Manchester, United Kingdom

Ian George

I’m a Manchester based freelance software developer. I’ve written loads of websites with various languages and frameworks over the last 10 years, and I’ve also spent quite a bit of time writing desktop applications and keeping networks running but don’t let that put you off.

My tools of choice are …

Tokyo, Japan


R4Tech is an English speaking technology development company based in Japan. We specialize in using Django for web projects and python for back end processing / development for process automation and data processing for our clients.

Bilbao, Spain

Igor Soengas

I have developed 3 sites with Django: my company corporate website, a technical support application for a software product and a stock management app for car retailers.

I also have a lot of experience with Python, Visual Basic and SQL Databases. (+ 10 years)

, Nepal

Creators Nepal

Django framework is one of my best MVC Pattern framework ever written Python.

, Czech Republic

Vladimir Prudnikov

I have about 11 years experience in web development overal, coding on Python and Django since 2007. Here are some points that I"d describe myself:

  • Love learning new modern technologoies. My last area of interest is big data and high performance services. I'm learning Cassandra and following other NoSQL databases …
Venezia, Italia

Mauro Zaccariotto

Mauro Zaccariotto

Nationality: Italian

Date of birth: 11/02/79

Gender: Male

Work experiences:

Senior Software Developer at H-umus (Software and interaction design company.) (Roncade, Italy)

September 2008 – Present

Working on a variety of company client-server projects, mainly with server-side role, targeting the creation and fruition of fashion digital catalogues, …

, South Africa

Simple Brands

Simple Brands is a young cohort of passionate web developers and programmers who amalgam intuition and technological innovation. We provide website design, development and maintenance services and are huge open-source fanatics. We are proud Django/Python developers.

Beirut, Lebanon

Ayman Farhat

I enjoy building web applications with Python and Javascript.

, Uganda

Victor Miclovich

I love coding in Python for the web… Django is truly a wonderful web framework, I've used it for most of development work (this includes design of an intelligent RSS reader that does Natural language processing, I've done blogs — at least for personal use.)

I am into Java programming …

Nürnberg, Germany

Bitspark UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

We are a team of two computer scientist with many years of experience of software development, especially web-based applications with Django and Angular.

Since more than five years, Python is our programming language of choice on the backend. It began out of mere curiosity during university time and quickly became …

Fresno, California


Bixly is a Python/Django specialist since 2008 and is located in California. We use React/Angular/Ionic front ends on Linode and AWS hosting platforms, among others. Our developers are all based in the US. Whether you need extra development hours on an existing project or help creating a product from scratch, …

Berlin, Deutschland


feel free to contact me

Basel, Switzerland

Cesar Desales

Since 2002 I have been a Python enthusiast, and from 2007 it has been my primary working language. A small sample of my work can be found in my technical blog at

Deep Knowledge of Python technologies: Nose, Jython, SQLAlchemy, Django Regular Expressions, Twill, PyUnit, Genshi, WebWare, Py2Exe, Zope, …

Chennai, India

Nirmal Kumar

I'm a 21 year old web developer, lost interest in the university and currently looking for an interesting job. You can look at my project which I'm gonna launch it soon.

Managua, Nicaragua

Adolfo Fitoria

Currently studying Systems Engineering in Nicaragua. Looking for a part time job. 2 years of experience in Python and 1 year in Django. Also experience in web desing, javascript, Rails, PHP and .NET

La Ciotat, France

Andrey Zhukov

oDesk - Stack Overflow -

, Ukraine


Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

Yoandy Mesa

Amplia experiencia en desarrollo web con Django/Python, MySql, PostgreSql, Oracle, Bootstraps, Fabric, Celery, gunicorn, nginx, etc; tanto para sitios Web como APIs REST.

Amplia experiencia en administración de redes, servidores Linux (RedHat, CentOs, Ubuntu), almacenamiento, seguridad, diseño de centros de datos, servicios de correo, base de datos, mensajería instantánea, servidores …