Quimera Labs

Quimera Labs is a IT solutions provider. We offer IT products and services that help our customers achieve their business goals.

Quimera Labs are professionals in Python Web Application development with the Django Framework, databases management, reports, web design, integration with social networks, content management systems, GIS, mobile compatible websites ...

Newport, United Kingdom

Richard Price

A web developer since 2001 and Django-ing since 2006.  Happy to work across the the whole web stack - and generally do. 

Selangor, Malaysia

Pytech Resources

Python and Django developer/consultant/trainer. 15 years experience with Python and have developed and hosted several sites using Django.

See Web Development References for more information.


Anvil Eight

Our company - Anvil Eight, is settled in Ukraine, Kharkov (second biggest city in Ukraine). We work with wide range of technologies, but mainly concentrated on python and iOS development.

Our practical skills includes, but not limitted to: Python, Ruby, Django, ROoR, PostgreSQL, MySQL, XHTML/CSS, Javascript, iOS, Android etc.

Our ...

Tomsk, Russian Federation


Education: Computer Science Department of Tomsk State University Related Experience: 6 years of commercial web programming Programming Languages: Python, Perl, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML Technologies: Django, AJAX, GoogleMaps API, Ebay Trading API, MySQL, Memcached, Berkeley DB, Apache, Ext JS, MooTools, Scriptaculous OS: Debian variants of Linux, Gentoo Linux, MS Windows ...

Sofia, Bulgaria

A115 Ltd

We are a team of senior Django developers, agile project managers and web designers. We have over 15 years of experience building high-profile, large-scale web-based applications for governments, corporations and local businesses. We are interested in challenging, socially-significant long-term projects worldwide.

The technologies that we use and love include but ...

Frisco, Texas

Chris Austin

Professional python and Django developer.

Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Jamie Curle

I'm a designer/developer and I have been working with Django & Python since 2007 in both a backend (BE) & frontend (FE) capacities.

I'm comfortable in the all spaces of the stack from UI/UX, FE & BE engineer all the way through to ops and deployment onto dedicated/shared ...

Czech Republic

Vladimir Prudnikov

I have about 11 years experience in web development overal, coding on Python and Django since 2007. Here are some points that I"d describe myself:

  • Love learning new modern technologoies. My last area of interest is big data and high performance services. I'm learning Cassandra and following other ...

Vladislav Knopach

Languages: Python, Javascript

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL


Frameworks: Django, jQuery


VCS: SVN, GIT (preferred)

Operating systems: Windows, Linux (preferred)

My linkedin profile

Olympia, WA

ZX Development LLC

I've spent the last 12 years as a programmer, first as a hobbyist, as a freelancer, then as part of a couple of development teams, and finally taking a leading role in my own company.

I learned Python about 8 years ago, and discovered Django about 5 months ago ...

Concepción, Chile

Leonardo Gatica

Desarrollador Python, QT, Django, Web, Symfony y PHP. Administrador de Sistemas Linux, como Debian, Ubuntu, SUSE, OpenSuse, Centos, y Windows. Administrador de bases de datos PostgreSQL, MySQL y Oracle.

Guelph, Canada


I worked on Django during the Google Summer of Code in 2006. My project was Row Level Permissions, this code was never merged into trunk but in the process of writing it I learned a lot about the inner workings of Django. For the past few years, I have used ...

Kraljevo, Serbia

Hajime Branko Yamasaki Vukelic

While designing books Branko realized that he was actually developing interfaces that allow people to make sense of and consume information. He got interested in web development as an alternative source of information and gradually touched most aspects of engineering for the Web—from user interface, to backends, to databases ...

Norwich, United Kingdom are an IT development company based in Norwich, Norfolk, specialising in Internet services including Web Design and Web Development.

At Tridan, our focus is always on our client and their business needs. We’re very flexible with our working arrangements, and are always happy to work with agencies ...