Berne, Switzerland

Atizo AG

We are the creators of We have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Python / Django / Pylons
  • HTML / SVG / XML
  • Javascript (jQuery, jQuery Mobile, ExtJS, YUI)
  • CSS (SASS, Compass)
  • SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle)
  • UX Design
  • Facebook Apps
  • Continuous Deployment (Fabric)
  • Cloud Management (Puppet)
  • Continuous Integration (Lettuce, …
Jaipur, India

Rohan Jain

Software Engineer, Open Source Enthusiast

B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur

, Belarus

Alex Schemelev

I actively dislike enterprise solutions on Java! ;-)

San Francisco, CA

David Kellerman

I've been programming with Django and Python for about 2.5 years, coming from a background of Java programming (10+ years). I'm also very proficient with javascript, and I've used most of the major javascript frameworks (JQuery, etc.).

Ames, Iowa

Prashant Kumar

Hi I'm a software developer currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Science at Iowa State University. I have 4 years of experience on web application/tools development working on following technologies: ​Python, PyUnit, Django, jQuery, JsUnit, JSON, OAuth, Google Appengine, MySQL. Currently, I'm looking for summer internship opportunities with possibilities of …


Jonas Nockert

Experienced programmer and web developer. Lately focused on Python and Django applications and web services.

Mississauga, Canada

Elmer Almeida

Who are we?

We are a team of Python Django developers looking to create professional and well-functioning websites for our clients. We have over 2 years of developing websites with Django and over 5 years experience in Python. We believe with our skill-set and experience, you can create scalable full-featured …

London, United Kingdom

Dan Atkinson

Experienced Web Developer focusing on Django & Python with HTML, CSS and jQuery.

  • Github
  • Portfolio
Chennai, India

Gopi K

One and half years experience in PHP Technologies. eight months experience in Python/Django web Framework Technology

, Ukraine

Sona studio

We are a web development team for businesses and creative firms. We believe in delivering simple, clean and affordable solutions using industry best practices.

We specialize in agile web development using Django framework. We work on simple applications from blogs, content management systems to complete interactive web applications.

Comfortable with: …

Kharkiv, Ukraine


Bremen, Deutschland


Programmer/architect with dedication and communication skills. Also able to maintain servers, if needed. Available for short and long term projects working remotely or in Bremen or Hamburg.

Portland, Oregon

Jeff Schwaber

Been freelancing since 2008, and I love seeing all the different ways projects go.

LoFi Art is a full stack development shop of 2, sometimes 3, people. We love Django, especially with Backbone JS and Bootstrap on the front and PostgreSQL on the back. Here's a short list of techs …

, Moldova

Web Direct SRL

PYTHON programmers: we use Django/DjangoCMS/Flask, plain python. Building REST API services.

PHP programmers: we develop in Zend Framework, Symfony2

We can build your startup project from scratch or complete existing one. Development in pure PHP/PYTHON/C# languages is also provided.

San Jose de Guanipa, Venezuela

Sebastián Ramírez Magrí

Software Development with Python since 2007. Backed up by technologies such as Django, PostgreSQL, Apache, Nginx, jQuery, Celery, Solr. Deployments and Systems Administration for Linux, BSD and Solaris servers.

Look at my profile on djangopeople to find more information

Göttingen, Germany

All Buttons Pressed

We're a team of physicist with over a decate of development experience: 

  • image data analysis, machine learning, recognition algorithms
  • Python
  • Django, created Django-nonrel and App Engine DB backend and parts of MongoDB backends
  • JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • network stack/protocol, kernel, driver development
  • C/C++ with some x86 asm sprinkled in
  • Objective-C, iOS …
Davao City, Philippines


Swiftkind is a full-stack design and software development company in the Philippines.  Focusing on Python and Django web application development using agile methodologies. We are committed to deliver competitive products that innovate the way people connect and work. Aiming to create experiences to help individuals, startups, brands and corporations innovate …

Palo Alto, California

Michael Egorov

I have an extensive experience in python programming, using Django and web-development since 2005. Additionally, I am a scientist who is experienced in data analysis and machine learning.

My CV:

Houston, TX

Thom Simmons

Developer using Django since December 2007. Prior experience (and some current experience) is focused on PHP and Java and general Python development. Primary development is for internal knowledge-sharing, identity management, LDAP, and secure maintenance of company data. On the side, I've built a few django-powered sites with 3-4 currently in …