Bromsgrove, United Kingdom

Innoware Ltd

  • Software development firm founded in 2004.
  • Extensive experience in the end-to-end design, build and support of web based platforms.
  • Particular specialism in data analytics and reporting, content management, and talent and HR systems.
  • Preferred development framework – Django.
  • Over a quarter of a million people have used websites developed and maintained ...
Moscow, Russian Federation

Pavel Shvedov

Currently I'm working at one of the most popular russian online newspapers Looking for freelance job with Django.

My skills include PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Apache, Nginx, Linux, CVS, SVN.

New Delhi, India


python , django , mongodb , nodejs ,mean stack etc

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Gareth Rushgrove

I'm a professional web developer, currently working mainly with Python and Django. I'm an occasional speaker and often attendee at web design and development conferences and write the odd article for online magazines. I'm also a member of the Web Standards Project Education Taskforce.

Warsaw, Poland


ELCODO makes software for the Web. We believe in technology, great design and usability. Want better software? Let's talk.

We have over 3 years experience in commercial web applications development for many companies from Poland. We're primarly using Django, MySQL but not afraid to check things - we've ...

Berlin, Germany

Thomas Schreiber

I seek harmony in the art of computer programming, perusing a balance of research and productivity. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of working with technology to effectively implement practical and simple solutions to complex problem. I contract with Eldarion.



I work with HTML + CSS, JavaScript (client-side and node.js), python (Django, Web2Py (and Google App Engine), Tornado, Pyramid), ruby, php, perl, c#, objective-c (building iPhone and iPad apps), (.*)mysql (excl. mssql), mongodb, redis.

Advanced linux experience (incl. networking, security, bash scripting, setting up deployment environments etc).

Have many completed ...

Chennai, India

EC Software

I am Mariselvam working as a Developer. I have worked in Django, Python, PHP

Washington, District of Columbia

Web Development Group

At Web Development Group, we strongly believe that our success is built and contingent on the success of our clients. From our initial client meetings to our post-production quality client service, our dedicated WDG members maintain quality relationships and open communication with our clients to ensure that we meet, and ...

Sofia, Bulgaria

Magic Solutions Ltd.

Magic Solutions Ltd. Magic Solutions is one of the most successful web design companies in Bulgaria with the largest Django development team in Central and Eastern Europe. Extensive knowledge in Pyton/Django, HTML5, JavaScript (Mainly jQuery), Satchmo, Django-CMS, Mezzanine, Comet, web services, etc. Contact us at office at

Pittsburgh, PA

Pat Collins

I design dynamic web systems, build the front-ends with industry-standard (X)HTML, CSS and DOM scripting techniques, and build the back-ends with PHP, Python and Ruby. I am a skilled developer with a sharp eye for clean, usable design.

Toulon, France


Freelance django developper

  • I write tested code.
  • Python, django and frontend stuff.
  • git/hg dvcs
Nanjing, China

Xu Hui Hui

Python & Django developer (junior).

Fleet, United Kingdom


We're a small development agency outside London. We've been building sites and apps in PHP on some the popular MVC frameworks and have recently made the switch to Django.

We've got loads of work coming in. If you want to send through your details I'll keep ...

Pune, India

Vinit Kumar

Vinit is an autodidact engineer who cares about writing beautiful code that scales well. 

He has good amount of experience in building Social Networks, Multi-tenant Systems, Content Management Systems and Embeddable website Infrastructure. His main areas of interest are building performant systems, functional programming and solving problems that really matter ...

Santo Tomé, Argentina

Luciano Masuero

Html, css, ajax, jquery, django, python, java, mysql, c, c++

New York, NY

Tatum Interactive

We got into python web development back in 2004 with CherryPy, Cheetah Templates and later some Paste. Since then we've been experts in Pylons, Turbogears, and a few handrolled frameworks. But our favorite thus far has been Django.

Before 2004 our team worked in PHP, .NET and Java. We ...

Austin, TX

Deep Dream Studios

focused on high quality user interface and longevity of code.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Jonathan Bydendyk

I'm a Web/Application Developer with over 12 years experience. I'm highly motivated and a skilled software developer with extensive experience using Django (and other python web frameworks, such as bottle and flask), Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL, CSS3, Javascript/AJAX (including MVC frameworks such as AngularJS) and HTML5.

Trenton, NJ

Jeremy Self

I have been doing computer hobbiest programing for quite some time, with recent interest in Django and Python. I have worked with the framework for about two years. Currently I am employed developing a django application for a large (top 10) local news based site. I also have experience with ...