Terms of Service

Outlined below are Terms of Service specific to Djangogigs. They may override specific terms in our Universal Terms of Service which can be found here.

  1. We reserve the right to reject or otherwise remove any listing which we think is spam or not suitable for listing on the site.
  2. We cannot offer any guarantees that you will receive any response to your listing. However, you can increase your chances by making sure that your listings provide accurate information and show a clear association with Django, Python, App Engine, Flask or other Python-based technologies.
  3. We don't offer refunds but if we choose not to approve your listing you will be informed and will not be charged.
  4. 10% of all money collected is donated to the Django Software Foundation.
  5. Although we endeavour to maximise our uptime, the site may be unavailable during routine maintenance and for updates and improvements. If there is likely to be a prolonged period of downtime, will will give users as much notice as possible and keep them informed of the situation.
  6. Listing periods begin once it has been approved by us, after payment.
  7. Although we endeavour to make sure all developers and jobs listed are legitimate and valid, we take no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the validity, credibility or suitability of any developer or job posted to the site.