Trivandrum, India


Myself Nithin, From the past 15 months I could go through some of the competitive projects in django-python, and before that I was working c/c++ still loving and entertaining linux! My skill set includes

Django, Python, Linux, apache, lighttpd, mysql, postgresql, clientside scripting like - html, css, javascript & jquery, ajax ...

Portland, OR

Richard Paul Flosi

Skills include: ajax, apache, confluence, css, django, elixir, extjs, html, javascript, jira, nose, paste, postgresql, pylons, python, restructered text, roundup, selenium, soap, sqlalchemy, sqlobject, subversion, trac, webware, zope

Caracas, Venezuela

Daniel Barreto

Web Developer for 6 years now. Skills: Django, Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript (backbone,, jquery), VCS (git, hg)

I love writing smart and well-documented code, and follow standards and best practices in everything I do.

Vancouver, Canada

Rick Falck

I have many years of experience as a developer - business apps, video games (EA, Radical, Backbone), embedded systems; and now my passion is developing web applications. I have worked on several Django projects - the most recent being an online/mobile application for the film & movie industry. My skills also include ...

Mexico City, Mexico

Designed by Adam

I build websites from the basement all the way up to the spire.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Python, Django, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, jQuery, FreeBSD, Linux Experience: 10 years

Bristol, United Kingdom


Django developer with experience in flash(as 2/3) php4, mysql xhtml/css, xml, linux (fedora/redhat) mysql.

Mission Viejo, California

Jason Hasselkus

Developer and Architect working mostly with Django and other frameworks to bring rich media websites to life for companies. Completed a video sharing application for a client that allows internal employees to post/comment/share/vote on videos.

Ahmadabad, India


Django - Open ERP - Hard Core Developer

Hard Core - Python Developer by Heart !

Having 4+ years of full relative experience on Django - python - openerp good knowledge on XML, SAX, LXML, JS, Open ERP Core, XMLRPC, Web Services and various application Integrations

> Quick Learner for new things > > Managing a great team for ...

Gdynia, Poland

Web Apps Development

Internet Profil Company. We create web apps, web sites, designed with the thought of tomorrow! dedicated, adjusted to client needs, displaying accurately on every mobile devices. Our programming choice is Django and Python

Arlington, Virginia

Jess Johnson

Hi, I’m Jess. I build things that surprise and delight people, and I use data to make the world a better place. I want to work for a company that does those things too.

By trade I am a software developer. I build awesome webapps and have done a ...

Salisbury, United Kingdom

Django websites

Adding functionality and performance for web designers and website owners. For customers who are looking to generate multiple websites, for example design houses looking to increase their web offerings, use our 'samuel' app package, a solid code base for rapid website development.

San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina

Gonzalo Delgado

I'm an efficient developer skilled in Python in general and Django in particular.

I know my way around VCSs and am very familiar with sysadmin tasks.

Also, I'm quite good with stylesheets (CSS)


Filip Wasilewski

Independent IT consultant and system architect creating applications for businesses and individuals. Explorer, entrepreneur at heart.

Professional Software Engineer with MSc in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence and post-grad in Project Management. I'm passionate about creating software that solves problems.

My Work

Web Applications and Backends

I deal with ...

Yekaterinburg, Russia

I'm a tech lead of a small development IT group from Russia. We are independent developers looking for new opportunities.

Our main experiences are Django development since 0.96 version, and database development (Oracle and Postgres). We are typically using Django 1.2, jquery 1.4, BlueprintCSS in web ...


Dannier Trinchet Almaguer

I'm a web developer specializing in Python + Django, with 9 year of professional coding experience. I've involved in interesting and challenging projects. After a while spent on research and development in areas related to Artificial Intelligence and Parallel and Distributed Computing I decided moving to the web development ...

Pearl City, Hawaii

Ricardo Arroyo

6-Years software development BS in CS from University of Central FL MS in Networking and Telecommunications from Johns Hopkins Looking for after hours part-time freelance work Located in Oahu HI and willing to telecommute

Maceió, República Federativa do Brasil

Alexius Strauss

Programador Delphi há 8 anos. Também estou desenvolvendo em Python e Django

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I've been using Python for about 3 years, with Twisted + Clearsilver + Postgresql to build some web applications. Lately I have been using Django more and more for building the web app for my startup.