Rzeszow, Poland

Piotr Maślanka

Used to write PHP+Kohana, but Python+Django proved far better. I also program embedded devices, and write networking servers in Python.

Pune, India

Ajinkya S. Bhosale

I have total 3.5 years experience in web developement in Python, Django , PHP, CodeIgniter, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Git , Linux.

I have 1 year of experience in Python , Django. now a days I am mostly working  on Django projects.

I have developed ERP for Footwear manufacturing unit ...

Lisbon, Portugal

Pedro Assuncao

Pet project

Software developer with a passion for Django and all things Python.

Looking for a company that needs a smart developer who can pick things up really quickly and has a sense of humor :)

Haslemere, United Kingdom


Senior level freelance Python and Django developer with over a decade of professional experience creating stable, secure and well tested systems - I take pride in writing clean, maintainable code and working through tasks efficiently without sacrificing that quality.

    I choose to work with productive high level technologies such as Python ...

    Merida, Venezuela

    Alexander Olivares

    Freelance programmer with 10 years of experience in free technologies, great ability to develop simple software that requires research because of its complexity.

    • Python, Django, Jquery, Bootstrap, Html, Css, Javascript, Potgresql, Mysql, Linux, Apache/Wsgi
    Bengaluru, India

    Krishna Bharadwaj

    Have been using Django from the past 1 year for some of my projects. Quick at prototyping. Along with Development, can work on coming up with Good user interfaces too. More about me can be found here:


    Update: I am not looking for any gigs right ...

    Porto Alegre, Brasil


    My name is Antonio Mello, i was born and raised in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I've developing software since 2006 as a Java Developer. I've playing with python and django for a few time and now a decided it's time to put my skills on test. Hopefully I ...


    Quadloops Technologies

     We provide offshore software consultancy services for Data Mining, Data Anaytics and Highly Scalable Web Applications. We are a team of young and passionate engineers, who just enjoy building stuff, and cracking more challenges. We follow agile development methodologies and maintaining high standards of coding is always our first priority ...
    Vienna, Austria

    Sean Mc Allister

    I'm a seasoned django developer currently based in Vienna/Austria.

    I do full stack web development.

    Davao City, Philippines

    Cyril Pauya

    Experienced Django Web Developer

    I deliver efficient web applications to my customers using Django, Pinax, Python, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Mercurial is my preferred DVCS but Git and SVN are also cool.  I am detail-oriented who thinks that technical problem solving is a skill, testing is a need, refactoring ...
    San Francisco, California

    Yeti llc

    Yeti is a mobile, social and web application development firm based in San Francisco. We are dedicated to creating exceptional website and mobile user experiences that satisfy the business needs of our clients. We are experts in integrated, cross-platform applications that are equally effective on mobile, social and web media ...

    Northville, Michigan

    Information Works, Inc

    We've been developing custom apps and websites for years — many of them in Django. Feel free to email me for more details.

    Santiago de Chile, Chile


    The framework I have found very complete and versatile, are a current I'm working on my own research and development with this technology ….


    Pune, India

    Atif Haider

    I am a Python/Django developer, a Free software enthusiast, a Lisper, and a Thinker.

    San Francisco, California

    Mike Malone

    Experienced software / infrastructure engineer. Active in the Django community. Extensive experience building large scale web applications.

    Sydney, Australia

    Jude Osborn

    Creative developer and tech lead for Google's Creative Lab in Sydney. Pushing the limits of web and mobile. Lots of JavaScript, AngularJS, Python, Django, Cordova, CSS, HTML5, WebGL, Google APIs, mobile sensors, Java, and whatever I can get my hands on.


    Zenx IT

    Experinced Django architects and Spanish Django Community creators. Over 6 years experience developing and hosting web applications for clients from different industries. Technologies: Python, PHP, Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, AJAX (jQuery, Mootools, Scriptaculous), CSS, XHTML.


    Arquitectos web con gran experiencia en Django y creadores de la Comunidad de Django ...

    Punta del Este, Uruguay

    Franco Correa

    Python developer.

    Experience with Django and Flask.