Surabaya, Indonesia

Spider Smart System

Programmer with little kungfu and has a lot of secret weapons. :D

Arequipa, Peru

Mathias Bustamante

Full-time Django developer. C++, algorithms, data structures RESTFul API's No-Sql Computer Science

Grenoble, France


We have been continually developing our expertise and learning new skills since we first began. The knowledge we have gained from our experience helps us to face the challenges of today.

We want to offer an alternative to conventional web agencies: an agency that combines internet expertise with graphic know-how ...

Kiev, Ukraine

Yanchenko Igor

Over 4 years of Django development. I have good experience with Satchmo based e-commerce systems, and REST services.

Provo, Utah


We have 7 full time Django developers, so we can crank projects out really quickly if needed.

Los Angeles, California

Harrington Joseph

I'm an enthusiastic software developer with a strong interest in programming languages, artificial intelligence and Web development.

I've been building applications since 2003, using mostly Python, Java and PHP. My main responsibilities have included design and implementation of complex systems and also managing and leading other developers as ...

Friol, Spain

Tim Jarman

I am an experienced Python and Django developer. For the past three years I worked for 2degrees, developing a complex Django-based site which now has over 12,000 registered users. Most of my involvement has been on the back end, including integrating full-text search using Solr and credit card processing ...

Χανιά, Greece

Stavros Korokithakis

I've been working with Django for the past 3-4 years or so, and have developed various websites with it. I have been working as a Django developer for a year now (vs using it for personal projects).

I have a degree in Computer Science and am well versed in ...

Paris, France

Gabriel de Perthuis

I have worked at Paperblog, a magazine-like blog aggregator. One of my jobs was to add recommendation functionality, which involved front-end work, database scaling, and asynchronous back-end precomputations that did the heavy lifting without compromising user responsiveness.

I have also worked for an advertising agency, rewriting a management interface and ...


Andre Palma


  • Linux Server and User
  • Python
  • Django
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • CSS
  • Apache
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • git, svn, mercurial - Version Control
  • MVC Model View Control)
  • web 2.0 (json, xml, APIs, mashups etc)
Mumbai, India

Directi Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd

  • Self-initiated, quick learner with knowledge of Django based rapid web development and skills ofLinux system administration who is passionate about new technologies, scalable apps, performancebenchmarking and user friendliness.
  • Keen about cost cutting and time saving automation, making strategies and prioritizing tasks.
  • Experienced in Django, Python, Bash, Coffeescript, Twitter Bootstrap, Apache ...
Hyderabad, India


MicroPyramid is a Hyderabad based python django development company with excellent resources extensively working on all big data, e-commerce, social and cloud technologies. we are committed to develop on opensource and contribute back to opensource. our skill set include python, django, php, mysql, mongodb, amazon web services (EC2, S3, SES ...



Professional team of experienced Python/Django developers.

Full stack development. 

From simple websites or CMS to complex solutions in the cloud

Phoenix, Arizona

Jeremy Aldrich

I have a well rounded experienced background in software development, database administration and systems administration.

I can take your idea from start to finish – giving you the piece of mind of having all of the individual complex pieces that make up your idea – database tuning, security, server configuration, hosting selection ...

Sydney, Australia

Tushar Bhatia

I am a Software Engineering student at the University of Sydney. I use Python and Django on a day to day basis. I am interested in internship opportunities and freelance positions.

Calgary, Canada

George Ma

python django postgresql geodjango

Santiago, Chile

Hugo Pineda

  • Working with Python/Django since 2008.
  • High skilled with HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • Other: Magento ecommerce (PHP), ASP.NET C# developer
Toronto, Canada

John Carstens

Twenty years experience (seven with Django) finding innovative solutions and synergizing disparate technologies. Expertise in modeling data for retrieval, administration, analytics and visualization. I strive to reduce complexity, standardize processes and automate that which is repetitious.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Textcook Founder and Django Developer ...

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Arvid Paeglit

Python developer with 4 years of experience. Comfortable with JS (jQuery), SQL (Postgres, SQLite), OS (Linux, OS X), svn, git, WEB (css, html) (corrections only, not to create a mock-up). Project managing and CTO experience.

Looking for long-term strong relationships; may act as a single developer/freelancer or even build ...


Crystal Works

We are a small Romanian-based web development studio, specialized in custom web sites production for small to medium-sized businesses using Django (python) and symfony (php5).

Our proven expertise in graphics design, web applications development, search engine optimization, database programming and standards compliance, makes us your one stop solution for all ...