Los Angeles, CA


We are an agile software development team specialized in web applications. Our problem-solving skill set includes Python, Django, Ajax/JavaScript, Java/Jython and cloud computing technology such as Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services.

We are a multilingual team based in Los Angeles, California, fluent in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Cambodian …

Ålborg, Denmark


Small and friendly software company in Denmark mastering Django! Our website is currently in Danish, but don't hesitate to drop us a line at kontakt@iola.dk, we do speak English :-)

San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina

Gonzalo Delgado

I'm an efficient developer skilled in Python in general and Django in particular.

I know my way around VCSs and am very familiar with sysadmin tasks.

Also, I'm quite good with stylesheets (CSS)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Yuri van der Meer Consulting

I am a perfectionist all-round web programmer and architect with strong communication and training skills. After years of experience in front-end development (Ajax), my more recent focus has been on developing complete data-driven web applications using the python-based Django framework.

I focus heavily on separation of concern, design patterns and …

Hyderabad, India

Narendra Kamma

Software Developer with around 10 years of experience in various technologies, including open source.

Around 8 years of experience in web and windows application development using Microsoft technologies like .Net, C#.Net, ASP.Net, and classic asp

Latest, around 3 years experience in Python and DJango.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Comfy Chair Consulting

We are a Django Shop located in the Twin Cities. We specialize in Content Management Systems, E-Commerce, and Social Networking sites. We have significant experience with Pinax, Satchmo, and Django-CMS.

We frequently implement completely custom solutions that integrate with APIs or mobile devices. We build mobile applications and also work …

Houston, TX

Paul Bailey

Former aerospace engineer turned web developer. I love technology and anything to do with web development. I develop mainly in Python/Django and the usual suspects HTML and Javascript, but love learning new things daily.

Resume: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WcxtTyA7JPbtEiKkrRgz7VHaFcMXTjYUZA8POIwMIu0/edit

Jacksonville, FL

Dave Ott

I've been a developer for 7 years and have been using Django since it was first released as an open source project. I'm currently a full time freelancer and I'm always looking for new work. I like to think that I'm pretty adaptable to new projects as I've got experience …

Ahmedabad, India


My Skills

Python Django MySQL

Hyderabad, India

Usware Technologies

Uswaretech is a web application development studio. We build web applications for leading Django web agencies, all over the world. You can know more about us on www.uswaretech.com, or our blog www.uswaretech.com/blog/. Our open sourced code is available at, http://www.uswaretech.com/code/ and www.github.com/uswaretech. We tweet at www.twitter.com./uswaretech .

Brno, Czech Republic

Juande Carrion

Developing web applications on Django since 2008. Working on lingodb.com since 2011.

, France

Xavier Antoviaque

  • Web Development - From small websites to full applications
  • HTML5 / CSS - Integration, animations
  • Python - Django, Twisted
  • Javascript - jQuery, Underscore, Node.js, Meteor
  • Design - Beautiful and clean
Nairobi, Kenya

Benson Nguru

Fullstack Software Engineer(6 years Expirience)

I have built software ranging from:

  • Artificial intelligence,
  •  IVR's , 
  • Bots,  
  • USSD applications,
  •  Neural networks performing mundane tasks, 
  • API architecture, 
  • Good old Django web apps and android+IOS mobile applications,
  •  and lastly UI/UX  
Knoxville, TN

Joshua Gourneau


Looking to create clever solutions to interesting problems, using Python, Django, and other open source tools.

Toronto, Canada

Frank Tang

C++/C# (windows application) Java web application(hibernate,spring,dwr(ajax),dojo) python (django) Vb  delphi

Provide consultant service for web development,outsource project, test automation(jmock,junit,nmock,nunit,ncover,python/tcl auto test), Continue integration, migration legacy vb(vc++ mfc)/delphi code to .net.

, Estonia

Yaroslav Luzin

I'm an experienced Python developer with a team. Over 6 years in web development and 13+ years of total software development. Managing partner at 42coffeecups.com - providing elastic development teams since 2007. I'd gladly help you with your project.

La Paz, Bolivia


System Engineer, with 15+ years of experience on financial institutions. R&D specialist, Pythonist, Django developer and Open Source advocate.

Bucaramanga, Colombia

Comunicatec SAS

Empresa con experiencia en desarrollo de Python, Django, CSS, Ajax, aplicaciones realtime, interacción con sistemas GNU/Linux.

Oxford, United Kingdom

Incuna Ltd

Incuna are a web development company, based in Oxford specialising in websites, web-based business tools, e-commerce and content management. We have developed a number of websites and applications using Django and plan to use it in the future whenever appropriate.

See our website for some example projects, or get in …