Brussel, Belgium


I'm using Django and Python since 2007. Prior experience is focused on database development SQL Server, Mysql, PostgreSQL; web scripting languages PHP and ASP and othe programming langages Visual Basic, C+, Java… Primary development is for eCommerce, money trasfer, and secure maintenance of company data. On the side, I'm building …

Sydney, Australia

Rich Atkinson

Very experienced Django developer available on a per project or daily rate.

I specialise in helping startups startup; I also love working with not for profit and philanthropic organisations.

“Rich was instrumental in implementing superb simplistic visual design, yet always focused on back-end performance. The result is a responsive system …

Fredericksburg, VA

Brian Lloyd

Senior software engineer / Engineering manager with 14 years experience developing large-scale products, portals and services using Python, Zope / Plone, Ruby / Rails and now getting into Django.

London, United Kingdom

Les Smithson

Senior software developer with extensive experience of Unix, Linux, Python, Django, C/C++ and Open Source development projects.

Cv at

Orlando, Florida

Samuel Toriel


  • Fluent with Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Familiar with C, Java, Bash, SQL


  • Django, jQuery, jqPlot, jQuery Sparklines, Highcharts




  • Vim, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, Gunicorn, Subversion, Git, Pip, VirtualEnv, Supervisord


  • Fluent with Ubuntu and Windows
Lille, France

Rodolphe Quiédeville

Strong knowledge on Python/Django with a long experience in system administration, I can work on all parts of yourweb projects based on this so powerfull framework. Do not hesitate to contact me if your needs are in developement as DevOps part.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I've been using Python for about 3 years, with Twisted + Clearsilver + Postgresql to build some web applications. Lately I have been using Django more and more for building the web app for my startup.

Surry Hills, Australia

Dr Alastair Weakley

I am Chief Operating Officer of The Interaction Consortium

La Plata, Argentina


We are a team of developers and graphic designers from Argentine. We love Python/Django, but we also code on C/C++, PHP and Java.

What We Use

General Languages

Python PHP Java C/C++ Actionscript 3

Web Specific

(X)HTML & CSS AJAX (jQuery, mootools) Django Adobe Flash / Flex PHP (Joomla) Javascript …

São Paulo, Brazil

Ricardo Silva

Developer and entrepreneur. Experience with Java, JEE, Linux, Python and Django.

Wiesbaden, Germany

Manuel Schmidt

+2 Year of django experience. I'm interested in new django projects with other django developers to gain expertise. Fell free to contact me. Other skills html, css, jquery.

Longmont, Colorado

Ian Shorrock

Hey there! I'm an experienced Python and Django developer who got his start doing front-end web design and development, who's been working as a consultant and contractor for about the last two and a half years.

If you're looking for someone who can fill in as a generalist or for …

Gurgaon, India


Working as a Open Source Developer. Experienced in Django Development. A technology enthusiast. Have built a number of web apps using XMPP, Jquery, MongoDB, Memcache , FB and Google Api's, FB Canvas Apps, Google App Engine etc

Nashville, Tennessee

Allen Smith

Screenwriter and accidental IT guy, I  am an unapologetic renaissance soul specializing in Python/Django, Ruby on Rails, and Ember.js.  I also make a mean lemon icebox pie.

Zele, Belgium


I'm a Django developer with experience in following fields: - scaling - websocket - south - celery - haystack - tastypie - … I have also a very extensive Linux System engineering experiences

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Tanvir Hossain Antu

Very passionate about technology with ​ 2 years of professional working experience as a software engineer. I consider myself a comprehensive and I believe it more important to understand the principles behind good software development and quality assurance and security. Programming language and frameworks fall into place once you have …

Magione, Italy


Evonove is an IT consulting firm providing services for small and medium enterprises. We help our customers building high-quality IT systems with consultancy, tranining and custom software development.

We are strongly focused on Python technologies, in particular:

  • Django
  • SqlAlchemy
  • PyQt