Caxias Do Sul, Brazil

Rafael Campos de Bastiani

Curso faculdade de Analise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas, meus conhecimentos com Python e Django são de um autodidata, desenvolvi meu blog do zero no qual tenho como base meus conhecimentos, boa parte do que sei esta em forma de artigos no blog, gosto muito do Django e Python ...

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rick van Hattem / Wolph / Karidu B.V.

Python, Django and PostgreSQL expert with extensive experience in scaling.

For the last couple of years I have been working on a couple of startups, more recently I have decided to take a step back and do some consultancy to help others with the expertise I've gained within my ...

Tampere, Finland

Haltu Oy

We create sites and services with a passion. We simply love Django, and Python.

United Kingdom

Red Robot Studios

Red Robot Studios is a small development studio run by Andrew and Scott, the original creators of Djangogigs (this site).

We specialise in high-quality Django and Python development. We also build iPhone and mobile applications, both web-based and native.

We've built many Django-based sites and are passionate about doing ...



Experienced Django programmer with more than a six years of experience in Web design (PHP, MySQL, postgreSQL, Javascript, Ajax, CakePhp) and more than one with Django

Evanston, Illinois

Scott B. Bradley

Software engineer working in research and development of intelligent information systems, technology in journalism, and general web application development. 20+ years experience in engineering and software development. Nearly a decade with Django. Also experienced in Flask and Pyramid.


Jack Klimov

 My main passion is to create complex and useful web services. When I was a little boy and my parents bought me a computer, I installed the C++ Builder to wrote my first program. Now the languages become laconic, loads become high and I’m glad to help the universe ...

Vilnius, Lithuania


I am a Django gig. Have various experience from working in team to working on my own or even managing others. Experience include full LAMP (Python & PHP :)) stack. Have hand on experience building eshops, working with third party API's. Programming experience 6 years.

Montana, United States

Dj Gilcrease


  • HTML
    • I have been using HTML since 1997, I keep up on the new standards and am closly following the progress of HTML5
  • Javascript
    • I have been using Javascript since the advent of DHTML, which later morphed into AJAX. I am familiar with a number of Javascript libraries, including ...
Vancouver, Washington

Patrick Curtain

20 year software development, coding, leading, mentoring and teaching. Python is my language of choice.

Currently at where we use django extensively as the back end to our site and the services that power our mobile clients.

Chittagong Division, Bangladesh

Wasi Mohammed Abdullah

Wasi Mohammed Abdullah.

CEO, Founder of Dreamcatcher IT
Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Cell: +8801858 503 621


Pythonista, Javascript Enthusiast, Thinker, Day Dreamer & An introvert with exception

I’m a  passionate web developer who loves to help others to find the best programmable solution to achieve their objectives. As ...


Monico Technologies

We have been an expert developer team for Django and Python projects since 2009. Our specialization helped increase our efficiency in building medium to large projects in very limited time. Our specialties include python, django, postgresql, postgis, coffeescript, JavaScript, nodejs, Java, netty, android, Bluetooth interfacing. Our projects include www.finder-lbs ...

Luxemburg City, Luxembourg

Peadar Coyle

I am a Luxembourg based Django developer. With experience developing professional websites for internal processes at some companies. I am an expert in security engineering for websites, and have an academic background in 

Neamt, Romania

Mihai Deaconu

Python/Django, CSS Html, Javascript, PostgreSQL.

Padova, Italia

Marco Badan

I'm into the world of Python and Django with satisfaction since 2010.



  • Python
  • Markup: HTML, CSS (SASS)
  • Javascript (jQuery)

Web Framework: Django

Databases: Google Appengine Datastore (Python NDB API and the App Engine Datastore API), PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite

DVCS: Git, Mercurial

Platform: Google App Engine

API: Google ...



I have 16 years of experience in website development, 2 years with Python/Django. I love Django and JavaScript, Linux, Amazon AWS, Apache, Nginx, Fabric, Celery, Django 1.5, Ajax, JQuery, AngularJS, Tornado. I live in Brazil at this moment but I'm available to move if necessary. Preferer for ...


Python Taiwan[TW]

Python Taiwan is an experienced team of professionals with passion for delivering superior software solutions, products and customer service. Our main goal is to offer high quality and cost effective web solutions delivered on time. Our specialization is offshore outsourcing, web development, web design.

United States

Dan Beaulieu

I am a software engineer with a degree in Computer Science. I have 3+ years of experience participating in the full SDLC of a distributed, multi-agent web spider and data parsing system. The system was built using a combination of Java, Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat and Oracle Database technologies. I ...