Brisbane, Australia

Sean Ashton

I'm a freelance mobile, desktop and web developer. Specialising in short term freelance programming and rapid prototyping. Broadly experienced in web technologies including Python, Django, Twisted, C/Objective-C/C++/C#, PHP, XHTML, CSS, OO Javascript, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, PostGIS. I usually work remotely, but also travel.

Manila, Philippines

Ronnie Beltran

I am a Python Backend Developer. 

I have years of professional experience in banking industry doing application development and support.

My work revolves around backend development on top of Google Cloud Platform using Python. I have implemented REST APIs with Google Cloud Endpoints and backed by Google Cloud Datastore, these ...

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ahsan Habib

  • Programming Language: Python, PHP, Node.js
  • Web Frameworks: Django, Flask
  • Databases: PostgresSQL, MySQL, SQLite
  • ORM: Django ORM, SQLAlchemy
  • Operating Systems: Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, Centos
  • Web servers: Apache, Nginx

Kochi, India

Dilu Sasidharan

Python Django Web developer seeking for an energetic, enthusiastic and positive working environment for learning and sharing skills.

Fort Myers, FL

Carlos Perez

I have developed several website application using django 0.96 and have excellent Python experience.

Some of the projects I have recently designed and developed include: credit card and gift card application, medical coding/billing, document imaging, flight tracking applications. Also experienced with MS-SQL, C#, .NET 2.0, Web Services ...

Pune, India

Django , Python

Hi, i am a django developer , fresher , 2013 passout . having 5 month of experience(internship) in django web application . Contact - 8600875802


Calgary, Canada

George Ma

python django postgresql geodjango

Phoenix, Arizona

Joey Wilhelm

I've been toying around with web development for longer than I care to remember, and Python since '98. I've come to use Django for nearly every project I work on, and have managed to tweak it in ways which really should not be possible. If it seems impossible ...

Lahore, Pakistan

Abbas Sheikh

Professioal Python/Django backend developer having 2 years python development experience and 1 year Django experience. Overall professional software development experience is 6+ years. Domains work include health care, mobile application development, embedded systems and network security.

Magione, Italy


Evonove is an IT consulting firm providing services for small and medium enterprises. We help our customers building high-quality IT systems with consultancy, tranining and custom software development.

We are strongly focused on Python technologies, in particular:

  • Django
  • SqlAlchemy
  • PyQt
Bekasi, Indonesia

Rizky Ariestiyansyah

I am from Indonesia with 6+ years experience in Information Technology and become IT consultant since 2012, I love to explore and take new challenge, use python for development since 2011.

  • Django, Python.
  • Open edX (Planning, implementation, hosting, theming, support, training and custom development)
  • MySQL/MongoDB/Nginx.
  • Big Data, Hadoop ...


I like Python. Taking CherryPy, Pyweb, turbogears, pylon, py2web etc as evidence, I assume a big team can create a Python web framework reasonably easily. Currently, I use only Django though.

I have a lot of ideas. But I cannot code them all by myself. If you want to help ...

Porto Alegre, Brasil


My name is Antonio Mello, i was born and raised in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I've developing software since 2006 as a Java Developer. I've playing with python and django for a few time and now a decided it's time to put my skills on test. Hopefully I ...

La Plata, Argentina


We are a team of developers and graphic designers from Argentine. We love Python/Django, but we also code on C/C++, PHP and Java.

What We Use

General Languages

Python PHP Java C/C++ Actionscript 3

Web Specific

(X)HTML & CSS AJAX (jQuery, mootools) Django Adobe Flash / Flex PHP ...

Mumbai, India

Vishal Sodani

Full-time freelancer, 5+ years of experience in Django

Launched in 2013.

Developed booking application for cycling tours – conducted by The London Bicycle Tour Company ( )
The booking system,, was launched in June 2013. The system has helped the company in managing online and offline bookings ...

Toulon, France


Freelance django developper

  • I write tested code.
  • Python, django and frontend stuff.
  • git/hg dvcs
Sofia, Bulgaria

eng. Ilian Iliev

I am experienced web developer currently focused on developing with Django and Django CMS. Also I pay attention to usability, simplicity, SEO and semantically correct HTML. For more information check my web projects portfolio or my django blog.

Toronto, Canada

Frank Tang

C++/C# (windows application) Java web application(hibernate,spring,dwr(ajax),dojo) python (django) Vb

Provide consultant service for web development,outsource project, test automation(jmock,junit,nmock,nunit,ncover,python/tcl auto test), Continue integration, migration legacy vb(vc++ mfc)/delphi code to .net.



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