Python Taiwan[TW]

Python Taiwan is an experienced team of professionals with passion for delivering superior software solutions, products and customer service. Our main goal is to offer high quality and cost effective web solutions delivered on time. Our specialization is offshore outsourcing, web development, web design.

Russian Federation


6 years Python experience (GUI applications, network applications, web-sites parsing, documents parsing), 4 years Django experience.

Great experience of creating complicated, high-loaded web-services.

Good knowledges of PostgreSQL (triggers, functions, indexes, full text search and especially PostGIS).

Good knowledges of Javascript (jQuery, Google API, OpenLayers).

Full-text search engines experience (xapian, whoosh ...

Northern Mindanao, Philippines

Miguel Ike Dumancas

I am a Web Developer based in the Philippines. I specialize in Backend Development, usually programming with PHP or Python/Django. I have a considerable amount of experience in developing sustainable solutions and maintainable codes. I loves facing new challenges and I'm always eager to learn new technologies.

Technologies ...

Brno, Czech Republic

Roman Sova

Python, Django, ExtJS, JQuery, PostgreSQL, PHP freelance programmer. Experince with PostGIS, GeoDjango.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

FDV Solutions

FDV Solutions is an award winning development studio with its basis in Buenos Aires (same timezone as NYC) and offices in New York. We have a wide experience working with Django and other new hot technologies. 

If you want to check our portfolio you can look here: http://fdvsolutions.com ...

Gent, België


DevignCommerce.com mission is to DEVelop & desIGN smart COMMERCE solutions.

We are a start-up, located in Belgium and looking for talented Python developers who want to taste and live the start-up way in a distributed development team.

We have an office in Belgium and Ukraine.

Focus topics

  • Open Data
  • GEO ...

Mahat Infosystem

We are mobile and web application development service company based in India. We work in technologies like Django, iOS, Android.

Padalarang, Indonesia

Rd Hilman Hermarian

  • Python
  • Django
  • Pyramid
  • Google App Engine
  • AngularJS
  • Tornado
  • Flask
  • PostgreSQL/ PostGIS
  • MongoDB
Toronto, Canada

Hippo Foundry

Experienced web & mobile developer with a special focus on Django and iPhone development.

  • iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad mobile applications
  • Mobile web site solutions
  • Tailor-fit content management systems
  • Customized web experiences, including games
  • Technical consultancy on web or mobile product ideas

Available for freelance projects.

San Francisco, CA

Mason Browne

I'm tired of PHP. The PHP community will defend itself to the grave, but I'm done with it.

I've played with “the frameworks”… CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Rails, Django. CakePHP tries to be something it can't be. CodeIgniter is simple, but too verbose. I love Rails, and enjoy ...

Caraga, Philippines

Dominic Guiritan

I'm interested in python/django web framework of choice to build web apps. reusable and cut-down the pressure, I'm getting started with python/django since 2011 oh its not too late becoz django offers a detailed documentation line by line. PYTHON is exist over a decade and a ...

Dumaguete City, Philippines

Jerol Adorable

Software Engineer SPi Global Python, Zope, Django

Warsaw, Poland

Ryszard Szopa

Currently I work at Google, so I am not looking for new opportunities.

Santa Barbara, CA

Laura Madsen

I've been developing in Django for about two years now. I just took a three-month break from Django to work on an actionscript/flash contract, and I can't wait to get back into Django work.

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Rob Golding

I'm an enthusiastic Computer Science graduate from the University of Nottigham, England. I discovered Django three years ago, and since then I have developed a number of applications with varying complexity.

My open source projects are hosted on my GitHub page at https://github.com/robgolding63/, and my blog ...

Wien, Österreich

Gabor Guzmics

spoken languages:

  • python
  • java
  • javascript

also experienced:

  • pascal
  • ada
  • perl
  • lua
  • assembler
  • c/c++
  • .net/c#

frameworks with particular interest (and used in projects):

  • django (south, whoosh, sentry, …)
  • redis
  • postgre
  • twisted
  • zope
  • lighty/nginx
  • tornado/gunicorn
  • gwt/pyjamas
  • qt3, qt4
  • wxWidgets
Johannesburg, South Africa


I have more than 5+ years of experience. I have worked with various technologies such as Python, Java, Unix, etc. I have worked on various projects and delivered in time.

Charleroi, Belgique


After years of solid experiences with industries' standards (php, mysql, and such). I moved 3 years ago to python, django but also NoSQL. Passionnate, open minded, performance and simplicity are my master assets.