18 APR 2024

Need Help to Fix a Bug w/ Django Channels

I have a django web app at pypilot.app.

I have mostly gotten the app to work, but I need help getting the websocket / django channels portion to work. It works locally, but there is some issue in my production setup that is preventing the websocket / django channels from working properly. For someone who knows what they're doing this may be a very short project that is easy to solve.

The app allows users to write and execute python scripts and they are able to schedule them as well. Django channels / websocket is used to print outputs to the user's in-app console based on the result of the script they have run. So for that reason it is a critical feature to allow the user to perform testing.

I'm assuming some sort of issue exists in my deployment setup between docker / nginx config. It is very possibly a simple fix.

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