Geneva, Illinois


We specialize in web development with Django and offer a full arsenal of graphic design and internet marketing services.

Bologna, Italy

Agnese Camellini

I am a passionate freelancer web developer. Building web applications is not only my field of study but also my way of thinking and expressing my ideas. I really am a creative one. I develop in Python and Django from the beginning of time. I am a fast learner and ...



Developed in: C, Clipper, Assembler for many chips, Visual Basic, C++, C# Javascript, JQuery, blabla Python, Django,Pyjamas PyQT, PyGTK, WxPython GO And… OpenGL

Berlin, Deutschland


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Cosenza, Italia

Francesco Bisignano

I'm a developer with more than ten years of experience in web development. Using Django and Python for over 5 years.

San Francisco, California

Stephen Sundell

Very good understanding of the django framework. Spend a lot of time delving into the inner workings.

United Kingdom

Lakeland Edge

Freelance developer based in Cumbria, UK but with extensive experience of remote working and distributed teams. 12 years IT experience in a range of technologies with the last 2+ years focused on Python, Zope, Django and Open Source development.

Nairobi, Kenya

Samuel Muiruri

I am an experienced Django developer working for several startups in Kenya but creating solutions all over the world.  With ny software engineering and technical lead skills, I can help you move to from inception to production with a scalable solution. 

  • Expert in Python and JavaScript (Angular,jQuery)
  • Broad understanding ...
Patan, Nepal

KL Dugar Group

Hi! I am Saphal Adhikari.Upbeat man with stylish hair and black eyes.

Beginner to Python & DJango Web Framework

Brisbane, Australia

Sean Ashton

I'm a freelance mobile, desktop and web developer. Specialising in short term freelance programming and rapid prototyping. Broadly experienced in web technologies including Python, Django, Twisted, C/Objective-C/C++/C#, PHP, XHTML, CSS, OO Javascript, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, PostGIS. I usually work remotely, but also travel.

Portland, OR

Lo-Fi Art

I am a web designer and developer who's weapon of choice is django. I love building things that are simple and beautiful, from the data models to the UI. My toolbox includes:

  • Django / Python
  • PHP, Wordpress, etc
  • Javascript, JQuery
  • PostgreSQL
  • Flash

As a coder I am an ...

Auckland, New Zealand

Tim Knapp

I'm a Python Web Developer with 8+ years experience - particularly with Pyramid (Pylons) and Plone and with some experience in Django. I'm also proficient in the core web technologies, i.e. XHTML/CSS/JavaScript (jQuery)/mobile sites. Some examples of the work I've done can be seen ...

Cali, Colombia

Juan Francisco

Ingeniero de sistemas y computación con énfasis en redes de computación aplicadas al diseño y desarrollo de sistemas web y móviles utilizando metodologías de desarrollo de software ágil y políticas de seguridad. Facilidad para aprender nuevos lenguajes y paradigmas de programación, habilidades de trabajo en grupos interdisciplinarios .Experiencia en desarrollo ...

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Victor Fontes

Python and Free Software enthusiast.

Bogota, Colombia


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Ali Mselmi


My name is Ali Mselmi 27 years old and i'm web devoloper , i like to develope with Django and share knowledge with other people's.