, Kenya

Onesmus Mukewa Wekalao

Experienced Web/Mobile,Desktop MVVM, MVC, Framework/Library Developer. in Proficient in Java(6 years), .NET(7 Years) and Python/Django (3 years).

, India

Coriolis Technologies Pvt Ltd

Summary credentials: 1. No of years working on Django: 3+ 2. Extensive experience in building Python-Django based scalable business applications in the domains of social media and networking, crowd sourcing, storage management solutions etc. 3. Excellent database capabilities: * mysql, MongoDB, postGreSQL * Expertise on DBA and database performance benchmarking …

Berlin, Germany


tags would be django, frontend (css/html), jquery

, Italy

Shiny Frog

Shiny Frog is a creative firm based in Parma, Italy, focusing on web design and software development. We strive for cool results with a special care for standards.

  • 4 years of experience with Django and Python.
  • Experienced with HTML/CSS Ajax and web technologies.
  • Shiny Frog currently team is composed by …
Prescott, Arizona


Skills: Python, C++, MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, Linux and Windows interoperability, more…

Developer for over 30 years. Military, medical and Microsoft experience. Electronics hobbiest (solar industry primarily).

San Francisco, California

Jair Trejo

I am a web project developer, manager and consultant. I have been developing software professionally for a while now, mostly on the web, but my interest in programming is a life-long affair.

I have eight years of experience working with Python, and have worked in Django projects for the past …

Simon Willison

Django/JavaScript/OpenID consultant with 7 years of web development experience. Co-creator of Django. Also available for speaking and training gigs.

London, United Kingdom

Lambert Labs

Lambert Labs is a boutique software development consultancy in Earls Court, London. We are a team of 5 mathematicians/scientists who have converted to Python and we now take on projects across different industries and verticals.

Iowa, United States

5Q Communications

5Q Communications is a full-service web agency. Our team includes several skilled Django developers with GeoDjango and Satchmo experience.

Falls Church, Virginia


We develop Python, Zope2 and Django web apps. Developed and maintaining a Python/Zope2 Full E-Commerce site and store system. One off jobs welcome. We are located inside the Beltway 9 miles from Washington, DC.

, Slovenia

Erika Pogorelc

Hello, my name is Erika and I am a software engineer specialized in web development. I use Python, Django, JavaScript, latest web and mobile HTML5 / CSS3 technologies to build dynamic web applications that will excite everyone.

my github profile ercchy.github.com

, India

Just Do Django

  • Work with an expert in Python and Django
  • With a Proven track record since 2008
  • Contact to hire and let's get your Django work done.

, India

Raushan Raj

  • Python
  • Django
  • MongoDB,Postgres
  • DigitalOcean,Heroku,S3,Ansible
  • Javascript,Jquery,Bootstrap
  • Redis,RQ,Celery
  • CacheMachine
Москва, Россия


I'am a full stack developer and web-designer. I'am looking for remote job.Experience: web-design (12 years), django/python (6 years), front-end (9 years)https://github.com/raagin/info

, Slovakia

Gábor Farkas

i have been using django professionally since 2006 (roughly after the magic-removal).

also have lot of experience with javascript and various javascript frameworks (jquery, yui, mochikit),

and with the other usual aspects needed to buid web-pages/web-applications (sql, http, html etc.)

(worked also with java/c/c++ before, you can find my full …

Hyderabad, India


intermediate python & django developer

Paris, France

Mathieu Richardoz

I've been building websites for the past 10 years. Django is what I've been waiting for since then.

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Marcus Whybrow

An excerpt from my Stack Overflow Careers profile:

Interesting problems and ideas fuel my life, from music, to design, to programming, to anything, my analytical mind in combination with unwavering dedication (to the right tasks) needs focusing into a meaningful job!

I am currently finishing my final semester at the …

Davao City, Philippines

Ralph Leyga

Fullstack Python Django and Javascript Developer

  • 10 Years experience
  • Python and Django developer
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Experience in agile development
  • Expert Frontend HTML, SASS, LESS and Bootstrap
  • Expert Frontend coding skills in ES6, TypeScript and Javascript
  • Proficient with front-end frameworks like Angular and jQuery
  • Experienced with Postgres, Mysql and No-sql
  • Developed …