Leipzig, Germany

Julian Moritz

Working on my Diploma Thesis at the moment, but looking for small jobs around python and django.

, Senegal

Ousmane Wilane

Python/Django/JavaScript independent consultant with 15+ years of development and training experience. Willing to relocate.

Melbourne, Australia


Reduce staff turnover. Automate boring business processes.http://www.sturm.com.auBased on Python and Django, we build computing systems to help your organisation enable self-service, automate payments, analyse and report, allow mass participation and get notified of problems before your customers call.We manage e-commerce payment systems with revenue of over 10M per year, and …
Pasig, Philippines

Rey Jexter Bumalay

java, python, php, c++.

looking to work on projects using django framework

Developed a facebook application running on google's app engine platform:


Boston, MA


My website: http://whynoti.org

'06: Computer science bachelors from MIT '07: Computer science masters from MIT

Worked as software developer on Endeca's MDEX, a database/search engine for guided navigation. http://endeca.com

Co-founder and Director of Technology for Buy It Like You Mean It (http://bilumi.org), which aims to enable socially responsible shopping and …

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ashikur Rahaman







Los Angeles, California

Netlandish Inc.

Netlandish Inc.

A Little About Us

We are a small team of Python / Django specialists based out of Los Angeles (area), CA. Unlike most developers, we were hard core FreeBSD / Linux system administrators for years before moving to web development. This leaves us with a ton of experience …

Columbus, Ohio

Ben Clarke

Experienced trio of Django and Python developers. Extensive knowledge of e-commerce platforms (shopping carts) and content management systems. Also a great deal of experience in custom development. Can consolidate your requirements and recommend the most effective shopping cart/cms duo for your project in one short session.

Significant experience tying in …

Bilbao, Spain

Igor Soengas

I have developed 3 sites with Django: my company corporate website, a technical support application for a software product and a stock management app for car retailers.

I also have a lot of experience with Python, Visual Basic and SQL Databases. (+ 10 years)

Moscow, Russia

Andrew Pashkin

I know/Worked with...:

Python, Django, SQL, JavaScript, Backbone.js, Backbone.Marionette.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Git, Mercurial, SVN

My experience:
  • Encased.ru">http://www.encased.ru/design/iphone-5">Encased.ru - JavaScript part of custom iPhone cases design serivice.
  • FoTask.com">http://www.fotask.com">FoTask.com - REST API server functionality extension, unit-tests, massive DB access optimizations (I was built small reusable app which make possible prefetching data for …
Bartlett, Tennessee

Matt Grayson

I'm passionate about building scalable, user-focused applications for the web. I love clean code, care deeply about craftsmanship and enjoy creating sites and applications that put the user first. I have nearly 7 years of experience developing and managing web applications using a variety of backend technologies such as Django, …

Barcelona, Spain

Jan Koeppen

General Experience

  • Over 10 Years professional in web development using Asp.Net, Php, Sharepoint, Java and Django on backend and HTML, CSS, RSS, JavaScript, JQuery on frontend.

  • Now using mainly Django for web projects

Recent Projects

  • StreetMatching http://www.streetmatching.com (Django, sole developer)
  • BreederSociety http://www.breedersociety.com (Django, sole developer)
  • Dubai Airports http://www.dubaiairport.com (Sharepoint, lead …
Karachi, Pakistan

Shoaib Zafar

FullStack / Python

• Django • Flask • AWS • GCP • VueJS • NodeJS • PHP • RDBMS • NoSQL

I am a Karachi, Pakistan bases FullStack Python/Django developer and consultant. Currently working as the software engineering lead. I am also an open-source contributor, currently contributing to the Apache …

, India


Hello all

we are service provider from south India , we are experts in .net , php and python(zope3/django/pyqt), if you need dedicated developers or need development support in django let us know ,please mail us at info@forentinfosolution.com or visit forentinfosolution.com for more details

Thanks Jaijo

Firenze, Italia

Nephila sas

We are an open source company, specialised in the creation of web based applications. Nephila was founded in 2001 in Florence, Italy. In early 2014, we reached out across geographical boundaries, expanding our presence in the UK and then, in 2015, in Zurich.

Our expertise in open-source technology led us …

Nairobi, Kenya


I am Python/Django/Flask developer with over 1 year experience.

I have other complementary skills such as:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • React
  • Vue
  • Postgres
  • Redis
  • Heroku
  • Docker
  • GCP

I enjoy challenging projects because it allows me to keep on developing and improving my skills, I am also open for remote work.

Khulna, Bangladesh

Abu Ashraf Masnun

I have 6+ years of experience in building scalable and robust web applications with bleeding edge technologies. My primary concentration is the LAMP stack. I craft high performance web applications with PHP in my day to day work. I have decent expertise in CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Symfony2, WordPress and the …

Kochi, India

EcommIT Labs Pvt Ltd

EcommIT Labs (www.ecommit.com), is the off-shore development centre in India. We are an affordable software outsourcing company and mainly working for small and medium businesses and supports high- quality, cost effective application development and delivery processes.

Clients who need design, development and implementation expertise in an outsourced offshore model can …