Back-end and Front-end web developer, work with Python/Django, XHTML, HTML5, CSS2/3, JavaScript/jQuery, ActionScript2/3, Linux Servers.

Andhra Pradesh, India


fRuiApps is a highly innovative and dedicated open web technology studio focusing on WEB AND MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT, DESIGN, CONSULTING, SOCIAL MEDIA, and CLOUD COMPUTING. We love creating dynamic and robust solutions using open source tools. We are experts at producing custom web solutions from concept to launch using Scrum ...

Center District, Israel

475 Cumulus

We design and develop digital products from concept to production. Our expertise span over technical and product engineering and cover every aspect of the product development. Wether you require short-term consultation or a long-term engagement we can help you build your next great product with creative thinking and the matching ...

Beijing, China


I have 5 years experience in Python development. I focus on Web-Based games and business projects development, and my technical features is the use of Django and Twisted to develop the server-side service, and also use the Flex, Google Web Toolkit and jQuery to develop the client-side UI. I am ...

Olympia, WA

ZX Development LLC

I've spent the last 12 years as a programmer, first as a hobbyist, as a freelancer, then as part of a couple of development teams, and finally taking a leading role in my own company.

I learned Python about 8 years ago, and discovered Django about 5 months ago ...


Sona studio

We are a web development team for businesses and creative firms. We believe in delivering simple, clean and affordable solutions using industry best practices.

We specialize in agile web development using Django framework. We work on simple applications from blogs, content management systems to complete interactive web applications.

Comfortable with ...

Volgograd, Russian Federation

Roman Ovsyannikov

Engineering web development, all layers, from architect, database to services to user interfaces. Always looking to new technologies and best practices. Principal interest in Web architectures. When I'm not working on websites, I'm either thinking up or developing new products and/or services that leverage my creative skills ...

Saarbrücken, Germany

Nicolas Kuttler

I am Nicolas Kuttler, a freelance web developer and system administrator with more than a decades' worth of experience. I am working with clients across the globe to build anything from simple websites to complex web applications.

Ernesto Vargas

Web application developer 3 years implementing rich user interfaces using unobtrusive JavaScript, CSS and XHTML. Strong backend server-side programming skills using object-oriented PHP and Python frameworks.

  • Php(Symfony)
  • Python(Django, Django-cms, South, PEP8, Wsgi)
  • Javascript(jQuery)
  • Unix(Ubuntu, RedHat, Mac)
  • Css
  • Svn, Git, Mercurial
  • Vim, Aptana Estudio

Vaibhav Jain

Need a Full Stack Django/Python Developer who can develop a SaaS based application.

Fixed Priced Project For more information please contact.


Juan Pablo Romero Méndez

Has a passion for computer languages, and enjoys learning new techniques and patterns. He makes web applications for fun and profit.

Thinks Django is the holy grail, but also has in high esteem Grails/Ruby on Rails, MVC3, Git. He despises perl, and regards php and visual basic ...

Manila, Philippines

Ronnie Beltran

I am a Python Backend Developer. 

I have years of professional experience in banking industry doing application development and support.

My work revolves around backend development on top of Google Cloud Platform using Python. I have implemented REST APIs with Google Cloud Endpoints and backed by Google Cloud Datastore, these ...



A software engineer with 10+ years of experience. Python has been my key skill during my career, and have used django intensively for many years. My skillset also covers working on high demand projects, postgresql, influxdb, a bit of neo4j, lots of couchbase and recently working with Python Pandas, Numpy ...

Helsinki, Finland

Frédéric de Zorzi

Senior Django/PostgreSQL application developer, based in Helsinki/Finland, regular trips to France.

Portland, Oregon

Brad Jasper

10+ years of web experience, full-stack developer with lots of Python and Django experience. Also experienced with product development, distributed systems, iOS development, UI/UX and more...

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vera Mazhuga

Django developer looking for job opportunities.

  • Back-end: Python, Django, TDD, REST, Celery, Xapian
  • Front-end: HTML, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Sass
  • OS: Linux/Unix, OS X
  • Version control: Git, Mercurial
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, some experience with MySQL and MongoDB
  • Writing documentation: Sphinx, reStructuredText, Markdown
  • Tools: PyCharm, Sublime Text, Atom
  • Software Development: Agile, Scrum ...
Vancouver, Washington

Patrick Curtain

20 year software development, coding, leading, mentoring and teaching. Python is my language of choice.

Currently at where we use django extensively as the back end to our site and the services that power our mobile clients.