Berlin, Deutschland


feel free to contact me

Будва, Черногория

Ivan Loik

Hello. My name is Ivan Loik and i'm looking for remote django work.

I have had 3 year's experience in PHP(Yii 1 and Yii 2) and MySQL. 

Now I work with Python(Django Framework) and I realy enjoy my work. 

Also, I feel comfortable with following front-end technologies:

HTML/CSS, JavaScript(jQuery), Twitter …

Kiev, Ukraine


My skills are: python django sql Unix/linux svn ssh html css javascript jquery

Good experience in Web Security.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Lofty Labs

Casey Kinsey, operating as Lofty Labs LLC, is a freelance software development consultant specializing in Python and Django.

Casey has over 9 years experience with web software engineering, architecture, and design, focusing on open source application development and strategic consulting for all size web applications. 

Notable clients include:

  • Public Broadcasting …
Galicia, Spain

Fabio Souto

Python/Django web developer interested in large data analysis and visualization.

I prefer to work in weekly intervals.

Technologies: d3.js, dc.js, postgres, mongodb, cassandra ,bootstrap, elasticsearch, scrapy, nltk...

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Trabalho com Django desde a versão 0.91, com Python desde o ano de 2005. Criei sistemas para TIM, Toyota e Vivo utilizando o framework Django.

Providence, Rhode Island

Panoptic Development

We build state-of-the-art software, specializing in web and mobile apps. We're experts in open-source technologies like Ruby, Python, Linux and Android.

Москва, Россия

Alexey Terentev


I'ld like to join interesting project.

Full stack, remote o relocation, strong skills in highloaded web-projects. Usualy I'm using django or flask or/and tornado. Async-programming are possible. 

Postgresql (preferred) or MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Sphinxsearch or solr, RabbitMQ, Nginx, uwsgi.

Especially, there would be great to works with data-mining or …

Bangalore, India


3years of web-development experience using HTML, CSS, PHP, javascipt(Jquery, Mootools, yui). Recently learned about Django and have started exploring it. I've been working on Linux(ubuntu) since I started learning programming, so LAMP comes naturally to me.

Beijing, China

Mithra Gao

I have 5 years web development experience and have good knowledge with Django. Want to devote my power with you to finish more challenging project! Thanks.

Istanbul, Türkiye

A Profpy

Python Django Development Freelance

Kharkiv, Ukraine


New Delhi, India

Subhranath Chunder

Open source Architect and Software Developer. I build web applications using Django and Python as the backbone.

GitHub | Tech Blog | Website

Waterloo, Canada

Albert O'Connor Web Developer

Albert O'Connor gradutated from the University of Waterloo majoring in Computer Science and lives in the Waterloo Region.

Over 8 years of experience, focusing for the past 4 on modern web development with Python and Django. Specalities include Python, Django, AWS, jQuery, Postgresql, and Ubuntu.

Founded WatPy, the Waterloo Region …

Kharkov, Ukraine

Andrew Zarubin

I am a Founder of Anvil Eight. We are doing development with python and django. Please, contact me if you need any help!

Utrecht, Netherlands

Michael van Tellingen

I'm a freelance software engineer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands and specialized in the development of high traffic websites / web applications. Besides software engineering I'm also experienced in the devops role.

Technologies i'm experienced in are: Django, Django Oscar (as core developer), Flask, Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, Django Rest Framework.

For …

Costa Mesa, California

Michael Godshall

I have been developing web applications in Django since 2008. I learned Django while developing Amaze.FM, a music promotion site that gives aspiring music artists and bands a chance to be played on a nationally syndicated radio program every week. After that, I went on to develop sales collaboration and …

Oslo, Norway

Jone Eide

Developing using Django since august 2006, after 5 years of experience with PHP/MySQL. Worked on several different projects, where the latest released one is - which is a restaurantguide.

My development is done with accessibility and SEO in mind. Using standards, clean non-generated markup, all HTML, CSS and Javascript …

Delhi, India


 We're an interactive web development agency that loves to create beautiful web applications and we fancy minimalism in our design, processes, and just about everything. 

We love experimenting keeping up with the cutting edge of technology and pride ourselves on our inherent need to tinker and experiment with new things. …

Ankara, Türkiye

Egepen Deceuninck

We are a mixture of designers, creative directors, back-end and front-end developers and collaborate as a close team - from concept, design and development, through to the support and system administration.