills are programming in Python (Django) and Javascript (jQuery).

Goiânia, Brasil


IT Professional, working with technologies. Python/Django for create websites, blogs etc…

Python/Blender for create Open Source 3D Games.

Advanced Knowledge and teach in Java, Mandriva Linux, Blender, Python, webstandards/tableless, HTML5, CSS3

Lima, Peru

Antonio Ognio

  • Using Django daily for several projects with peruvian and some US customers since 2008.
  • Limited experience with other Python web frameworks: webapp (GAE), Pylons, Flask.
  • Complementary web development skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
  • 10+ years of web development experience using LAMP
  • Database experience: Years with MySQL and PostgreSQL, playing with …
, Singapore


I like Python. Taking CherryPy, Pyweb, turbogears, pylon, py2web etc as evidence, I assume a big team can create a Python web framework reasonably easily. Currently, I use only Django though.

I have a lot of ideas. But I cannot code them all by myself. If you want to help …

Querétaro, Mexico

Arturo jamaica

Skills: Django, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, jQuery, CentOs, Linux, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, CodeIgniter, App Engine, Facebook apps

Github : Forrst :

, Pakistan

Ubaid ur Rehman

2 Years experience of Python ,Django , Django REST Framework, Web2py and Odoo.

, China


I'm a developer with 4-year experience in web app development. With in the past 4 years, I've been using PHP, Python, Ruby with several different frameworks, and has a lot of experience in web app architecture and ajax.

San Diego, California

Darian Schramm

I have over 10 years experience working with Python for the web. Starting as a systems administrator in the university CS department and continuing my work in NYC and beyond. I have used Python as a tool for web development, system administration tasks, statistics gathering and everything in between. My …

Padova, Italia

Marco Badan

I'm into the world of Python and Django with satisfaction since 2010.



  • Python
  • Markup: HTML, CSS (SASS)
  • Javascript (jQuery)

Web Framework: Django

Databases: Google Appengine Datastore (Python NDB API and the App Engine Datastore API), PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite

DVCS: Git, Mercurial

Platform: Google App Engine

API: Google APIs …