, Slovenia

Erika Pogorelc

Hello, my name is Erika and I am a software engineer specialized in web development. I use Python, Django, JavaScript, latest web and mobile HTML5 / CSS3 technologies to build dynamic web applications that will excite everyone.

my github profile ercchy.github.com

, Bulgaria

Computational Systems

Web application development team, using Django, HTML/CSS, PostreSQL, Javascript, jQuery. Currently have interest and capacity to take on new projects.

We have worked in the areas of eInvoicing, eCommerce, eHealthcare, insurance business systems (health and life), document management systems. We also have expertise in C, C++ and Java. Resumes available …

Tampa, Florida

Dannier Trinchet Almaguer

I'm a web developer specializing in Python + Django, with 9 year of professional coding experience. I've been involved in interesting and challenging projects. After a while spent on research and development in areas related to Artificial Intelligence and Parallel and Distributed Computing I decided moving to the web development; …

, Poland

Malal IT Solutions

Malal IT Solutions has a very good exposure to the web developments and particularly in Django and Python for more than two years. We have successfully delivered number of projects in Django within this period. Our offer include dedicated outsourcing teams including coders, frontend developers and experienced project managers.

Troy, Ohio

LANshark Consulting Group

I am an open source consultant specializing in Python, Django, MySQL, Postgresql, Ansible, Git, Vim, Mezzanine, and related activities. I teach Web Development with PHP, Python Classes, and Enterprise Patterns and Architecture (in Java) for a local university. I have worked with open source since 1996 or before and have …

Vancouver, Canada

Liza Simmons

Liza Simmons is open source enthusiast with passion to Django and Python. I have 3 years experience with Django+jQuery and 4 years of full-cycle web development

Ajmer, India

Alok Tiwari

Technical Consultant 

My profile is publicly available  http://www.linkedin.com/in/aloktiwari 

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i have designed website, cd/dvd rom with django and other web and hypermedia frameworks.

Oslo, Norway

Jone Eide

Developing using Django since august 2006, after 5 years of experience with PHP/MySQL. Worked on several different projects, where the latest released one is http://www.oregano.no - which is a restaurantguide.

My development is done with accessibility and SEO in mind. Using standards, clean non-generated markup, all HTML, CSS and Javascript …

Leeds, United Kingdom

Mike Howarth

Developer with over 8 years experience, working with a range of clients including a number of highly respected brands in the UK.

Skillset includes: Python, Django, Perl, PHP, SQL, HTML, Javascript, Ajax, XML, XML, MySQL, SQL Server.

Recently moved to Django and keen to pursue further.

Chicago, IL

Adam "Cezar" Jenkins

I believe in clean and readable code. I'm a fan of asynchronous workflows that allow developers to produce quality work. I love great tools like Git, Github, TDD, CI, and Code review. I believe that good visual and interface design is important for applications. I believe in agile processes, but …


Jonas Nockert

Experienced programmer and web developer. Lately focused on Python and Django applications and web services.

Torino, Italia

Fabio Caccamo

  • Known languages Italiano, English, Française
  • Programming languages / MarkupiOS - Objective-CPython - Django frameworkJavaScript - jQuery, MooToolsActionScript - AS2, AS3, Adobe AIRHTML / CSS - Foundation, Bootstrap
  • Services JSON, XML
  • Database MySQL, SQLite, Realm, PostgreSQL
  • Versioning Git, SVN
  • Software Xcode, Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash), FlashDevelop, PhpMyAdmin
Portland, Oregon

Sam Thompson

Currently a pylons-ish developer, have done significant django work and prefer it.

Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh


  • I am fajle rabbi.from brahmanbaria.
  • I am  a front end  developer.also I have experience with wordpress theme development.
  • I have skill with html,css,js,jquery,php,python and django.
Hyderabad, India

Prateek Srivastava

I have worked on following projects:

Project: Media Community Platform (MCP) Technologies: Django-Python, HTML, CSS, Memcached, AJAX, Jquery,Javascript Client: Thinktiv Database: My SQL Web Server: Apache Team size: 7 Duration: Aug.-Dec. 2008

MCP or Media Community Platform is a collection of re-usable apps for the Django Web Framework. While the …

Washington D.C., District of Columbia

Martey Dodoo

I am a freelance developer with multiple years of experience doing full stack development with Django. See my portfolio at https://marteydodoo.com/portfolio/.

Región de Auckland, Nueva Zelanda

Eduardo Calleja

Development of cloud-based software solutions for startups, small and medium sized companies using Python, Django and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Design and implementation of heavily used backends web and mobile products.
  • Coud infrastructure systems configuration and management.
  • Planning, executing, and managing the integration of new applications.
  • Front-end development.

Other technologies: …