Arnhem, The Netherlands

Eight Media Internetbureau

Eight Media is a design and development studio, working with Django for development since 2005.

Ajmer, India

Alok Tiwari

Technical Consultant 

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Phronein Software

Python, C#, SQL, HTML, XML developer. More than 3yrs experience with Python, More with the others. We currently have multiple dedicated servers available for Django hosting. Other options available.

Austin, TX

Daniel Lindsley

Longtime Django developer (since v0.90 - Dec 2005) and longer-time pythonista (since late 2004). Open to contracting. Extensive experience with frameworks in several languages and believer in OOP, the concepts behind agile developement and test-driven development (TDD). Some design chops (see sites below for older samples).

Pertinent Skills:

  • Python
  • Django ...
Toronto, Canada

Frank Tang

C++/C# (windows application) Java web application(hibernate,spring,dwr(ajax),dojo) python (django) Vb

Provide consultant service for web development,outsource project, test automation(jmock,junit,nmock,nunit,ncover,python/tcl auto test), Continue integration, migration legacy vb(vc++ mfc)/delphi code to .net.

Santander, España


I've been a Django developer for several years now, I know the framework internals and the huge ecosystem around django and python.

That knowledge helped me to work in awesome projects with people from all around the world.

I've been working as a CTO in startups from Spain ...

Kansas City, Missouri

Clem Flory

I currently work as a Senior Software Developer at Cerner Corporation, on the Lights On Network team. We use Python, Django, Oracle, Celery, Javascript, PhantomJS, Jasmine, AngularJS, jQuery, D3, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, and many more technologies in a custom web application that provides a continuous feedback loop between Cerner ...

Vienna, Austria

Klemens Mantzos

Self-Employed. Do projects on my own, but also for/with: mjam, knallgrau, vonautomatisch, skipseat4a,...


obviously: Python, Django (since 2009)
HTML/CSS/JavaScrip (since 2003)
mobile/responsive WebDesign & iOS/cocoa touch (since 2010)
DevOps Linux and FreeBSD (since 2003)

Provo, Utah


We have 7 full time Django developers, so we can crank projects out really quickly if needed.

La Plata, Argentina

Mauro Veron

I'm a passionate web developer. I speak three main languages: Python, PHP and Javascript, and I'm fluent in a couple of dialects, such as Django, Flask, Tornado, CodeIgniter, Symfony 1, jQuery, Node.js and Backbone.js.

I like to rent machines around the world, which I provision using ...

Sevilla, Spain


We are specialized on adapting and developing web platforms. We have proven experience in rich user interface development and improving user experience, mobile web applications, integrating web services, backend development with django (we have been working with django since 2006, and we have developed the merengue CMS on top of ...

San Diego, CA


I specialize in Django templates, design, and front end work.

United Kingdom

Paul Horner

I am a learning technologist and web developer currently working within the Faculty of Business and Law at Northumbria University.

I primarily use Django, Python and JQuery, but also have experience of using various other frameworks and languages.

I have a passion for innovation, and take great pride in producing ...

Istanbul, Turkey

Yaşar İÇLİ

Hi, I'm Yasar ICLI a young software engineer and i am working as Django Python Developer at Tacirnet ecommerce Systems yceo name company.

Medellin, Colombia

juan camilo vasco

Software engineer  with over a decade of experience developing solutions for web environments with different technologies, specially  Python, PHP and  JQuery or AngularJS.
I also love experimenting with new technologies like the AMQP protocol, document and key/value stores, REST; as well as other languages like Ruby and NodeJS.
Nasr City, Egypt


I am Web Developer . My experience primarily lies in J2EE and
Django as well as a wide­range of other Modern
tools specially MEAN (MongoDB­Express­AngularJS­NodeJS) Stack .
high background in object oriented approaches and software development
methodologies and it’s life cycle

Bellevue, Washington

Andre von Houck

My interest in programming was sparked by my first program when I was just 13! Since then I have been writing programs nonstop. Being an extra ordinary student - I started collage at a younger age and I received my B.S. in Computer Science degree before 21. I am very ...

Київ, Ukraine


Three years of development in django, interests in opensource, RDF. Minimalistic design