Toronto, Canada

TickleSpace Inc.

Amanuel is the Founder of TickleSpace Inc. a Canadian firm based in Toronto that provides consulting and development for internet technologies. Recently Amanuel has developed the Concerts iPhone application (available at the AppStore) which integrates with an online concerts community.

Evanston, Illinois

Scott B. Bradley

Software engineer working in research and development of intelligent information systems, technology in journalism, and general web application development. 20+ years experience in engineering and software development. Nearly a decade with Django. Also experienced in Flask and Pyramid.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Victor Fontes

Python and Free Software enthusiast.

Richmond, Virginia

Ben Lopatin

I have extensive experience consulting at all levels of projects, from pure implementation to architecture and business planning. I've designed and developed Django applications that have spearheaded communications campaigns for national recognition and formed the core of fast-growing business models.

  • CMS's (including Django CMS)
  • Rapid prototypes
  • Web service ...
San Francisco, California

David Brenneman

I'm an engineer based in San Francisco, California with over ten years of professional experience in the field of information technology and open source software.

I provide bespoke web applications and managed server solutions for our clients with an emphasis on pragmatic solutions, quality over quantity and a singular ...

Waterloo, Canada

Albert O'Connor Web Developer

Albert O'Connor gradutated from the University of Waterloo majoring in Computer Science and lives in the Waterloo Region.

Over 8 years of experience, focusing for the past 4 on modern web development with Python and Django. Specalities include Python, Django, AWS, jQuery, Postgresql, and Ubuntu.

Founded WatPy, the Waterloo ...

La Paz, Bolivia


System Engineer, with 15+ years of experience on financial institutions. R&D specialist, Pythonist, Django developer and Open Source advocate.


Marco Louro

I'm an experienced all-round web developer, with a strong focus on UI and JavaScript development. I enjoy building user-centric web applications, and take pride in delivering clean and extensible code.

Eagan, Minnesota

AceDevs, Inc.

We're a small Django shop in the midwest USA. We specialize in eCommerce via Satchmo (as well as direct integration with and content management via Django-CMS. We also work with Android and iOS, both natively and through Titanium Appcelerator.

We also do a great deal of entirely ...

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Bloomsbury Digital

I'm a full-stack developer with 15 years experience developing for the web, and an avid Django developer since 2008.

I've built MVPs for startups, large and complex systems for the UK primary education sector, content management systems and social networks in Django.

I formed Nymbol in 2011 and ...

Klagenfurt, Austria

Horst Gutmann


My primary area of expertise is web development (mostly with Python and with Django in particular), HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have experience with various source code management solutions (Subversion, Git and Mercurial). During various projects for the University of Klagenfurt I’ve also acquired skills in Java (primarily ...

Indiana, United States

Chris Pickett

I've been using django for about a year, using it to create a few personal websites, as well as one for a well-known local realtor, and another for my mother. Outside of Django I created a Document Management system for real estate that is currently being used by 60 ...

Valencia, España


Cuble is an experienced team of web application developers located in Valencia. We specialize in developing custom web applications and content management systems using the Django Web Framework.

Oakland, California

Ling Thio

Proven Start-up Entrepreneur (17 years). Actively guided three start-ups to successful acquisitions.

Experienced Software Architect (17 years). With a passion for elegant designs that are robust, performant and scaleable.

Dependable Software Engineer (25 years). Enjoys building effective, dependable and long lasting products.

Effective Team Builder (17 years). Exceptional communication skills ...

San Francisco, CA

Eric Walstad

Python since 1999, Zope since 2000, Django since 2005 Independent Software Developer, Sys & DB Admin Debian/Ubuntu, RedHat EL, Fedora Surfing, Sailing, KC6NTP

Bengaluru, India

Nanda Kishore

I am in the web application development since 4 years, 2.9 years particularly in Python. Currently working in Zeomega as Python/Zope developer. Previously worked for Peoplelex as Python/Django developer. Co-founded Passionate about web technologies. Possess strong interest in entrepreneurship

Campinas, Brazil

Ricardo Ichizo

I'm a experience Python/Django developer looking for a full/partial time work.