Hindley Green, United Kingdom

Ankylos Web Consultancy

Ambitious and strong-minded, I am tenacious in my pursuit of excellence.  I love to challenge myself and those around me to be the best, whilst maintaining a professional outlook.  I have strong listening skills developed over a period of six years in customer facing roles, which allow me to demonstrate …

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Borhan Tipu

Full-stack Development with Django Python web framework:

For new startup projects, I would like to work with Django 2.2(LTS) version.

I build any kind custom featured Web Application also Rest API based web application. I work both as front and backend developer.

If you are going to build a web …

San Jose, California


Ask and you shall receive

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Quan Nguyen

- Python with serveral Django projects, mostly in IoT field.

- Published serveral Python libraries: https://pypi.org/user/quan/

- Also working with C in embedded devices.

- Experience with applying CI/CD, Docker for automation test.

- Experience with developing Python desktop app (for Linux).

London, United Kingdom

Charlie Smith

6 years experience with Python, from commercial web apps in Django to developing RF and network test tools with Tornado and GNURadio. Currently working on Django + Ember portal app for a national telecommunications company.

Available for contracting.

Boston, Massachusetts

Eudelic Systems LLC

I'm a freelancer specializing in full-stack Django, Python, and Linux development.  I have 20 years of experience building software, and I understand the importance of the non-technical side of software development: communication with clients, project planning, and making design decisions line up with business needs.  I would be happy to …

Warsaw, Poland

Bernard Kobos

Django enthusiast. MSc in IT. I love challenging tasks and creating clever solutions with well-crafted code. I like learning new technologies and discovering new possibilities that it brings. I am always trying to create best and most elegant solutions for given assigments.

місто Київ, Україна


Chernoshchyokov Denis, born in 1984

Tel. +3 8063682 81 42

den.chernoshchekov @gmail.com

Python / Django developer

Education: Higher

with 09.2001 for 06.2006

KNEU they V. Getman, Department of Information Systems and Technologies

Bachelor of Economic Cybernetics.

Master: specialty - "Information technology in the economy."


with 01.2010 for 11.2012: Djangostars …

Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation


Developing web sites using Python/Django and jQuery. Worked on www.cs-cart.com (excellent php shopping cart software). Looking for freelance job.

, Luxembourg

Mauro Rocco

7 years of experience on python development.

Strong knowledge of Celery and Django-Celery. 

Published a book on Amazon "Instant Django application development starter"

Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Python, C#, PHP, Java, Django, .NET, ASP.NET, WinForms, WCF, HTML, CSS, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL,

, Polska


I start developing in Python/Django since 2012. Generaly i start developin in 1994 (Commodore C64). Henceforth i learn many programing languages like: C/C++/C#/PHP/JavaScript/JAVA/Pascal/BASIC.

San Francisco, California

Sahil R Cooner

Django is my job! full-time!

Sofia, Bulgaria

A115 Ltd

We are a team of senior Django developers, agile project managers and web designers. We have over 15 years of experience building high-profile, large-scale web-based applications for governments, corporations and local businesses. We are interested in challenging, socially-significant long-term projects worldwide.

The technologies that we use and love include but …

Pune, India


  • Python
  • Django
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • GIT
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • Rīga, Latvia

    Kaspars Sprogis

    I am a full stack Python/Django developer with more than 15 years experience in IT from Riga, Latvia. 

    Looking for remote contract/full-time positions.

    View my full resume here:http://adventure.lv/resume/

    Trivandrum, India


    Myself Nithin, From the past 15 months I could go through some of the competitive projects in django-python, and before that I was working c/c++ still loving and entertaining linux! My skill set includes

    Django, Python, Linux, apache, lighttpd, mysql, postgresql, clientside scripting like - html, css, javascript & jquery, …

    Leuven, Belgium

    Jakub Krajniak

    Python/Django developer. Working with Python for 8 years, with Django for 2 years. I have experience in parallel and distributed computing for large scale scientific computer simulation. I love to write elegant code which Python helps a lot.

    San Jose de Guanipa, Venezuela

    Sebastián Ramírez Magrí

    Software Development with Python since 2007. Backed up by technologies such as Django, PostgreSQL, Apache, Nginx, jQuery, Celery, Solr. Deployments and Systems Administration for Linux, BSD and Solaris servers.

    Look at my profile on djangopeople to find more information