Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I've been a software developer/sysadmin for over 10 years now (since my 15th, 28 now). Experience with LAMP, Zope, Cocoon and now (thank God!) Django but following closely what's happening in the Node.js community. Fluent in both Dutch and English, actively developing multiple open source Django apps on GitHub.

Finished …

, Pakistan


A good Django developer and a learner.

Bristol, United Kingdom

Naveen Reddy

I am a developer for MyOxygen Ltd. (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), Bristol, UK. A passionate web developer, having good knowledge of Python, Django, Java, J2EE, php and its related frameworks.

Love to work with start ups.


Simon Willison

Django/JavaScript/OpenID consultant with 7 years of web development experience. Co-creator of Django. Also available for speaking and training gigs.

Departamento Autónomo de La Paz, Bolivia


Pythonist, electronic engineer, software developer:

  • Python
  • Django
  • Flask
  • Tornado
  • Redis
  • angularjs
  • d3.js
  • nginx
  • postgresql
  • html5/css3
  • osx/linux
  • git/mercurial
  • graphviz

London, United Kingdom

Mammbo Group

Full-stack and iOS developer that happens to be tinkering with embedded systems and IoT whenever I've free time.



- Python/Django (+2.7-year experience)

- iOS(Swift + 1.9 year experience)

- HTML, CSS, some Javascript (jquery) + frameworks and design (3-4 years)

- Git, Github

- RESTful APIs

- Knowledge …

, Messico


Languages and formats

  • C
  • C# (.NET)
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • JQuery
  • JSON
  • XML
  • XSL


  • .NET / ASP.NET +Django


  • SQL SERVER 2005+
  • MySql
  • Oracle


Unity 3D

Brussel, Belgium


I'm using Django and Python since 2007. Prior experience is focused on database development SQL Server, Mysql, PostgreSQL; web scripting languages PHP and ASP and othe programming langages Visual Basic, C+, Java… Primary development is for eCommerce, money trasfer, and secure maintenance of company data. On the side, I'm building …

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Ponga Computing Limited

I have 10 years of commercial development experience and have been working with Django and Python since about the 0.91 release. I have moderate design skills and reasonable linux administration skills.

Currently I'm looking for casual remote work to provide some extra income; I'd be ideal for maintaining and supporting …

Logan, Utah


We build sites exclusively with Django and Satchmo. Need a great looking site that works the way you want it to? Look no further.

City of London, United Kingdom

jorjun technical services

Experienced Python software author. Formerly mainframe developer, have experienced high-performance set-ups. Not into the fashion side, although preferred solution stack is not exactly nostalgic. Most importantly I have the ability to deliver the IP you require in reasonable time-frame and with excellent maintainability.

Boston, MA

Richard Bell

Very experienced senior developer with extensive background in Web2, Django, databases, and high performance/availability systems.

Vancouver, Canada

Stefan Tjarks

Strong focus on Python web development and GNU/Linux operating systems.

Always looking for new challenges and keen to learn from other developers or share experience. Quick learner and problem solver.

See djangopeople for more info.

Da Nang, Vietnam

ngo van anh tan

I'm working at senior c++ position but I really love python/django and everything related to. So I'm looking for job or partjob fix with my skill. I'm good in python/django, have experience with angularjs, nginx, uwsgi, bootstrap, elasticsearch, scrapy, portgresql and  some service of amazon like s3, cloudfront. 

I have …

Kraków, Polska

Pragmatic Coders

Pragmatic Coders is a full stack services Software House:

  • we provide innovative software solutions for our Clients,
  • we coach and grow best Software Developers on the market,
  • we consult biggest IT companies and enterprises all around the world.

Together with time-tested methods we apply innovative approach in our work.

We …

Oslo, Norway


My name is Emil. I am driven by curiosity, creation, logic and creativity. I like to program, think and reflect; and finally to create.

You can reach me at

Bekasi, Indonesia

Charlie Tjhin

A full stack developer with 5+ Years experience using Django and open source softwares.

Comfortable, but not restricted, with:

- Django

- Python

- Mysql, Postgress, Neo4j, MongoDB

- uWsgi, Gunicorn

- Nginx, Apache

- CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu

- Git, SVN, Mercurial

- Fabric



- JQuery