Bedford, United Kingdom

Dan Ward

Over three years Django experience in a wide range of web applications from SMS marketing to time-lapse image presentation and system monitoring. I have experience in creating rich front-ends and powerful backends with an eye for design and a head for performance.

Nasr City, Egypt


I am Web Developer . My experience primarily lies in J2EE and
Django as well as a wide­range of other Modern
tools specially MEAN (MongoDB­Express­AngularJS­NodeJS) Stack .
high background in object oriented approaches and software development
methodologies and it’s life cycle

Cuenca, Ecuador

Cristian Salamea

With over ten years experience developing software, investing new technologies and innovating. I am work since 2007 with django, with python since 2004, user linux from 2000 on slackware and debian, potsgresql and extjs and prototype.

Vancouver, Canada


Graduate student, UBC, Vancouver, Canada.

Warsaw, Poland

Adam Kaliński

I have been working with django since 2008. Then I was a student of Warsaw School of Technology (faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science). I've started learning django because of Google App Engine, which my friend was using to build simple “to do” application and where I've written ...

Kochi, India

Sayone Technologies PVT Ltd

Sayone Technologies provides custom software application development services to its clients from its offshore center in India. Clients who need design, development and implementation expertise in an outsourced offshore model can rely on our experience in executing turn-key as well as module based projects.

We believe our unique approach to ...

Oulu, Finland

Twinapex Ltd.

Medical technology student with 2 years of django programming experience.

Oslo, Norway

Ask Solem

Developer with experience in scaling high-traffic websites.

Michigan, United States

Andy Holman

I have been writing applications for high traffic sites for well over 12 years. From billing to content management applications I have written many different versions for clients to work on their existing and new infrastructure. Most have been load balanced, high traffic applications utilizing PostgreSQL and python. I have ...

Moscow, Russia

Andrew Pashkin

<h2 style="text-align:left;">I know/Worked with...:</h1>
<p style="text-align:left;">Python, Django, SQL, JavaScript, Backbone.js, Backbone.Marionette.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Git, Mercurial, SVN</p>

<h2 style="text-align:left;">My experience:</h1>
<ul style="text-align:left;">
  •">"> - JavaScript ...
  • Italy

    Shiny Frog

    Shiny Frog is a creative firm based in Parma, Italy, focusing on web design and software development. We strive for cool results with a special care for standards.

    • 4 years of experience with Django and Python.
    • Experienced with HTML/CSS Ajax and web technologies.
    • Shiny Frog currently team is composed ...
    Mangalore, India

    Harshith J.V.

    I am MCA 2011 pass-out from VTU, Belgaum. I have 8 months (June 2011 to Jan 2012) of experience in web-development in Mangalore(Karnataka, India) using Django/Python along with expertise in other technologies such as Javascript/jQuery/jQuery UI, CSS/CSS3, HTML/ HTML5. I also some minor exposure to ...

    Figeac, France


    Since 2008, the Comsource® web agency developed dozen of websites and improved the visual communication of French and European companies.

    In late 2011, a new developer joined our team to add Python/Django to our skills. We are now able to propose tailored website. Fell free to contact us!

    Vancouver, Canada

    Nav Aulakh

    A full-stack Javascript/Django/Python developer with over 7 years of experience. 





    Professional team of experienced Python/Django developers.

    Full stack development. 

    From simple websites or CMS to complex solutions in the cloud

    Amstelveen, The Netherlands


    Small company focused on Python/Django development, support and hosting. Always interested in new challenging projects.

    Check my blog on or for an overview of projects I've worked on.