Reno, NV


GMK is an internet applications solutions provider, specializing in open-source applications. Django is utilized for web application front-ends . Happy Django user since June 2006!

Greater London, United Kingdom

Siu Design Limited

I'm the Technical Director and co-founder of Siu Design, which is a design/development agency in London. We use python/django for all our sites/applications. I'm also the co-founder of DJUGL (Django User Group London) and the Chairman of DjangoCon and EuroDjangoCon.

Siu Design current client (dev ...

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


I've been programming since I was 14 and that's around 10 years. I've worked on heavy traffic websites and applications. Been developing with Django for the past 2-3 years. With both MySQL and PostgreSQL, used stuff like CouchDB, Redis and Memcached for performance help. Big fan of ...

Kochi, India

Dilu Sasidharan

Python Django Web developer seeking for an energetic, enthusiastic and positive working environment for learning and sharing skills.

Makati, Philippines

robin nanola

full-stack application developer and have been using python since 2007, i'm looking for a new opportunity with python/django.

Bandung, Indonesia


Focus developing on web technology since the mid of  2004, was serve small to medium business.

Was done build a company and personal website, e-commerce, POS, payroll system, simple material resources tracking, simple accounting tools, vehicle tracking web viewer, etc. All was done on pure PHP, CodeIgniter or Django with ...

Hyderabad, India

Pranav Ainavolu

I love programming in Python and interested in Django too.

Arequipa, Peru

Mathias Bustamante

Full-time Django developer. C++, algorithms, data structures RESTFul API's No-Sql Computer Science

Bedford, United Kingdom

Dan Ward

Over three years Django experience in a wide range of web applications from SMS marketing to time-lapse image presentation and system monitoring. I have experience in creating rich front-ends and powerful backends with an eye for design and a head for performance.

Bengaluru, India


Full Stack & DevOps Engineer. Mobile Developer (iOS & Android). Open-Source Fanatic. Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT Enthusiast. Father. Atheist.

Lakewood, Ohio


Django experts, who create well designed, secure, easy to use web applications.

Python, Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, UI and Experience Design, Internationalization and Branding.

Livemade is the brainchild of Mugur Marculescu and Sebastian Serrano, who bring over 20 years of combined design and programming experience.

Our strengths come ...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Started scratching the surface of django in Jan 2008 and loving it since then. Currently using it to build simple apps like blog, photo and video galleries. I would love to be offered a full-time django developer job.

Austin, TX

bTaylor Design

bTaylor Design, the ultra-small graphic design and web development studio of Brandon Taylor, established in 1996. As a formally trained graphic designer, I can handle end-to-end site development and specialize in Django. I'm available for freelance gigs and full-time employment.

Bandung, Indonesia


I have use django for about a year. Plenty programming in PHP.



Small web development company with seasoned developers that focus on Django, Python, PHP; rich and accessible front end interfaces.

Elvsoft is the developer of


Alex Lee

Start working on Django since 2009 and found that this is a very good framework.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Goeie Jongens

We make websites. Excellent web shops and other specialized web applications. Additionally, we provide consulting regarding Python, Django and jQuery.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Mathew Taylor

An experienced developer who works mainly with Python, Django and Javascript/JQuery. Always looking for a challenge.