Nick Schwane

I have 2 years of experience using Django. I fall more in love with it everyday. Check out my bitbucket repositories for code samples. I have also recently started playing around with Twisted. I have a total of 8 years of Web development experience. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.


  • Strong programming knowledge of Java, Perl, PHP, and Python with a concentration in object-oriented programming and exposure to C and C++
  • Web development using Django, PHP, Perl, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, Apache, and Tomcat
  • Apple iOS and Objective-C programming experience
  • Systems administration of FreeBSD and Linux servers
  • Other experience includes Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Extreme and Juniper switches, LDAP, Samba, Dovecot, Postfix, Asterisk PBX, DHCP, DNS, Eclipse IDE, revision control, and shell scripting

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