Caracas, Venezuela

Gersón D. Vizquel A.

Especialista en el modelado de datos y desarrollo de software; así como en el análisis, sistematización y automatización de procesos. Actualmente en un proceso de auto aprendizaje de BPMN y SCRUM. Desarrollo de proyectos con Django (Python) utilizando MariaDB, SQLite y PostgreSQL como DBMS. Experto en las TIC. Asesor de …


Jonas Nockert

Experienced programmer and web developer. Lately focused on Python and Django applications and web services.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pablo Ziliani

All you can Python, from Zope2 to Django. Back-end/front-end programmer and graphic designer. CSS and JavaScript wizard. Semantic web enthusiast and a big jQuery fan (and plugin developer).

Enuf keywords.

, The Netherlands

Roald de Vries

Apart from Python/Django interested in API's, node.js, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Backbone, LESS, single page applications. Working agile.

Johannesburg, South Africa


I have more than 5+ years of experience. I have worked with various technologies such as Python, Java, Unix, etc. I have worked on various projects and delivered in time.

Toronto, Canada

Bogdan Makovsky

Bogdan Makovsky

Toronto, Ontario M2N 1V6




An experienced web and software engineer is looking for a progressive development position in a company where I can utilize my current knowledge and the latest technologies to benefit the workplace, while learning, growing and exceeding expectations. …

New York

Scott Meisburger

Senior Developer at Rhizome at the New Museum. 3 years Django experience (team and solo). Also iOS dev. Available for freelance/consulting opportunities.

Minsk, Belarus

Alexey Savanovich

  • Python (Django)
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript, ActionScript (Flex)

Facebook, Linkedin, Moikrug

New Delhi, India

Aman Khalid

I am a full stack developer from New Delhi, India. Over the span of two years I have helped 4 startups build their tech stack from scratch. I stared working as a Lead Developer at shapeaspace, which is an ecommerce store for interior decor products, later I started working at …

, Mexico


Developed in: C, Clipper, Assembler for many chips, Visual Basic, C++, C# Javascript, JQuery, blabla Python, Django,Pyjamas PyQT, PyGTK, WxPython GO And… OpenGL

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Based in Edinburgh, I'm Scott Barnham and I freelance under the name Staplefish.  I've been a professional developer for more than 10 years.  My purpose is to add value to your business using technology.

Experienced with many technologies including Django, Python, PHP, MySQL, Postgresql. Fluent in Linux, Apache, Nginx, etc. …

, Mexico

Jair Gaxiola

Developer and maintainer of opentumblr developed with wxpython. Experience developing of APIs for differents social networks like,, and My resume at Linkedin . Experience in django-cms and web scrapper with python. Core Developer of MNPP ( Enviroment local development web for mac with nginx, percona and …

Fredericksburg, VA

Brian Lloyd

Senior software engineer / Engineering manager with 14 years experience developing large-scale products, portals and services using Python, Zope / Plone, Ruby / Rails and now getting into Django.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nischal Lal Shrestha

Hey there, I'm Nischal. I am a student, a developer and I specialize in standards-based Django, JS, HTML, CSS web development. I love Everything that makes me more Human. While not Coding, I play and/or watch football(Messi)

Knoxville, TN

Todd Moses

Hello, I am a Web Architect who has been building web apps since 1996. After one PHP project too many I have decided to focus 100% on Django for web development.

My experience includes internet start-ups, corporate intranets, and small business.

Skills include: ext JS, Prototype, Python, PHP, Flash, JSP, …

Istanbul, Turkey

Mirat Can Bayrak

I am well trained about Python, and its framework Django. I am also good at XHTML/CSS,Javascript and JQuery applications. 

Казань, Россия

Arthur Mullakhmetov

  • One year experience in team development. Task tracking, scrum, CI, Vincent Driessen's git-flow.
  • Python/Django, JavaScript, SQL.
  • Postgres, Mongodb, Redis, Celery.
  • Basic DevOps skills. Nginx, supervisor, virtualenv, some dba, etc.
  • Intermediate English.
Kupang City, Indonesia

Benny Christanto


  • Python / Django, in back-end I spend lots of time with data structure iteration before going into coding battle (2 years).
  • HTML5 and CSS3 trough HAML and SCSS (+compass) with help of MiddleMan for front-end development (2 years).
  • PHP / Wordpress, developing custom theme and plugin (5 years+)