Sydney, Australia

Tushar Bhatia

I am a Software Engineer from The University of Sydney with 3 years of professional experience and have been programming for over 7 years. I am a full stack engineer. I have experience architecting systems designed to scale for high loads. I can provide consulting for engineering projects. Reach out ...

Dublin, Ireland

Eoghan Murray

Python developer available for interesting startup projects.

San Francisco, California

Jair Trejo

I am a web project developer, manager and consultant. I have been developing software professionally for a while now, mostly on the web, but my interest in programming is a life-long affair.

I have eight years of experience working with Python, and have worked in Django projects for the past ...
Berlin, Germany

László Károlyi

I'm a seasoned Python/Django dev/one-man-army with many references and 20+ years of expertise. Available for remote consulting opportunities. For details, please see my linkedin profile:

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Matt Deacalion Stevens - Dirty Monkey

My name is Matt Deacalion Stevens and I'm passionate about delivering solutions that are as fast, effective and straightforward as possible. I have plenty of practical, professional experience in developing websites and web-based applications for businesses whose digital presence is their lifeblood. Much of what I work on is ...

Toronto, Canada

Bobby Chowdhury

A proficient Django developer for my personal projects and can offer consulting and development help depending on my availability. Some examples of my projects include,, of which was migrated from Drupal / PHP  to Django / Python, so I am familiar with complex site ...

Kiev, Ukraine


Experienced django developer with a team. Using django from the moment it became open-source. 10yrs of python experience, 15+yrs of total commercial software development. Looking forward for contracts.

Poznan, Poland

Over last few years I was working on many web-related projects as a freelancer for companies and startups in Poland and also in USA, Holland, Switzerland and UK using Python and Django framework.

I strongly believe in Test Driven / Behaviour Driven Development - I always try to design and develop user-centric ...

Toronto, Canada

Bogdan Makovsky

Bogdan Makovsky

Toronto, Ontario M2N 1V6




An experienced web and software engineer is looking for a progressive development position in a company where I can utilize my current knowledge and the latest technologies to benefit the workplace, while learning, growing and ...

Pune, India

Pradnya Mhatre

I have 3 years experience on Django. I worked on web application and apis for mobile apps.
Hanoi, Vietnam

NextG Solutions

Founded in 2006, NEXTG is an international software developer and web solution provider. We specialize in designing back-end systems for complex business application and web development solutions. We provides high quality service of developing products based on Python frameworks and CMSes.

We work with partners and affiliates to provide seamless ...

Zurich, Switzerland


We develop and design professional websites with django (since 2007). We aim to deliver the "biggest bang for the bucks" for our clients and consult them in this regard - to do the stuff that matters! Visit our portfolio at which showcases complex web applications but ...


Go Wombat Team

Are you looking for IT partner? 
We are Django experts from Ukraine. Our team can help you with any task.
We provide full cycle of web development services.
We pay personal attention to all of our customers.
Our goal is to work consistently while considering your situation to make it ...

Denver, Colorado LLC

Available for contracts short or long. Expertise in full stack design, development, and operations: back-end Django, front-end HTML5/CSS3, UX design, server and application security, DevOps, CI testing, project management, and analytics.

Minneapolis, MN

David Fowler

I have 1.5 years of full time Django experience. I've developed several web apps including most recently

I had 2 years on my college web team. After college I worked 2 years at IBM, before I left to start my own business.

I have a Masters ...

Nairobi, Kenya


am an undergrad student majoring in computer science and i love programmin in python.

Atlanta, Georgia


Small software development team in Atlanta, Georgia. Extensive frontend and backend experience with Django, Python, Javascript, JQuery, ExtJS 4, and more. Our team members previously worked at Google and fast moving startups, and are capable of running project/product management if necessary.