, Colombia


Compañia de desarrollo  en tecnologias de informacion. integramos lenguajes de programacion de escritorio y web para cualquier  necesidad que usted requiera, sea personal o de su compañia. Estamos atentos a desarrollar sus ideas plasmandolas en un sistema de computacion. Tecnologias .NET, JAVA, Python, PHP, jAVAsCRIPT, ETC...asi como  gestores de  contenidos …

Полтава, Украина


Name: Popov Alexander Valerijevich



Position: web developer


Expertise summary



     Django, MVC;

     Tornado, TornadIO, TornadIO2;



     Sphinx, DjangoSphinx;


     Py-libs: sorl-thumbnail, pycurl, south, mptt etc.;

     HTML4/5, CSS2/3;


     Linux (debian systems at most);



     JQuery , JQuery UI;

     AngularJS, Angular-ui

     Php5, Yii (beginner, rarely use);


 PyQt4, …

, Brasil


Developer Python / Django

  • Nokia Siemens Networks
  • Triveos
  • VFlow
  • go2nplay


  • Python
  • Django
  • Codeigniter
  • PHP
  • HTML5
  • Jquery
  • Flash
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • AngularJS
Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh


  • I am fajle rabbi.from brahmanbaria.
  • I am  a front end  developer.also I have experience with wordpress theme development.
  • I have skill with html,css,js,jquery,php,python and django.
Minneapolis, MN

David Fowler

I have 1.5 years of full time Django experience. I've developed several web apps including most recently Socialbrowse.com.

I had 2 years on my college web team. After college I worked 2 years at IBM, before I left to start my own business.

I have a Masters in EE and …

Sydney, Australia

Luke Scott

Full stack web developer (front-end, back-end and mobile development).

Klagenfurt, Austria

Horst Gutmann


My primary area of expertise is web development (mostly with Python and with Django in particular), HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have experience with various source code management solutions (Subversion, Git and Mercurial). During various projects for the University of Klagenfurt I’ve also acquired skills in Java (primarily web-related) …

Pernambuco, Brasil

Andre Machado


I'm Andre, from Brazil.

I've been used Python/Django about 1,5 year and I really want to make some difference in your life. What about take off from paper that idea of a great webApp that you had while having a relaxing shower? I can help you out!

My skills? …



i have designed website, cd/dvd rom with django and other web and hypermedia frameworks.

Vilnius, Lithuania


Our mission is to help businesses benefit from Open Source Software.

We are a team of experts offering software development, consulting, training, commercial support and systems administration services.

Our major expertise lies in Python and Django. This is simply because we already have more than a decade of experience building …

Pensacola, Florida

Andrew Coleman / Strike Iron Studio


My name is Andrew Coleman and I'm an expert Django and Python developer, and well versed in all the web technologies. I'm very familiar with prototyping for a MVP, and rescuing troubled projects. I will work for you.

Skype: theandrewbc

Résumé: https://www.strikeironstudio.com/resume.pdf

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/theandrewbc

Company: https://www.strikeironstudio.com/ -- If you've …

São Paulo, Brasil

Valder Gallo

I have been worked with Python since 2007 as Web Developer and Software Engineer.





Cali, Colombia

RADY Consultores

We are a Colombian company that loves Python and Django

Kraków, Polska

Piotr Czachur

I'm experienced web developer and unix administrator - 10 years in the business, still passionate :)

My best skills include:

  • good team communication and project management
  • agile web development using Python, Django and relational databases like PostgreSQL
  • deep knlowledge of web applications security
  • RESTful and SOAP webservices
  • unix systems administration …
Geneva, Illinois


We specialize in web development with Django and offer a full arsenal of graphic design and internet marketing services.


Jonas Nockert

Experienced programmer and web developer. Lately focused on Python and Django applications and web services.

Berlin, Germany

Angelo Romano

Hi all guys, I am a Web/software developer from Italy, born in Sicily, and a Computer Science Masters Graduate of 2007 at University of Pisa. I am currently living and working in Berlin, Germany, after past working experiences in Italy and the Netherlands. I am an open source enthusiast with …

San Luis Obispo, California

Greg Gibson

  • 18 years software development
  • 17 years SQL (can write and optimize complex queries)
  • 8 years Javascript
  • 4 years Python
  • 4 years Django
  • 4 years Git, Heroku, AWS, CI
  • 1 year Celery
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Comfy Chair Consulting

We are a Django Shop located in the Twin Cities. We specialize in Content Management Systems, E-Commerce, and Social Networking sites. We have significant experience with Pinax, Satchmo, and Django-CMS.

We frequently implement completely custom solutions that integrate with APIs or mobile devices. We build mobile applications and also work …