Houston, TX

Brian Jackson

I've worked with multiple Django applications and written quite a few myself. Aside from my Django works, I have a strong systems administration/architecting background. I can handle full-stack projects of all sizes.

Examples of Django works:



, Cameroon


A good combination of fun and performances, I just like it and I am available to make new things.

, Czech Republic

Vlada Macek

  • Python admirer and professional developer
  • Django enthusiast
  • UNIX system administrator
  • Teacher
Tehran, Iran

Arash Fazeli

I've started web development since 2001 and I have developed sites mostly with PHP till 2008, since I was introduced to Django I fell in love with it and started developing sites using this framework.

Skills: > CSS 3 > jQuery > MySQL > Linux

Bengaluru, India

Rama Krishna

1+ years of experience with Django.

, Uruguay


Experienced Django programmer with more than a six years of experience in Web design (PHP, MySQL, postgreSQL, Javascript, Ajax, CakePhp) and more than one with Django

London, United Kingdom

Rizwan Mansuri

A highly experienced and motivated web developer with ten years’ experience in a variety of exciting web projects. Encountered with all stages of the web development cycle. Technically competent and industry aware means that each project is undertaken with the most up-to-date and appropriate programming foundations available. Strong background in …

Raleigh, North Carolina

Paul Smith

I'm an experienced Web Developer and technologist living in Raleigh, NC, and I've been using Django for production Web sites since 2006. I'm available for full-time or freelance work. I prefer telecommuting, but will consider relocating for the right opportunity.

Khulna, BD

Al Hizbul Bahar

Always like to work with LAMP stack. I have a great working experience with php and several of its framework like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel etc. I'm also walking on the way of Python and Django. I'v also quite a working knowledge with C#, Java, ASP.NET and Jquery.

Bangalore, India

Neuron Networks

I have 3+ years experience in python and 1 year experience django. I have 8+ years of experience IT and Linux export.

Arlington, Virginia

Wellfire Interactive

Application development, CMS development, and web design.

We've built out content heavy sites for non-profits, designed product and e-commerce sites for breweries, and designed and developed Django-based applications used by global companies.

  • django-cms
  • django-shop
  • GeoDjango + PostGIS
  • Web services (consumer and service)
  • Haystack + ElasticSearch
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Dusan Maliarik

I'm passionate about developing modern web application with the world's best framework (you know the name) and tools. I like philosophy of Django because it encourages modularity, reusability, encapsulation into self-contained apps, etc. (RAD of course)

I love Python the most, but feel comfortable in Ruby, Java, JavaScript as well.

Полтава, Украина


Name: Popov Alexander Valerijevich



Position: web developer


Expertise summary



     Django, MVC;

     Tornado, TornadIO, TornadIO2;



     Sphinx, DjangoSphinx;


     Py-libs: sorl-thumbnail, pycurl, south, mptt etc.;

     HTML4/5, CSS2/3;


     Linux (debian systems at most);



     JQuery , JQuery UI;

     AngularJS, Angular-ui

     Php5, Yii (beginner, rarely use);


 PyQt4, …

Sydney, Australia

François Constant

French / Australian software engineer living in Sydney. 

I design (wireframe UX) and develop custom apps / websites. I find and implement simple solutions to complex problems.

I've developed my first websites 15 years ago (9 years commercial experience). I've been using Django full-time for 4 years.

Available for contract/freelance …

Berlin, Germany


7 years experience as a professional software engineer writing embedded C for government encryption devices, Django e-Commerce sites (core team member of Django-Oscar) and GoLang service based API's.

Umeå, Sweden

Zunzun AB

We are a consultancy dedicated to helping businesses and organizations discover and realize new opportunities on the data they collect and store. To accomplish that, we research our client’s problem, and then build and put together all the pieces required to empower our client to make decisions based on the …

São Paulo, Brasil

Valder Gallo

I have been worked with Python since 2007 as Web Developer and Software Engineer.





Toronto, Canada

Cultivate Media

We are a small consulting company of four software development professionals with very varied experience who have recently moved to working almost exclusively with Django.

We are currently looking for new Django projects and really smart partners to join us.

A bit about us: We are all graduates of the …

Kochi, India

Masteroe IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

Have more than 5 yrs of experience in web development. experience in Python, Django, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML CSS, AJAX etc

Sofia, Bulgaria

Magic Solutions Ltd.

Magic Solutions Ltd. Magic Solutions is one of the most successful web design companies in Bulgaria with the largest Django development team in Central and Eastern Europe. Extensive knowledge in Pyton/Django, HTML5, JavaScript (Mainly jQuery), Satchmo, Django-CMS, Mezzanine, Comet, web services, etc. Contact us at office at magicsolutions.bg.