Frisco, TX

Tim Chase

Long-time developer with a passion for accessible designs, quality code, user-friendly AND programmer-friendly interfaces.

Have coded in everything from Assembly to C to C++ to Pascal to Python and many others in between. Have come to Python because it's easy to write and easy to read. As the solo developer …

Klamath Falls, Oregon

42nd Design

I'm an experienced freelance django developer specializing in dynamic ajax and database driven applications. I'm US based, working on the west coast. I'm available by whatever means you prefer email, skype, phone, or whatever IM client you prefer during normal business hours PST.

I have worked on various django based …

Bengaluru, India

charantej s

Auckland, New Zealand

Just Digital

Just a friendly guy, turning coffee into code.  I'm available for freelance jobs.

Rochester, New York

Grey Side LLC

Grey Side specializes in making custom web apps and REST APIs using Python and Django.

Most of our clients have been startups, and we understand the cultural and methodological differences inherent in a startup environment. In addition to technical expertise, we also bring best practices to your project that will …

, Uruguay


Agile web application development with Python/Django/Ajax. Specialized in applied artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, web/text mining, web crawling and innovative user interfaces.

Los Angeles, CA

WoodRanch Technology, Inc.

Extensive large scale software architecture and development experience. Founded by ex-Yahoo.

Lagos, Nigeria

Hypermatrix Technologies

  • Professional Python web development with Django
  • Html/Css, 
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  •  REST
  • DjangoRESTAPI
  • Bootstrap
  • Projects:

, Germany


feel free to contact me. i am a freelanzer with a lot of time :)

dango is so cool, but i need to learn more by practise!

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Rogerio Hilbert Lima

Over the last 7 years, I have been working with websites development using xHTML, DTML, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, MochiKit, Python, Django, Plone, Zope, Joomla (PHP), MySQL, Postgres, sqlite including sites for small business, government and university portals, e-commerce, web interface for more complex systems. I have also worked with Server/Client …

The Hague, The Netherlands


Specialized in e-Commerce and Online Payment Gateways. Database normalisation and CMS, CRM integration into websites and back-office systems.

General interests: Education, Real-Time transactions (Finance), Data mining (Bio informatics)

Center District, Israel

475 Cumulus

We design and develop digital products from concept to production. Our expertise span over technical and product engineering and cover every aspect of the product development. Wether you require short-term consultation or a long-term engagement we can help you build your next great product with creative thinking and the matching …

Palo Alto, California

Zojax Group

A dedicated team of talented professionals, Zojax Group offers a depth of experience in all Python based frameworks including Django. We are one of the premier Django developer houses with clients in both US and Europe. Contact us to discuss your project.

Barcelona, Spain

Thomas Gruner

Web Developer with over 5 years experience developing high traffic sites and portals in the travel industry. Great with multilingual apps, media, social networks, and online publishing systems.

, Czech Republic

Lorenzo Bolognini

Creator of the first bug-tracker for countries, of course, powered by Django ;-)

Interested in hearing of long-term or permanent positions throughout Europe.

Golden, Colorado

Andrew C Young

2 years of casual Django (1.1) development experience. Strengths lie in robust backend coding and catchy XHTML/CSS design.

Washington, United States

Mercenary Technologies LLC

We build python-based solutions and especially enjoy working with early-stage / startup companies. Small team of very senior full-stack developers. 

Florianópolis, Brazil


Complete apps with Django and jQuery.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


I am a freelance developer with over 3 decades of experience on several platforms and in many languages, lately focussing mainly on Python/Django.  I have moved to north Spain recently and look for remote work only.