Zafarwal, Pakistan


I'm a senior developer with years of Experience in development.

I have been working with Python/Django for over a year now. Using Django, I have developed several projects related to DMS, PMP, Big-data and data mining. I can work with a variety of platforms and operating systems including Windows, Linux. …

Seattle, Washington

Alec Koumjian

Skills by category, emphasis on proficiency ⌨ Coding Python 5+ Years Experience web: Django, mongoDB data: SciPy, NumPy, matplotlib, ScraPy, PyObject (code example) gui: wxPython Other Tools languages: LISP, Obj. C, Wiring/Arduino, C version control: Mercurial, SVN ☏ IT Linux SysAdmin data: rsync, SAMBA/NFS file servers, mdadm (linux software RAID), …

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Work with QueryClick UK SEO Company & deliver SEO friendly Websites with Django CMS backend customised with open source contributed modules to deliver Google News Sitemap XMLs, Split out News, PR & Blog feeds, multilingual architectures avoiding URL duplication & canonical controls, etc.

Get in touch for Django project quotes.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Python/Django/Django-CMS/SQLAlchemy/FormEncode, PHP/ZF, Doctrine 2, JavaScript/jQuery, MySQL/MongoDB, Git, Mac OS X, Varnish, Memcache, Redis, Scaling, SEO, CMS for newspapers/publishers, AWS EC2, Webfaction hosting, anything with Python.

, Moldova


Python, django, PyQt, C, and others like javascript, ajax, xml, html

São Carlos, Brazil

Diego Martins

Palo Alto, California

Zojax Group

We recruit experienced Python/Django talent in Eastern Europe and make them available for remote, long-term engagements for US clients. From our offices in the Ukraine and Palo Alto, we take the leg work out of searching for exceptional developer talent. With a deep network of contacts, we know how to …

Oldenburg, Germany

Tim Fiedler

I'm working as Freelancer for 12 Years now. I'm specialised in Python and Web-Solutions almost written in Django.

I have strong experience in Developing large scaled Systems with Django using Docker, Celery and RabbitMQ.

  • Python (Django, Tornado, Flask)
  • JavaScript (jQuery, Angular, Angular2)
  • API (HATEOS, jsonapi)
  • Testing (pytest, Selenium)
Washington, District of Columbia

Jon Renaut

14 years experience in software development, 7 in Python/Django. My current project is, which I hope to build into a profitable business. I've worked as a government contractor, as an independent consultant, and for myself. I managed a custom web framework written in PL/SQL (yes, it was as bad …

Minneapolis, MN

Stephen Van Dahm

I develop web applications in Python, PHP, and occasionally Ruby. I believe in old-school craftsmanship and am attracted to Python and Django because it allows me to build high-quality and elegant software in a quick and efficient manner.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Django, Python, jQuery, Google and PHP Development. Web Design.

I have long experience working on integrated and remote environments. I have been working in remote teams for over 3 years now; and right now I'm the lead developer of a developers team distributed around Latin America.

Over 5 years of …

Townsville, Australia

Ashley Sands

I am a Django/Google App Engine Freelancer who is passionate about software development looking for contract work. Check out my website to see my portfolio.

Phoenix, Arizona

Glenn Siegman

I am a Python & Django developer living near Phoenix, AZ. I'm currently working remotely for Spies & Assassins in New York, NY. I'm always available for freelance work on projects that sound interesting to me and also hearing about other potential career opportunities.

New York, United States

Udi Falkson

Highly experienced developer and product manager.

Not currently looking for work.  

, Romania


Small web development company with seasoned developers that focus on Django, Python, PHP; rich and accessible front end interfaces.

Elvsoft is the developer of

Norwich, United Kingdom are an IT development company based in Norwich, Norfolk, specialising in Internet services including Web Design and Web Development.

At Tridan, our focus is always on our client and their business needs. We’re very flexible with our working arrangements, and are always happy to work with agencies or IT …

Evanston, Illinois

Scott B. Bradley

Software engineer working in research and development of intelligent information systems, technology in journalism, and general web application development. 20+ years experience in engineering and software development. Nearly a decade with Django. Also experienced in Flask and Pyramid.

, Kuwait


KUWAITNET is a specialized Django development house started to develop django projects all the way back in 2008 with Django v0.96

We developed enterprise grade Django based project ranging from ecommerce to government projects

If you're looking to do something with Django don't hesitate to work with our talented Django …

, United States

Ater Draco

We specialize in web development with Django web framework and jQuery javascript framework, getting scalable and robust web applications in short development times

New York

Michael Urban

Django developer since 2008.

Have built and lead several cross-disciplinary teams (UI/UX/back-end/front-end/media.)

Backend-end: Python 3.10, Celery, Channels, Varnish+Hitch, NGINX, uWSGI, Uvicorn, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Kafka, Redis, Memcached, Docker, and Kubernetes+Kustomize, Ubuntu, Bash, custom ASGI apps.

Front-end: CSS/Sass, JavaScript/TypeScript, Angular 2+.

I'm happy with my current work but curious to see what's …