29 NOV 2022

Fully remote: Django developer who loves Linux and open source -- apply via SSH(!)

Do you love Python, Django, Linux and FLOSS? Then you should work remotely with us at 5 Monkeys Agency!

We are a team of 20+ senior software engineers, designers and digital strategists delivering scalable digital platforms for large e-commerce players and ambitious startups. We develop exclusively in Django!

We all share a passion for the development of scalable, secure and user friendly web applications. We love Python, Django, Linux and FLOSS!

We contribute to open source. You'll find contributions from us in major open source projects such as Django, Ansible and Docker.

In addition we maintain a few open source projects ourselves. Some examples include Djedi CMSdjango-bananasRESPX and Kapten.

Share our passion for Django and FLOSS? Do you wish you had colleagues who cared deeply about open source? Apply now!

Apply by connecting to join.5monkeys.se via SSH and follow the instructions. The application process takes less than a minute and is entirely text-based. We know you share our love for the terminal!

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