Canoas, Brazil


Developer with passion !. I'm in love with Django and I'm building some applications with it.

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Mischa Zurke

4+ years experience in Python and Django, more than 14 years commercial experience.

Please see my LinkedIn page for more information.

Skills: Python (Django), PostgreSQL

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Git, virtualenv, Linux CLI



I'm an experienced python developer (4+ years of practice). Working with Django projects for 3+ years.

Nantes, France


Django is one of my skills, over more than 20 years of experience.

Author of the reusable app Django-Robot-Locale to let your site be indexed under multiple languages.

Author of the reusable app Django-Postman, an internal/external messaging system with moderation, filters, thread management capabilities.

Moscow, Russia

Ivan Matveichenkov

Python - Can apply basic algorithms to solving practical problems in Python:
- different kinds of search and sorting (binary search, merge sort etc)
- graph algorithms (bfs, dfs, a*, dijkstra algorithm, Lee algorithm etc)
- dynamic programming
- recursion etc

Ihave been practicing these algorithms participating in the project and achieved ...

Lagos, Nigeria

Leo Omolewa

Full stack developer, Python/Django remote and freelance. Specialises in GIS, Data Science, AI and Expert Systems applications 



Over the last 2 years, I have developed websites using PHP, MySQL, PosgreSql including sites for startup companies and small businesses. I have some experience in the following areas: PHP(Zend Frawmework, Symfony), Python(Django) SQL (MySql, PostgreSql, Oracle), JavaScript(jQuery), Ajax, OOP, team development and testing.

Merida, Venezuela

  • Python hacktivist, AGILE practices, focus on co-learning
  • Sphinx documentation, Mercurial and Bazaar DVCS, XP & SCRUM
  • web an desktop applications, data analysis, simulation, GIS
Pune, India


  1. Python
  2. Django
  3. Jquery
  4. Bootstrap
  5. GIT
  6. HTML
  7. CSS
  8. MySQL
Washington, United States

Mercenary Technologies LLC

We build python-based solutions and especially enjoy working with early-stage / startup companies. Small team of very senior full-stack developers. 

Los Angeles, California

Zak Johnson

I've been working with Django since March of 2007. I'm fluent in Python, SQL, relational database design principles, and front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript/DOM). You can also find me on LinkedIn:

Toledo, Oregon

Wil Black

I am a Django developer in Toledo, Oregon. I have been using Django for over a year and a half as a lead developer. I specialize in scientific data applications especially GIS applications with Google Maps. I use jQuery and Backbone.js for front end stuff.

I am available for ...

Toronto, Canada

Cultivate Media

We are a small consulting company of four software development professionals with very varied experience who have recently moved to working almost exclusively with Django.

We are currently looking for new Django projects and really smart partners to join us.

A bit about us: We are all graduates of the ...

Cuenca, Ecuador

Cristian Salamea

With over ten years experience developing software, investing new technologies and innovating. I am work since 2007 with django, with python since 2004, user linux from 2000 on slackware and debian, potsgresql and extjs and prototype.

Ramat Gan, Israel

Initech Software Services LTD

Initech develops digital products for startups and online businesses. Our technological expertise includes server-side (Python / PHP) and client-side (HTML5, ReactJS) web development and mobile applications (iOS, Android, Hybrid).

Our services cover the full product life-cycle (functional analysis, UX, design, architecture, development, manual and automated testing, devops and maintenance).

We excel ...

Mumbai, India

Komal Gupta

Software Engineer with 1.9 Year of Experience in Software Development.
Expertise in Python, Django, REST, Linux, GIT, MySQL, POSTGRESQL, Jquery, AJAX, Elastic Search.

Full Time Lead Backend Engineering at "Flatpi Technologies Pvt Ltd". ( )

Worked as Backend Developer in Aasaanjobs Pvt Ltd ( )

Looking for ...