Tomas Rojas

Web Application Developer

Over 4 years developing web applications, advocating use of open source software and open standards, with experience in front-end, back-end and distributed architectures. Participant in local python and linux user groups and events. Applies agile methodologies to solve problems in a quick and iterative fashion. Well articulated, enjoys pair programming and software design sessions. Self taught, self-motivated and well versed on web technologies.

Most significant skills

  • Python: over 4 years using it as primary language.
  • Django: started with version 0.96, been working with it ever since.
  • Gnu/Linux: Ubuntu for desktop and servers.
  • Web front-end: vast experience with javascript using jQuery, jQuery UI and AJAX techniques.
  • Web application testing: Experience writing tests with Selenium and twill (scriptable headless python browser).
  • Web application infrastructure: Experience setting up and administrating Apache but rather use Nginx+gunicorn.
  • AMQP: Ample experience with RabbitMQ using Kombu (a rewrite of carrot).

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