Faro, Portugal

Ricardo Soares

Being work with python and django for almost 2 years, have developed some websites for the company I currently work.

I like contradiction, learn new things and test my capacities. That's why I'm presenting here has django developer: to get the excitement of a new challenge.

Currently, I'm looking for …

, United Kingdom

Dan Jacob

I am a Python developer with over 4 years experience in Python web application development, including Django and Turbogears. Also experienced in PHP, Java, Ruby/Rails and other web technologies.

Accra, Ghana

Kwaw Annor

An eager developer in love with Python, Javascript and Cloud computing. I have 4 years experience in Python, Django and Javascript. My passion to excel pushes me to find exciting ways to challenge myself in my pursuit to become a Python and Javascript master.

Córdoba, Argentina


Entrepeneur, Project management and developer (in the old days) all in one person :-)

I am part of Machinalis, a serious and passionate startup from Córdoba, Argentina. We provide quality development and consultancy based mostly of Software Libre. We develop web applications (in Python, Django, Zope, Plone, PHP), CMS solutions …

Jammu and Kashmir, India

Owais Lone

Love technology, FOSS and Python

Brussel, Belgium


I'm using Django and Python since 2007. Prior experience is focused on database development SQL Server, Mysql, PostgreSQL; web scripting languages PHP and ASP and othe programming langages Visual Basic, C+, Java… Primary development is for eCommerce, money trasfer, and secure maintenance of company data. On the side, I'm building …

Mumbai, India

Vishal Sodani

Full-time freelancer, 5+ years of experience in Django

Launched foodfan.com in 2013.

Developed booking application for cycling tours – conducted by The London Bicycle Tour Company ( londonbicycle.com )The booking system, book-pay.com, was launched in June 2013. The system has helped the company in managing online and offline bookings, check …

, México

Andrés Torres Marroquín

Full-Stack Web Developer / Django Expert

I love Django tools, and I really love Web Development. I love work with the Django framework. Passionate for concepts like DRY.

Expertise and passionate of Software Engineering.

  • Automated deploying
  • Automated testing
  • Automated provisioning

Definitely you should look at my résumé

Tolyatti, Russian Federation

Pavel Fedorov

Knowledge and understanding of object-oriented programming principles.

Strong knowledge of Python programming language, Django framework, PHP language.

Skills in designing relational databases, experience in writing procedures in PL/PGSQL and PL/Python.

Strong knowledge of JavaScript programming language, jQuery, jQueryUI, Prototype and Scriptaculous frameworks.

Knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Skills in using …

Kochi, India

Ajaikumar K

Fullstack python developer with more than 6 years of experience. I develop quality web application using Django.


Python, Django, Google App Engine, Html, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Git, Heroku. MySQL, PostgreSQL




New York

Martin Riva

I'm a full-stack, Python and Django developer. I live in Argentina but I've worked remotely for companies all around the world.I have extensive front-end and back-end experience working on a wide variety of projects, from simple CMS sites to complex fintech and healthcare solutions.I have led design and development teams …

Athens, Greece


Unweb.me provides innovative information systems addressing real world problems.

We are seasoned with all Python flavors, including Django, Plone, Zope, Pyramid and App Engine.

We love working with MySQL and NoSQL databases (MongoDB), RESTful APIs, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, Github, Fabric and Ember.js

Kansas City, Missouri

Clem Flory

I currently work as a Senior Software Developer at Cerner Corporation, on the Lights On Network team. We use Python, Django, Oracle, Celery, Javascript, PhantomJS, Jasmine, AngularJS, jQuery, D3, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, and many more technologies in a custom web application that provides a continuous feedback loop between Cerner and …

Voronezh, Russian Federation

Vitaliy Shishorin

Over 5 years of experience in software development. My main area of expertise is web development. My tool kit consists of GNU/Linux operating system, Mercurial version control system, Python programming language, Django framework, MySQL DBMS, JavaScript jQuery library. I prefer nonstandard challenging projects and do devote proper attention to cleanness …

London, United Kingdom

Emilio Garcia

I hold a M.Sc in Computer Science from the Polythechnic University of Madrid. I've been developing under django framework since the begining of 2008 several professional projects. Before that i developed in PHP for about 2 years.

I have quite a lot of experience in LAMP stack, however now I'm …

Mississauga, Canada

Elmer Almeida

Who are we?

We are a team of Python Django developers looking to create professional and well-functioning websites for our clients. We have over 2 years of developing websites with Django and over 5 years experience in Python. We believe with our skill-set and experience, you can create scalable full-featured …

Issaquah, Washington

Nino Cocchiarella

Software engineer specializing in python/django and ruby/rails development. Ten years experience in building back-end and front-end systems, for the web and for desktop platforms. Has created and maintained major enterprise software for the Leed Group. Special interest in algorithmic graphics programming.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Knowledge major web frameworks (django, rails, …
Nanchang, China


I like python, simple is better. I like django, simple is better. I like ubuntu, simple is better.

Seattle, WA

Aaron Krill

I am a Python/Django developer based out of Seattle, WA. With 8 years python, 2-3 years Django development experience, combined with 6 years customer service, user interface development, and linux systems administration experience, I bring to the table a unique set of skills that would benefit any development project. My …

Hyderabad, India

Pranav Ainavolu

I love programming in Python and interested in Django too.