Gurgaon, India

Akanksha Joshi

I am working as a Executive Open source developer in FireFly E-ventures. I am working on Python-Django for more than 1 year.

San Diego, CA


I have had experience working on various django projects including I'm currently looking for any work around the San Diego area.


Thomas Simonnet

I'm always interested in learning something new, especially when it is related with Django.

Lima, Peru

Antonio Ognio

  • Using Django daily for several projects with peruvian and some US customers since 2008.
  • Limited experience with other Python web frameworks: webapp (GAE), Pylons, Flask.
  • Complementary web development skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
  • 10+ years of web development experience using LAMP
  • Database experience: Years with MySQL and PostgreSQL, playing with ...
Hangzhou, China

Martin Wong

skilled in Java, JavaScript(jquery), Django and dhtml etc., I'd like to be a part-time, remotely working

Wrocław, Polska

Krzysztof Hoffmann

6 Years Experienced Web Application Developer. Strong backend server-side programming skills using object-oriented PHP and Python.

Php(Symfony,Zend) Python(Django, Django-cms, South, Pylons ) Javascript(jQuery) Unix(OpenSuse, Debian, Freebsd) Svn, Git Aptana Studio, Pycharm

Ready to work remotely or on-site at long-term projects.

Coral Springs, Florida

Joey Espinosa

I'm a problem solver, first and foremost. Beyond that…

I'm a Python developer with expertise in the Django web framework. I build web applications using either jQuery or Dojo on the front end, and MySQL or PostgreSQL (preferably Postgres) as the database. I prefer to deploy my applications ...

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Ulises Cervino

Django developer based in Aberdeen. Experience in NoSQL databases and search applications.

Nairobi, Kenya

Samuel Magondu Njenga

Hi! I am an experienced Django developer working for several startups in Kenya but creating solutions all over the world.  With my software engineering and technical lead skills, I can help you move from inception to production with a scalable solution. 

  • Expert in Python and JavaScript.
  • Broad understanding of full-stack ...
Goiânia, Brasil


IT Professional, working with technologies. Python/Django for create websites, blogs etc…

Python/Blender for create Open Source 3D Games.

Advanced Knowledge and teach in Java, Mandriva Linux, Blender, Python, webstandards/tableless, HTML5, CSS3

Cavriago, Italy

Darii Denis

ajax, asterisk, blender 3d, django, english, freeswich, french, inkscape, italian, lamp, linux, packaging, php, postgres, python, romanian, russian, seo, swimming ;), voip

Manchester, United Kingdom


We are web developers that work with a number of web frameworks including Django. Also surprisingly the only guys on here in the Manchester area so if you're looking for Python/Django developers in this neck of the woods then get in touch!

Punta del Este, Uruguay

Franco Correa

Python developer.

Experience with Django and Flask.

Ankara, Türkiye

meşe bilişim

Meşe Bilişim 2015 yılında Ankarada kurulmuş ve Elektronik, Mekatronik, Yazılım, Yazılım Test, Donanım Test ve Bilişim Sistemleri alanlarında faaliyet göstermektedir.

Kullandığımız teknoloji ve araçlar ile müşteri memnuniyetini en üst seviyede tutarak, yazılımda ve donanımda kalite vazgeçemiyeceğimiz ana hedefimizdir.

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, SMD CODE, Mac OS, Windows, Android, Windows Phone, Selenium ...

Ålborg, Denmark


Small and friendly software company in Denmark mastering Django! Our website is currently in Danish, but don't hesitate to drop us a line at, we do speak English :-)

Nairobi, Kenya


Professional djangoists and Kenyan pythoneers specializing in mobile and desktop softwares, web development and design.

Salt Lake City, UT

Dustin Davis

I've been programming in PHP the past 8 years and just now started getting into Django. I think freelance work is a great way to get some experience.

Pearl City, Hawaii

Ricardo Arroyo

6-Years software development BS in CS from University of Central FL MS in Networking and Telecommunications from Johns Hopkins Looking for after hours part-time freelance work Located in Oahu HI and willing to telecommute



2+ experiance on database driven frameworks such as Django , Ruby vs. 2+ experiance at mobile application development for all mobile phones 1+ e-commerce solutions