Granada, Spain

Antonio Contreras

I'm currently working in django-based social networks like entirely based in django. I turned from java years ago to django and I'm impressed how easily you can develop in django. Another example is  I also have experience in, java, html + jquery and mobile development in iOS …

Porto Alegre, Brasil


My name is Antonio Mello, i was born and raised in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I've developing software since 2006 as a Java Developer. I've playing with python and django for a few time and now a decided it's time to put my skills on test. Hopefully I can find some …

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

egoactive b.v.

We develop fort more then 15 years web applications. For clients like Vodafone, Chevrolet Europe to Travel agencies. We are Django Framework, Java en Opensource software experts.

Baltimore, Maryland


Seasoned Django developer with an MS in Computer Science. I work for a large variety of for-profit, non-profit, and government clients.

Bengaluru, India

Fazal Sulaiman

I am having 5+ years of experience in Python, Django. key skills: celery, jquery, xml, debian, trac, memcache, db routing. languages: python, c, php.

Boulder, Colorado

Max Retter

Working with django for 6+ years, python for 8+.

Warsaw, Poland


ELCODO makes software for the Web. We believe in technology, great design and usability. Want better software? Let's talk.

We have over 3 years experience in commercial web applications development for many companies from Poland. We're primarly using Django, MySQL but not afraid to check things - we've created apps …

Durban South, South Africa

Django Python Pro

Websites are not what they used to be and ushering in a new age of dynamic websites is Django. With Django as the backbone for for information system your once simple website becomes a marketing tool. Change content when you want to and not when the designer has time.

With …

Islamabad, Pakistan

Usman Khan

Django-cms, Django, Flask, CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, JS, Python, Web-API, Machine Learning, Automation 

Porto Nova, Cape Verde

Joshua Russo

I'm a developer with 10+ years of experience creating database driven applications of all sorts. In November 2008 I began teaching myself Python and Django for a project that I was working as a Volunteer in the US Peace Corps. I enjoyed it so much I became involved with the …

, United Kingdom

Dan Jacob

I am a Python developer with over 4 years experience in Python web application development, including Django and Turbogears. Also experienced in PHP, Java, Ruby/Rails and other web technologies.

, Russian Federation


Deal with Python about 5 years, with Django about 1,5 year. Wrote closed source application for callcenter and many hobby projects.

Python Libs: Django, PyXML2, PyGTK, wxPython, CPython, PIL, PyOpenGL, PyGame and more…

DB: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite.

OS: Free/OpenBSD, Linux, Windows, Haiku.

Another languages: DMD, C/C++ little bit, Erlang, HTML/CSS, …

São Paulo, Brasil

Valder Gallo

I have been worked with Python since 2007 as Web Developer and Software Engineer.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Enerwhere Sustainable Energy DMCC, Mazaya Business

▪       Experience with Linux servers in virtualized environments

▪       Strong knowledge of scripting languages – Shell script, Python, JavaScript, R, Java and MATLAB etc.

▪       In-depth knowledge of Django web framework

▪       Experience installing, configuring, and maintaining services such as PostgreSQL, Nginx, Gunicorn etc.

▪       Advanced skills with SQL and …

New York, United States

Flat White Software

We develop custom phone apps and websites. We can develop on aws, heroku and gcp. We have experience in the healthtech and blockchain industries.

We use: Python, Celery, Channels, NGINX, Cassandra, Redis, Docker, kubernetes and Terraform.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for a free consultation.

Principal Harry Moreno

Bogotá, Colombia

Gustavo Andrés Angulo

I've been working in Django since 2009 and python since 2005, I have some experience with Postgres, GeoDjango, J2ME with maps, and projects for Geographic information system.

San Francisco, California

Stephen Sundell

Very good understanding of the django framework. Spend a lot of time delving into the inner workings.

Jakarta, Indonesia


digiDzine is a group of professional web developers & web designer from Indonesia. Open source is at the heart of digiDzine and our team members are contribute to a range of open source projects. Our platform of choice is open source tools including Python, Ruby & PHP for server-side programming. …

, India

Aamir hussain

Hi my name is Aamir hussain and i am a django developer from last 1.5 years ..i am very much passionated about web and especially django work,…i love it…..

, Ukraine


Python, Django, MySQL, Postgresql, JavaScript (jQuery), PHP (Zend)