San Diego, California

Darian Schramm

I have over 10 years experience working with Python for the web. Starting as a systems administrator in the university CS department and continuing my work in NYC and beyond. I have used Python as a tool for web development, system administration tasks, statistics gathering and everything in between. My …

Kerala, India

Novasoft India

12+ years Experience in Software Development, Well experienced in Software Architecture Design & Database Implementation using Python & Django

  • Programming Languages : Python, .NET VB, .NET C#
  • Web Frameworks : Django, MVC. 
  • Web : HTML5, Java Script, JQuery, CSS3
  • Database : MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL.
  • Operating Systems : Windows, …
Nantes, France

Agence Web Djungo

Création de sites web avec le framework django. Nous concevons avec vous votre projet de A à Z.

Notre site web :

Lille, France

Rodolphe Quiédeville

Strong knowledge on Python/Django with a long experience in system administration, I can work on all parts of yourweb projects based on this so powerfull framework. Do not hesitate to contact me if your needs are in developement as DevOps part.

San Luis Obispo, California

Sean Bleier

Python and Django developer as well as a data nerd.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Guillermo Fritz

I'm a system engineer with experience on django development.

, Nicaragua

Luis Carlos Mejía García

I have more than 4 years working with python+django, I have experience working as a SysAdmin/Developer (full stack developer) for a python based platform that process over 3millions of transactions per day, distributed in several Ubuntu cloud servers.I currently use nginx, supervisor, rabbitmq, celery ,postgreSQL, nagios, redis.I also have experience …
Silesia, Poland

Jakub Kuropatnicki

MSc in Computer Science,

Python, Django, Zope, ZODB, Plone, Google App Engine; (x)HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL; asm x86, C, C++, PHP, Java;

I'm looking for freelance work, feel free to contact me.

  • small forum for GAE
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Borhan Tipu

Full-stack Development with Django Python web framework:

For new startup projects, I would like to work with Django 2.2(LTS) version.

I build any kind custom featured Web Application also Rest API based web application. I work both as front and backend developer.

If you are going to build a web …

, India

Amenity Technologies

As a Django developer with over three years of experience, I have gained extensive knowledge and expertise in developing web applications using the Django framework. During my tenure as a Django developer, I have worked on several projects, which have helped me hone my skills and learn new technologies.

  • One …
McLean, Virginia

Capital One


OBJECTIVE: To blaze a career in Application Software Development and Management that will enable me to effectively use my qualifications in project management, programming and team building to develop optimum synergies for the organization.

Pune, India

1E9 Advisors

We are a software development and services company with:

- 30 years of experience developing software

- 10 years of experience with Python

- 10 years of experience with Django

- Most of our work is in Python + Django + HTML/CSS/JS/Bootstrap.

- Lots of experience with VueJS and AWS …

Belmont, Massachusetts

Laurent Luce

Ability to lead multiple, challenging projects in an innovative and fast paced environment with high technical competence. 14 years of front-end and back-end software design and development. Experience in leading software team in early stage startup and large companies locally and overseas. Proven track-record designing and developing scalable systems and …
Jakarta Capital Region, Indonesia

ronald tampubolon

I'm using django from july 2012 until now. Before using php about 10 years.

  • PHP
  • Django
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • MySQL
  • Postgresql
  • CSS
  • Jquery bootsrap
Central, Hong Kong

Tian Di Web

Tian Di Web is a full-service design consultancy based in Central, Hong Kong. Tian Di Web is very passionate building beautiful and useful websites that generates real revenues for businessses. Tian Di Web combine s strong visual design with expert technical website development techniques, to create compelling database-backed websites, search …

Surat, India

Vivek Sudani

I am a Fullstack Python Django Developer

I am skilled at:

→ Frontend : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery

→ Backend: Python, Django, Flask, Selenium

→ Unit Tests, Functional Tests in Django

→ Web Automation using Selenium

→ Reporting Automation & Data Mugguling in Python

→ Raspberry pi - Python …

Palo Alto, California

Kelly Creative Tech

Extensive Django experience, available for contracting and consulting.


UI/UX API Design Rapid Prototypes

Caracas, Venezuela


Have been working with Django since 2005. We will make what you need. And if we dont know the technology, we will learn it.

New Delhi, India

Siddharth Mitra

I'm a Python/Django developer and love to work with early stage companies. The perfect place to find out more and reach me is

I also run a django dev studio called Cloudshuffle, I work with a lot of startups, such as Hubspot, Teaspiller and even with companies like …

Brno, Czechia

Martin Jansto

I have experience with:

DjangoPostgreSQLCelery, RedisPenetration testing (OWASP, OSSTMM) and ISMS

I am working full-time at own project - DjangoSafeCMS and IS focused on information security management. I am looking for 10-15 hours/week remote contract work.