Caraga, Philippines

Dominic Guiritan

I'm interested in python/django web framework of choice to build web apps. reusable and cut-down the pressure, I'm getting started with python/django since 2011 oh its not too late becoz django offers a detailed documentation line by line. PYTHON is exist over a decade and a ...

Lisbon, Portugal

Henrique Barroso

Hello, my name is Henrique Barroso, I’m 28 years old, I am web developer from Portugal.

My experience goes back to 2001 when I first enter the enterprise world as a ASP developer. Even tough I had some C/C++ Java background. Soon enough I was involved in other ...

Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

Martin Kjellberg

Traveling developer. Enjoys work that makes the world a better place.


Mo Mughrabi

I've been working with django for almost 6 months now, did couple projects already, i think its one of thd most wonderful frameworks i've seen so far. I might be interested to take some projects only if there was some challenge,

Parramatta, Australia

MagicLAMP Mobile Website Applications

I have been working in IT for over 20 years in different roles. I can provide complete solutions, 

* organising the server with an infrastructure as a service provider such as Rackspace, Digital Ocean or Amazon, 

* installing the operating system, web server, compilers, script interpreters

* providing statistical/mathematical analysis, 

* CSS and ...

Toronto, Canada


We turn ideas into great products.

At Hipo, we are experts at crafting tailor-made solutions for your idea, from strategy and design to technology and infrastructure development. We help disruptive startups and small businesses create meaningful products and services.

We have over 8 years of building scalable, well-tested, robust Django ...
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Goeie Jongens

We make websites. Excellent web shops and other specialized web applications. Additionally, we provide consulting regarding Python, Django and jQuery.

Rozier-en-Donzy, France

Apidev - Luc JEAN

I am an experienced developper working with Python, Django and other web technologies. I am running my own business trying to use this wonderful technology for making useful things

Patan, Nepal

KL Dugar Group

Hi! I am Saphal Adhikari.Upbeat man with stylish hair and black eyes.

Beginner to Python & DJango Web Framework

New South Wales, Australia

Ludmal de silva

Software engineer with over 13 years of experience on developing mobile & web applications. Creator of few famous iPhone apps with over 100,000 downloads in AppStore. Written dozens of technical articles for websites like and Regular speaker and trainer for developing and optimizing highly scalable mobile ...


Gábor Farkas

i have been using django professionally since 2006 (roughly after the magic-removal).

also have lot of experience with javascript and various javascript frameworks (jquery, yui, mochikit),

and with the other usual aspects needed to buid web-pages/web-applications (sql, http, html etc.)

(worked also with java/c/c++ before, you can ...

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Rag Sagar.V

I am a 23 year old from Kerala, India. I am a freesoftware enthusiast working as a fulltime Django Developer in Dubai, UAE for the last one year leading the development of a web project comprising hrms, crm, erp and various production automation apps using django, angularjs, postgresql etc with ...

Manchester, United Kingdom

Nick Day

Freelance web designer and Django developer based in Manchester. Experience with small to medium sized Django projects. Skilled in HCI, accessibility, usability and user experience.

Toronto, Canada

Hippo Foundry

Experienced web & mobile developer with a special focus on Django and iPhone development.

  • iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad mobile applications
  • Mobile web site solutions
  • Tailor-fit content management systems
  • Customized web experiences, including games
  • Technical consultancy on web or mobile product ideas

Available for freelance projects.

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Marcus Whybrow

An excerpt from my Stack Overflow Careers profile:

Interesting problems and ideas fuel my life, from music, to design, to programming, to anything, my analytical mind in combination with unwavering dedication (to the right tasks) needs focusing into a meaningful job!

I am currently finishing my final semester at the ...

Golden, Colorado

Andrew C Young

2 years of casual Django (1.1) development experience. Strengths lie in robust backend coding and catchy XHTML/CSS design.

Islamabad, Pakistan


BiteSource is a leading provider in Enterprise-Ready Software and Systems Solutions. Our solutions vary from Development of Web Applications and Content Management Solutions to Enterprises' IT Infrastructure Management. We also specialize in customizing Web Applications developed in Joomla, Drupal, Magento, osCommerce, Wordpress, PHP/CakePHP/Zend, and Python/Django.

BiteSource is ...


Vladislav Knopach

Languages: Python, Javascript

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL


Frameworks: Django, jQuery


VCS: SVN, GIT (preferred)

Operating systems: Windows, Linux (preferred)

My linkedin profile

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Work with QueryClick UK SEO Company & deliver SEO friendly Websites with Django CMS backend customised with open source contributed modules to deliver Google News Sitemap XMLs, Split out News, PR & Blog feeds, multilingual architectures avoiding URL duplication & canonical controls, etc.

Get in touch for Django project quotes.

Wrocław, Poland

Radosław Ganczarek


I'm a python developer from Poland with extensive experience in web development. My main tool of trade is Django, but I also know a couple of other Python frameworks. I have also some knowledge of Javascipt frameworks like Backbone, React and Angular. On the top of it - I ...