, Ukraine


Python, Django, MySQL, Postgresql, JavaScript (jQuery), PHP (Zend)

Perth, Australia

Chris McCormick

Chris McCormick is an experienced freelance developer in Perth, Western Australia working remotely for companies worldwide.

He is a full-stack all-rounder with a great deal of experience in Django & Python, and also:

  • Javascript, Nodejs, & front-end development.
  • Linux devops, scripting, sysadmin.
  • Nginx & Apache.
  • C, C++ & native executables. …
Vancouver, Canada


I'm energetic and driven and take pride in my abilities as an experienced full-stack Django developer. If you're looking for someone who can build your project efficiently, you've found him!

Providence, Rhode Island

Dustin Collins

I get anxious when things aren't moving. I take the same approach to my work; I like pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the web and using my skills to realize new ideas. I am particularly interested in web development, focusing on user experience and internationalization. Translation, responsive …

Paris, France

Mathieu Richardoz

I've been building websites for the past 10 years. Django is what I've been waiting for since then.

Lviv Oblast, Ukraine


Flex/Flash, Python/Django, C#, SQL, HTML/XML, developer (7years experience)

Basel, Schweiz

Alp Phone GmbH

We develop custom web applications with the Python/Django framework.

As we are also mobile app developers, we are highly specialized in responsive HTML design and hooking web applications into mobile platforms.

You might want to check out our portfolio: http://www.alp-phone.ch/de/webapplikationen.html

Knoxville, TN

Joshua Gourneau


Looking to create clever solutions to interesting problems, using Python, Django, and other open source tools.

Lahore, Pakistan

Abbas Sheikh

Professioal Python/Django backend developer having 2 years python development experience and 1 year Django experience. Overall professional software development experience is 6+ years. Domains work include health care, mobile application development, embedded systems and network security.

Ahmadabad, India


Django - Open ERP - Hard Core Developer

Hard Core - Python Developer by Heart !

Having 4+ years of full relative experience on Django - python - openerp good knowledge on XML, SAX, LXML, JS, Open ERP Core, XMLRPC, Web Services and various application Integrations

> Quick Learner for …

Brighton, United Kingdom

Graeme Sutherland

Senior Django / Python / JavaScript / jQuery Web Developer with 20 years developing software for the web, desktops and all. Certified Scrum Master,  Startup CTO, Team Leader, Technical Lead.

Boulder, Colorado


I am the creator of http://www.pp3.cloud (Django 1.9.7, Python 3.4, PostgreSQL 3.6.3, github, heroku, cloudinary, sendgrid), which tracks political prisoners worldwide and which was inspired and based on the book "Django Unleashed".

Have django will telecommute!

Bogota, Colombia


We do great projects under django, see more at our website

Tokyo, Japan


R4Tech is an English speaking technology development company based in Japan. We specialize in using Django for web projects and python for back end processing / development for process automation and data processing for our clients.

Chennai, India

Arjun Maruthapandi

I have 2+ experience in software field.First 2 year working with Core PHP,From present 1 year i am more focusing on python, django web development. Skills:Python, Django, Javascript, Html, Php, Mysql, MongoDB

, Россия

Aleksey Bukin

Big Experience on Python/Django framework.

Board desk, small site, other fixed, reworks.

Other skills: xml, html, javascript, jquery, css, bootstrap, linux and webservers.If you have freelance job for me, please contact me.
Trivandrum, India


Web Developer with over 3+ years experience. I'm a highly motivated and skilled senior programmer currently working for www.mixin.com

My skills include: Python, Linux, Django, Postgres, mysql, jquery …

San Francisco, California

Andrew Badr

Fast, experienced, and professional Django contractor available for part-time work. 3+ years with Django, including a large role at one of the most visited Django sites in the world. Extra skills: strong Javascript skills, scaling and optimization, API development, Facebook and Twitter integration. Will consider reduced rates for non-profits and …

Budapest, Hungary

Technologix Studio Ltd.

E-business & e-commerce development CMS & CRM development Bespoken software development