London, United Kingdom

Emilio Garcia

I hold a M.Sc in Computer Science from the Polythechnic University of Madrid. I've been developing under django framework since the begining of 2008 several professional projects. Before that i developed in PHP for about 2 years.

I have quite a lot of experience in LAMP stack, however now I'm …

Oulu, Finland

Skyred Media Ay

For the past three years we have specialized in Python and Django. We have completed various projects ranging from custom built hosting control panels with server infrastructures to business to customer web-stores.

Istanbul, Turkey

Yaşar İÇLİ

Hi, I'm Yasar ICLI a young software engineer and i am working as Django Python Developer at Tacirnet ecommerce Systems yceo name company.

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dedi Purwanto

I'm 25 years old Django programmer working in a startup company in Malaysia.

I have 3+ years experience in python, django, dev ops, and web development in general.

Below is the list of my main skill-sets and technologies I'm using:

  • Python
  • Django 
  • PostgreSQL
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Git
  • Mercurial
  • Django-CMS
  • Django-REST-Framework …
  • Bengaluru, India


    Over 5 years of experience building enterprise web and mobile applications.

    Specializations - Django, Ionic, Cordova

    Recklinghausen, Deutschland

    Superlative GmbH

    Management consulting with focus on IT professionalization, agilization, and establishment of software development departments.

    Former Django based projects:

    • Some anonymous projects

    More info:

    Superlative GmbH | 

    Bengaluru, India


    I have more than two years of experience in django based web application. I have good skillset on no sql database like couchdb, configuration management systems like vagrant, puppet scripts. I am quite comfortable with front end technologies like javascript, html, css etc.

    Dublin, Ireland

    Eoghan Murray

    Python developer available for interesting startup projects.

    Utah, United States

    DCQ Engineering L.L.C.

    DCQ Engineering is a technology company that provides:

    Custom Software Solutions Web Application Development Systems Integration and Automation IT Solutions Implementation

    We love working on the Django platform and would be interested in chatting with you about your needs.


    Bengaluru, India


    Full Stack & DevOps Engineer. Mobile Developer (iOS & Android). Open-Source Fanatic. Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT Enthusiast. Father. Atheist.

    Tel Aviv, Israel


    I have 25 years of development experience, and in recent years I've become an enthusiastic Pythonista, using Python for most of my needs (web development, data mining, text analysis and general scripting). For web development I use Django.

    I own a small company called 22seeds that develops and markets mobile …

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Nicolas Lara

    Im a Python/Django developer with high concern in best practices and good reusable code.

    New York

    Digital Haiku

    Ed Menendez was most recently the VP of Development at Ed created and managed a team of developers for Voxy that was able to triple Voxy's valuation between series A and B funding. Before building the current team, Ed was able to reboot the product within 30 days for …

    , Italy

    Shiny Frog

    Shiny Frog is a creative firm based in Parma, Italy, focusing on web design and software development. We strive for cool results with a special care for standards.

    • 4 years of experience with Django and Python.
    • Experienced with HTML/CSS Ajax and web technologies.
    • Shiny Frog currently team is composed by …
    San Francisco, California

    Jair Trejo

    I am a web project developer, manager and consultant. I have been developing software professionally for a while now, mostly on the web, but my interest in programming is a life-long affair.

    I have eight years of experience working with Python, and have worked in Django projects for the past …
    Brno, Czechia

    Martin Jansto

    I have experience with:

    DjangoPostgreSQLCelery, RedisPenetration testing (OWASP, OSSTMM) and ISMS

    I am working full-time at own project - DjangoSafeCMS and IS focused on information security management. I am looking for 10-15 hours/week remote contract work.

    , Uruguay


    Agile web application development with Python/Django/Ajax. Specialized in applied artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, web/text mining, web crawling and innovative user interfaces.