We write elegant and minimal apps that works. We develop web apps with Django framework. Twitter @dazzlepod


Umer farooq Mughal

Over the past 4 years, I have developed my programming skill using many different technologies including Php,Python/Django,JavaScript, MySQL,JQuery, java2EE(JSF,Spring,Hibernate), Iphone, Objective C . My core aim is to provide quality work on time.

Currently i am working in Python/Django and iOS projects

Surry Hills, Australia

Dr Alastair Weakley

I am Chief Operating Officer of The Interaction Consortium

New York, New York

Michael Dizon

New York City based Full Stack Developer. Nine years of experience using Django beginning with 0.95!. Additional experience with Django-Rest-Framework, Celery, Redis, Haystack & Elasticsearch. Front-end web development with AngularJS, & Bootstrap. Native iOS development in either Objective-C or Swift.

Chennai, India

Gopi K

One and half years experience in PHP Technologies. eight months experience in Python/Django web Framework Technology

Baltimore, Maryland

Corey Oordt

Experienced developer and manager with Django experience since 2006. Also have experience with:

  • scalable web architectures
  • database technologies
  • development workflows
  • documentation
  • training and presentations
Montréal, Canada

Alexandre Forget

Experience building web apps with Django, 10 years of software development experience.

I build simple systems targeted to the client need.

Praha, Česká republika

CodeScale Czech Republic s.r.o.

CodeScale Czech Republic provides custom software development and consulting built on open source platform. We deliver full service support including everything from planning and analysis to end-user training. Because we take quality seriously right across the board, you’ll enjoy working with a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team.



7 years of web development and programming. 2 senior developers, 1 junior developer, 1 web designer

Django and Drupal

Santa Clara, California


Rapizi, a silicon valley based firm, that has deep technical expertise in the areas Python, Mako (a templating language), Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, MySQL,Javascript, Amazon cloud technologies, linux. We are a team of seasoned developers who have experience building highly scalable web architectures that are highly available and scalable.

We ...

Utrecht, Netherlands

Michael van Tellingen

I'm a software engineer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands and specialized in the development of high traffic websites / web applications. Besides software engineering I'm also experienced in the devops role.

Technologies i'm experienced in are: Django, Django Oscar (as core developer), Flask, Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, Django Rest Framework ...

Köln, Deutschland

Ambient Innovation GmbH

A bit about us

We are a small Cologne-based development team, offering django development and interactive app solutions to a wide range of clients in a variety of fields. We pride ourselves on our unique approach to design and our aesthetic sensibilities, while taking advantage of the latest innovations in ...

Kolkata, India


Working on web developement last few years , and now started with django framework.Liking the framework much.Its pretty simple

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I have a large experience with python development, specially with PyGTK and Django. I am currently a full-time senior systems analyst at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and i spend a quite big time of my weekend helping open source projects. But i think that now is time to use some ...

Kochi, India

Sayone Technologies PVT Ltd

Sayone Technologies provides custom software application development services to its clients from its offshore center in India. Clients who need design, development and implementation expertise in an outsourced offshore model can rely on our experience in executing turn-key as well as module based projects.

We believe our unique approach to ...

Christchurch, New Zealand

Justin Velluppillai

Professional background in PHP and ecommerce, but a long time hobbyist in Python and Django building web apps and sites.

I'm available for small to medium freelance contracts. I'd love to hear from you.

Tampa, FL

Scott Newman

I've worked on a variety of systems, from personal to enterprise deployments. I have been using Django for three years, going back to version .91. My specialties are importing/exporting data with Django via the API. I'm also a .Mobi Certified Mobile Web Developer and have strong interests ...

Nantes, France


Django is one of my skills, over more than 20 years of experience.

Author of the reusable app Django-Robot-Locale to let your site be indexed under multiple languages.

Author of the reusable app Django-Postman, an internal/external messaging system with moderation, filters, thread management capabilities.

Osnabrück, Deutschland

netrocks GmbH

Django Framework

Django CMS

App- & Plattform-Backends with Django

Titanium App-Development (iOS + Android)




Ruby on Rails

Minsk, Belarus


At RAZOR THEORY, we help enterpreneurs & innovative companies
build amazing apps and grow them.

Our engineering team has experience in a variety of frameworks, platforms and languages, but our main focus remains on Python and Django.

We are looking for clean and elegant solutions to the problems. 
We aim to ...