Santiago Romero

Same as in Django People:

I'm a 24 years old Computer Science student close to graduate. I have certain experience in web applications development and I found Django one my favorite frameworks for webapps, mostly because its decoupling in all levels.

I like challenges, I'm a detailed developer ...



Python, Django, MySQL, Postgresql, JavaScript (jQuery)

Hanoi, Vietnam

Ha Pham

Senior Software Developer and Project Manager with more than 13 years experience.

I am now mainly working as full-stack web application developer (mostly with Python CMSes/CMFs), participate into all stages of software development, from architecture design, user inteface implementation to system deployment and optimization.

Please feel free to contact ...

Berne, Switzerland

Atizo AG

We are the creators of We have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Python / Django / Pylons
  • HTML / SVG / XML
  • Javascript (jQuery, jQuery Mobile, ExtJS, YUI)
  • CSS (SASS, Compass)
  • SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle)
  • UX Design
  • Facebook Apps
  • Continuous Deployment (Fabric)
  • Cloud Management (Puppet)
  • Continuous Integration (Lettuce, Hudson)
  • Advanced Git ...
San Francisco, California

Stephen Sundell

Very good understanding of the django framework. Spend a lot of time delving into the inner workings.

Jakarta Capital Region, Indonesia


Django, Apache, MySQL, Postgresql, Debian Lenny, CSS, Jquery

Leipzig, Germany


My Name is Markus Zapke-Gründemann and I'm a Python and PHP freelancer living in Leipzig, Germany. I've done projects with a strong focus on Content Management and Intranet over the last few years.

My skills are:

  • Apache
  • Debian
  • git
  • Javascript
  • Mercurial
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Subversion
  • XML
Kraków, Polska

SIZEOF.PL - Internet Software Solutions

I am website aplications (Python/Django) developer with over 7 years (Python/PHP)
of experience and I am looking for offers like:

  •     web sites
  •     online shops
  •     Facebook Applications
  •     dedicated IT systems
  •     marketing tools
  •     web sites audits
  •     software outsourcing
  •     REST-full and other APIs integrations

Our favorites technologies:

  •     Python, Django, PostgreSQL
  •     Amazon ...
Woking, United Kingdom

Nelson Monteiro

“I believe in intuition and inspiration. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research.” - Albert Einstein, 1931, Cosmic Religion: With Other Opinions and Aphorisms, p.97 ...

Grenoble, France


We have been continually developing our expertise and learning new skills since we first began. The knowledge we have gained from our experience helps us to face the challenges of today.

We want to offer an alternative to conventional web agencies: an agency that combines internet expertise with graphic know-how ...

The Netherlands

Noah W. Nielsen

A brief about me:

Degrees: Bachelor in Computer Sciences (2005) Master in Computer Sciences (2010)

Experience in Artificial Intelligence (MetaheuristicOptimization Methods), Parallel and DistributedComputing, Modeling of Lateritic Deposits, Bioinformatic, Analysis & Design of Algorithms.

Programming languages: Python, C/C++/C#, Java, Visual Basic .NET, Prolog.

Tools and skills:

• Back-end: Python + Django ...

Atlanta, Georgia


Small software development team in Atlanta, Georgia. Extensive frontend and backend experience with Django, Python, Javascript, JQuery, ExtJS 4, and more. Our team members previously worked at Google and fast moving startups, and are capable of running project/product management if necessary.

Warsaw, Poland


see: my djangopeople profile


Ali Dehghani

Love in first sight, that's all i can say! I started my career with PHP and i was so passionate about a field so-called 'Collective intelligence', Toby's fantastic book about this field was completely written in Python, so i decided to learn Python for that and i fell ...

Seattle, WA

Web Collective

Web Collective serves sustainability-driven businesses and organizations with professional Internet expertise. Our team of python developers, UI specialists and graphic designers use Django and Plone to create web-based solutions. We create software in close partnership with our clients applying Agile principles with Scrum process to ensure our solution is on ...

St Paul, Minnesota

Jeremy Yunis

I'm a freelance programmer and Linux Systems Administrator working on Django and PHP websites, and the hardware and software that powers them.

I have set up auto-scaling web applications using Amazon EC2, and designed entire AWS cloud infrastructures for two companies.

I've written web applications that see hundreds ...


Marius Ghislain

Front End Django Developement

  • Html / CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • RWD
  • jQuery / Javascript
  • Git / Mercurial
  • Template engine
  • CLI
  • Highcharts

2 years experience with Django / Python front end dev with

Costa Rica


Django webapps. We develop cool apps for startups.