New Delhi, India

Nikhil Verma

Hi All ,I am Software dude from New Delhi and Django developer having 1.5 years of experience.

Helsinki, Finland


Ruriat is a software development and systems services consultancy. We provide bespoke software development and infrastructure services, project management and research and technology services.

Whether you only just had an idea and are ready to get cracking or have an existing project in need of an extra pair of eyes, …

Escondido, California

Derek Payton

I am a Southern California-based software developer who specializes in web application development using Django. I have worked at all levels of the web stack, including front-end and back-end development, and system administration. My primary technical interests revolve around web application architecture and scalability.

I am not currently seeking work.

Kiev, Ukraine


My skills are: python django sql Unix/linux svn ssh html css javascript jquery

Good experience in Web Security.

Buea, Cameroon

Boyong Lambert

I have over 5 years of developing web applications. I am also comfortable developing and working with RESTful APIs.

I currently have less than two years of developing with Python and Django.

Besides Python/Django, I am also comfortable with the following technologies:

Angular.js (2.0), Jquery, Node.js, Ionic Framework and linux …

La Paz, Bolivia


System Engineer, with 15+ years of experience on financial institutions. R&D specialist, Pythonist, Django developer and Open Source advocate.

Oslo, Norway

Appresso AS

Appresso delivers highly scalable and robust web applications using Django. All employees are programmers educated at the University of Oslo, and have many years experience.

Eugene, OR

Nate Anderson

I am currently looking for part time contract work.

Durham, North Carolina

Rebecca Conley

Python/Django developer with two years development experience and experience in education and non-profits before that. Looking for remote opportunities.


  • Collaboration (am on the DSF board and am a coordinator of DjangoCon)
  • Communicating with clients
  • Math, stats, and business analytics

Houston, Texas

Ranjit Pillai

Basically I am a multitalented Freelance Web Developer with extensive experience in design & development using Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, Flex, Django and Drupal.

I am based in Houston (Texas) presently working remotely on hourly basis on various projects.

Appreciate an opportunity to work for any of your project …

Toledo, Oregon

Wil Black

I am a Django developer in Toledo, Oregon. I have been using Django for over a year and a half as a lead developer. I specialize in scientific data applications especially GIS applications with Google Maps. I use jQuery and Backbone.js for front end stuff.

I am available for contract …

City of London, United Kingdom

haykay ltd

I'm an experienced technologist who has worked for many companies.

They range from small, dynamic startup companies to large companies seeking an edge over their competitors — by using Python, Django and other cutting edge technologies.

I practice TDD and as well as being a developer and a very competent …

New Jersey, United States

Jonathan Calazan

Python/Django developer (mostly backend but sometimes do a little bit of frontend).

I also have experience with DevOps-related work and have used tools such as Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, and Vagrant.

My Website (built in Django of course :)):


* I'm currently only available for remote freelance work …

Montreal, Canada

PA Parent

I started programming Python in early 2010. I do now Django and really enjoy it!

Pune, India

agYeY solutions

Experts in Python/Django based desktop/web applications.

Perth, Australia

Russell Keith-Magee

I am a core developer of Django, but my experience doesn't stop there. I have extensive C++ and Java experience, gained through the design, development and maintenance of large commercial applications.

I'm always looking for an interesting challenge disguised as a full time job. If you think you have an …

Baku, Azerbaijan

Natiq Vahabov

Python & Django Developer at State Oil Company of Azerbaijan