Jaipur, India

Rohan Jain

Software Engineer, Open Source Enthusiast

B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur

Carlisle, United Kingdom

Robert Coster

Web developer with a number of years in web site development including Python / Django in the last 6 months.

Open source projects..

http://github.com/signalfire/django-property - an app for estate agents currently being worked on

http://github.com/signalfire/python-send - a python 2.7/3.6 app with an API backend to replicate function of WeTransfer but …

, Indonesia

Mario Ardi

Work as Web Developer in Jakarta Indonesia. Now focus to Python Languange and Django Framework.

Toronto, Canada

Sprymix Inc.

Sprymix Inc. is a team of experienced Python developers in Toronto, specializing in custom system and web development, integration, and related services. Particular areas of expertise include backend and frontend Web development (Django, Flask, custom systems), data processing and modeling, code analysis.

, Nigeria

Isaac Yakubu

Web developer with expertise in Django Python backed with strong Ajax, jQuery, Javascript, HTML5/CSS3 skills. A programmer since 2018 honed through time in programming concepts and Agile methodologies.

, China


Computer skills: Linux System, Skilled in Bash shell, Python, Regex ,Awk,Sed, Perl, Matlab, C, Visual C++, VHDL, Verilog, Microsoft Office, Skilled in python web framework like Django or Flask

Language skills: Fluent in both oral and written English 

Looking for: Remote/Part time django/python related project.

Minsk, Belarus

Alexey Savanovich

  • Python (Django)
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript, ActionScript (Flex)

Facebook, Linkedin, Moikrug

Bromsgrove, United Kingdom

Innoware Ltd

  • Software development firm founded in 2004.
  • Extensive experience in the end-to-end design, build and support of web based platforms.
  • Particular specialism in data analytics and reporting, content management, and talent and HR systems.
  • Preferred development framework – Django.
  • Over a quarter of a million people have used websites developed and …
Paris, France


Expertise Python/Django : Nous concevons et réalisons des backends, CMS et API performants et personnalisées pour tous types de projets web et mobile.

Uberlândia, Brazil

Gustavo Lepri

I'm a web developer with solid understanding of Python programming; strong bash and SQL skills; extensive experience as a system adminsitrator (Linux) and network administrator; extensive experience in the greatest portal projects for brazilian government as a senior developer and analyst; great skill in agile development models; good people skills, …

La Ciotat, France

Andrey Zhukov

oDesk - https://www.odesk.com/users/~0180254a2eef2ffd28 Stack Overflow - http://stackoverflow.com/users/1885757/sneawo

Amsterdam, Nederland

Maykin Media

Technology house focused on developing scalable mobile backends, travel websites and web applications.

Christchurch, New Zealand



, India

Prateek Sharma

I'm currently a Full Stack Engineer and have a total of 4 years of professional experience in software/web development. I have a Masters degree in Compute Science Engineering.

I've worked on and have command over python/django, ruby/rails, nodejs, angularJS, javascript/jQuery, HTML/CSS, server automation/management, databases(mongoDB, redis, postgreSQL, mySQL, etc), ionic(web and …

Minsk, Belarus


At RAZOR THEORY, we help enterpreneurs & innovative companiesbuild amazing apps and grow them.Our engineering team has experience in a variety of frameworks, platforms and languages, but our main focus remains on Python and Django.We are looking for clean and elegant solutions to the problems. We aim to be productive. …
Ahmedabad, India

N-Tech Technologies (Python India)

We have tremendous experience in developing, websites, VOIP systems and plugins, set top box plugins, enigma os plugins, hardware integration, backend web services and API, and much more. We have developed projects in python frameworks like, django, pylons, web2py, turbogears, zope2, pyramid, Cherrypy, Asterisk, and Oscar django. We use database …

Barcelona, Spain


I'm currently working at orcheeder, in the past I contribute to news.va, aceprensa and also work for doofinder in their website and Saas. I would like to hear about new projects to work!