Nürnberg, Germany

Bitspark UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

We are a team of two computer scientist with many years of experience of software development, especially web-based applications with Django and Angular.

Since more than five years, Python is our programming language of choice on the backend. It began out of mere curiosity during university time and quickly became ...

Nairobi, Kenya


I am a web developer passionate about using front-end development with HTML5, css3, Javascript ( Dojo, JQuery ) and backend development using Django. I believe that there is no such a thing as one man success, all great things result from team work.

Nairobi, Kenya


I am an avid djangoer and has worked with the framework for two years now. I am also very much experienced in the Python programming language alongside database technologies like postgresql, mysql and sqlite. I enjoy solving challenging real world problems.

Cologne, Germany

Jannik Altgen

Young, yet experienced developer: Python/Django; some Zope/Plone, incl. ZODB implementations; AJAX:jQuery; PHP; Postgre/MySQL. Freelancing for four years, working in a company for two now.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Nick Day

Freelance web designer and Django developer based in Manchester. Experience with small to medium sized Django projects. Skilled in HCI, accessibility, usability and user experience.

Selangor, Malaysia

Pytech Resources

Python and Django developer/consultant/trainer. 15 years experience with Python and have developed and hosted several sites using Django.

See Web Development References for more information.

Mumbai, India


As part of a medium­ sized development team, I have primarily been responsible for the 

development of some new module in company product using Django framework, as well as 

maintaining Django websites for our company.

Have been involved in the development and maintenance of the company products Recruit.

Dunedin, Florida

Bram Swenson

I am a python developer looking for freelance work.

Ourinhos, República Federativa do Brasil

João Mira

  • Java. ORM Hibernate. iReport. JavaServer Faces 2.0.
  • JavaScript. DOM. JQuery. Ajax.
  • Python. Django.
Kiev, Ukraine



Team of 5 experienced Django developers are looking for freelance job. We are located in Kiev.

Ready to start working on your project right now :)

Boston, Massachusetts

Ethan Yu

Experienced in AJAX and webdesign with qualified Django experience with a newly finished project. See the website above.



KUWAITNET is a specialized Django development house started to develop django projects all the way back in 2008 with Django v0.96

We developed enterprise grade Django based project ranging from ecommerce to government projects

If you're looking to do something with Django don't hesitate to work with ...

Praha, Česká republika

CodeScale Czech Republic s.r.o.

CodeScale Czech Republic provides custom software development and consulting built on open source platform. We deliver full service support including everything from planning and analysis to end-user training. Because we take quality seriously right across the board, you’ll enjoy working with a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team.

Donetsk, Ukraine

Alexey Afinogenov

Django developer for 2 year. Experience in Python, Django, WxPython, Mysql, PostgreSQL, SQLite etc. Good knowledge of HTMLCSS, JavaScript/AJAX. Fluent in Linux, Apache.

Peterborough, NH

Appropriate Solutions, Inc.

Appropriate Solutions, Inc. provides custom software development services for desktop, client-server, and web applications. Our professional and experienced in-house development team works with local writers, graphic artists, and web designers to transform your basic ideas and sketches into ready-for-market product.

We have developed a number of Django websites, mostly e-commerce ...

Córdoba, Argentina


Entrepeneur, Project management and developer (in the old days) all in one person :-)

I am part of Machinalis, a serious and passionate startup from Córdoba, Argentina. We provide quality development and consultancy based mostly of Software Libre. We develop web applications (in Python, Django, Zope, Plone, PHP), CMS solutions (Plone ...

Ottawa, Canada

Anna Derry

I work with Django about 2 years. I've used it with MySQl, PostgreSQL and JQuery. I can take part in your project or develop a new one from scratch.

Calgary, Canada

Evandro Miquelito

Specialized in transforming business needs into solid and easy-to-use products. Main areas of expertise: requirement analysis, implementation and deployment of modern web 2.0 applications that can scale to a very large size as well as optimizing web applications for best performance. Implementation and deployment of Software as a Service ...