Calgary, Canada

Evandro Miquelito

Specialized in transforming business needs into solid and easy-to-use products. Main areas of expertise: requirement analysis, implementation and deployment of modern web 2.0 applications that can scale to a very large size as well as optimizing web applications for best performance. Implementation and deployment of Software as a Service ...

Tel Aviv, Israel

Purple Bit

Purple Bit is a software consultancy dealing with designing, implementing and delivering of Single Page Applications. To accomplish that, we use Python/Django and Angular.js.


Michał Kwiatkowski

Two years of experience in Django (including a pretty large and complex project). Good knowlege of SQL. Other known languages: HTML, CSS, XML, JS.

Atlanta, Georgia

Clay McClure

Software engineer with 15 years of experience in all facets of web development and operations.



  • Python
  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • C


  • Django
  • Twisted


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle


  • CouchDB
  • MongoDB
  • Redis


  • HTML5
  • CSS3


  • REST
  • SOA


  • HTTP


  • Solaris ...
Kraljevo, Serbia

Hajime Branko Yamasaki Vukelic

While designing books Branko realized that he was actually developing interfaces that allow people to make sense of and consume information. He got interested in web development as an alternative source of information and gradually touched most aspects of engineering for the Web—from user interface, to backends, to databases ...

Dakar, Sénégal

Abdou Karim KANDJI

Python/Django web developer and Linux system administrator. VOIP server administration, Mobile apps development, SMS Gateways services, IT support.

Padalarang, Indonesia

Rd Hilman Hermarian

  • Python
  • Django
  • Pyramid
  • Google App Engine
  • AngularJS
  • Tornado
  • Flask
  • PostgreSQL/ PostGIS
  • MongoDB
Jakarta, Indonesia

Nano Cyber Nusantara (

Have experience since 2008-now in Analysis, Design, Development, Coding, 
testing for: 

- Python
- PHP 5 
- JavaScript 
- XML 
- CI Framework 
- Yii Framework 
- Twitter Bootstrap 
- Microsoft excel function 
- Macro function Microsoft Word 

- PostgreSQL 
- MySQL 
- Firebird 

Web Server: 
- Apache 
- NginX 

Operating System: 
- Linux Centos 
- Linux Debian 
- Linux Ubuntu 
- Linux OpenSuse 
- Windows ...

San Francisco, California

Mike Malone

Experienced software / infrastructure engineer. Active in the Django community. Extensive experience building large scale web applications.

New York, New York

Sharif Corinaldi

Experienced Data Scientist and Programmer, Brown University Comp Sci Undergrad / UCBerkeley Physics PhD, currently seeking part time gigs.

full resume here : ( )

Django, Python, Numpy, Scipy, CSS, jQuery, XML, PHP, C/C++, etc…Plenty of experience.

Padova, Italia

Marco Badan

I'm into the world of Python and Django with satisfaction since 2010.



  • Python
  • Markup: HTML, CSS (SASS)
  • Javascript (jQuery)

Web Framework: Django

Databases: Google Appengine Datastore (Python NDB API and the App Engine Datastore API), PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite

DVCS: Git, Mercurial

Platform: Google App Engine

API: Google ...

Southwell, United Kingdom

Jorjun technical services ltd

Practical Python on the web since 2004.

We deliver success for business owners. Looking for partner opportunity only.

Vienna, Austria

Anton Pirker

I love creating websites with Django. I am quite a pragrammtic guy so I am not using every bleading edge plugin or technology I can get my hands on. I like to work with stuff that is proven to work (also under high load). I like working for startups and ...

London, United Kingdom

Oliver Beattie

I'm a full-stack web developer; I've been working with Django for over 7 years, and am expert in all aspects of web development.

Until recently the CTO of, I'm now looking for contracting work.

Paris, France

Inigo Mediavilla

Web developer experienced in multiple backend languages including Python and Grails, a strong software engineering background, three years of professional experience and strong Javascript skills, is now looking for a challenging developer position in Paris.

Boston, MA

Imperial Consulting, Inc.

We are a experienced and highly focused consulting company that have been around since 1987. Few companies have 20 years of development and consulting experience like us. We have switched over to using Django and Python completely for our new development projects since 2006. No more J2EE. Our expertise are ...

Toronto, Canada

Robert Chan

Freelance Django/Python Developer

Grenoble, France


We have been continually developing our expertise and learning new skills since we first began. The knowledge we have gained from our experience helps us to face the challenges of today.

We want to offer an alternative to conventional web agencies: an agency that combines internet expertise with graphic know-how ...

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

David Ramos Coelho

Back-end developer. Work with Python and Java. Good skills in telecom and gsm protocols.