Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Started scratching the surface of django in Jan 2008 and loving it since then. Currently using it to build simple apps like blog, photo and video galleries. I would love to be offered a full-time django developer job.

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Cai Gwinnutt

I've been working with Django since 0.95, about 1 year. I've been coding Python for the last 5 years.

Skillset includes : Django, Python, CSS, jQuery, LAMP, MySql.

I also do a fair amount of .NET development, but it's not as enjoyable.

Bengaluru, India

Amit laspal

Working on django from last 6 years. work with small startups companies as a freelancer, rolling out web based applications. Graduated from IIT madras( 2006).

Ровно, Украина

Alexander Gaevsky

I am contract Python developer with 5yrs experience and project leader. Most time I've been working on e-commerce and marketing projects as well as on web-applications for business processes automation. Experienced developing Django-based applications, moreover has experience with Werkzeug/Jinja2 stack, RDBMS(MySQL, PostgresSQL), NoSQL(MongoDB, CouchDB), full-text search ...

Beijing, China


an web developer using python/django web framework.

Novosibirsk, Russian Federation

Vovk Donets

  • django * python * mysql * css * html * javascript * jquery * svn * git * celery * ubuntu * postgres *

Write me if you need a freelancer or just want to talk abot python, programming, algorithms, gamedev or other related stuff. You are wellcome, friend =)

Saint-Jean-d'Aulps, France

Guy Bowden

I'm an English freelance developer working and living in the French alps.

I specialise in website builds - both front end and back end development. HTML, CSS, Javascript, Actionscript, Python, MYSQL, PHP etc.

Craiova, Romania

Vertical Software srl

We are a software company using different technologies: Servoy, .NET, Java, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, Django, PHP.

San Francisco, California

Samuel Sutch

I am a technological generalist, entrepreneur and film maker. My technical strengths are (in no particular order) data architecting, cluster computing, reasoning about software patterns and UI/UIX design. I am ardent about open source and an active author and contributor to many libraries and packages over the years.

I ...


Crystal Works

We are a small Romanian-based web development studio, specialized in custom web sites production for small to medium-sized businesses using Django (python) and symfony (php5).

Our proven expertise in graphics design, web applications development, search engine optimization, database programming and standards compliance, makes us your one stop solution for all ...



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Toronto, Canada

Lights on Software

Lights On Software is group of friendly Python and Django experts. At Lights On Software, we believe in simplicity, quality, and early delivery.

Our clients value thoughtful and rational software development process that we follow and a proactive approach we take with every project. We have outstanding references from the ...

Bogotá, Colombia

Nicolás Mendoza

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/niccolas/

Very experienced with python, I worked on many projects with diferent technologies.

Python, Golang, Java, NodeJS / Javascript, Ruby...

Django, Flask, Falcon, ExpressJS, Gin Gonic, Gorilax, Iris...

SQL, NoSQL Data Stores, Object Storage, Scalability, Web Scraping, Microservices, API Design, Cloud Computing, Code Refactoring, AngularJS ...

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Akik Siddique

I'm a python lover. I've started programming since 2011. I build web apps in django framework of python, desktop apps in C# and mobile apps in Java. At present, I'm working in the IT section of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited.

Montreal, Canada


We develop custom website and application in based on the django platform. We are located in montreal.


Slawomir Sawicki


I am skilled Python/Javascript developer and I am looking a new job. My strongest sites are django experience and code quality. However, I am experienced with frontend things like Angularjs or Backbonejs. Currently I am living in Poland/Szczecin however I am open for relocation (or remote work ...
Phoenix, Arizona

Will LaShell

Classically trained lead engineer and developer. I have worked with django for 4 years in a professional environment building real world solutions to real world problems.

If you have something that needs a creative solution, call me. I can help.

Ahmedabad, India

Dharmesh Patel

I've been working in python and Django since spring 2007 after 1 year in java. I have good knowledge in sql, dojo javascript, css, xhtml, python script and django.

Delhi, India

Gaurav Rawat

I'm a Full Stack Developer in LegalRaasta working as developing and coaching junior team members. I'm responsible for developing and supporting the LegalRaasta web apps. I've had 5 years experience in designing and building web apps, experience working with new technologies and technologies such as AngularJS, NodeJS ...