Hamburg, Germany

Arne Brodowski

Freelance webdeveloper based in Hamburg, Germany. Services include but not limited to: Building dynamic webapplications with Python (Django) or PHP, Systems administration, IT support.

Beacon, New York

BScientific LLC

I have been building web applications since 1994, and Django applications since 2006.

Please view my selected portfolio and my CV.

I am open to full-time employment opportunities, but would require a short-term “getting to know you” project on a contract basis before making a long-term commitment.

San Francisco, California

Sahil R Cooner

Django is my job! full-time!

San Jose, California


Ask and you shall receive

Montréal, Canada

Ibrahim Diop

Python & Django Developer

core skills are in Python and Django development | pushing really hard to make you and your customers happy

Contact me for more details.

Lower Saxony, Germany

Ulas Türkmen

I have developed a complete social network with Django; the website is available at; in case you want to have a deeper look, send me a mail request for an invitation. Our aim was to develop an action- and location-oriented social network with mobile capabilities, including GIS extensions. The …

Cavriago, Italy

Darii Denis

ajax, asterisk, blender 3d, django, english, freeswich, french, inkscape, italian, lamp, linux, packaging, php, postgres, python, romanian, russian, seo, swimming ;), voip

Paris, France

Frank Rousseau

  • Django skills
  • Main Django website :
  • Javascript skills
  • Java skills
  • xHTML/CSS expert

Education : - Master in Computer science

Dortmund, Germany

Anton Bessonov


ajax apache nginx tornado backend client-side cms css linux debian developer django dom framework frontend html xhtml xml javascript jinja2 js json latex memcached mvc mysql oop php prototype python script server-side simplemachines smarty sql subversion git template engine trac ubuntu vim xt:commerce

Projects with me/My projects

  • …
Montevideo, Uruguay


BeKode is a software factory specialized on Python/Django Web Apps and iOS Mobile Apps.

We are particulary passionate about usability and user experience, and of course, we love making web and mobile apps talk to each other as best friends!

So you tell us your problem, we put ourselves in …

Kraków, Polska

Web design, creation, django, php, wordpress, html 5, css, logo creation, branding...

New Delhi, India

Yash Maheshwari

My name is Yash Maheshwari. I'm a professional full-stack engineer based in the Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. I am a senior Django / Python / JavaScript / Flask Web Developer with 12 years developing software for the web, desktops and all.

I develop web applications and have a strong background in …

Bartlett, Tennessee

Matt Grayson

I'm passionate about building scalable, user-focused applications for the web. I love clean code, care deeply about craftsmanship and enjoy creating sites and applications that put the user first. I have nearly 7 years of experience developing and managing web applications using a variety of backend technologies such as Django, …

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Ashikur Rahaman







Málaga, España

Ignacio Pérez Martín

Desarrollo páginas web en la Universidad de Málaga y freelance en

Tampa, FL

Scott Newman

I've worked on a variety of systems, from personal to enterprise deployments. I have been using Django for three years, going back to version .91. My specialties are importing/exporting data with Django via the API. I'm also a .Mobi Certified Mobile Web Developer and have strong interests in mobile development …

Honolulu, HI


I'm a web developer working in Honolulu, Hawaii. I'm currently lusting after Django, Javascript, and fixed-gear track bikes.

Ahmedabad, India

N-Tech Technologies (Python India)

We have tremendous experience in developing, websites, VOIP systems and plugins, set top box plugins, enigma os plugins, hardware integration, backend web services and API, and much more. We have developed projects in python frameworks like, django, pylons, web2py, turbogears, zope2, pyramid, Cherrypy, Asterisk, and Oscar django. We use database …

Overveen, The Netherlands

9 BitCat

I am a Python developer with a lot of experience in many different Python based systems. These include Django, Zope 2 & 3 and Plone. I also do iOS development.

Knoxville, Tennessee