Helmond, The Netherlands

Eyo Interactive

Both front-end and back-end development, Django, Python and linux based. We also have strong experience in HTML/CSS/Javascript, iOS (Objective-C and Swift), Android (Java, Kotlin), React Native, ReactJS, devops, infra architecture.

We also feel very at home in Social Media; building Facebook apps, integrating LinkedIn and connecting with Twitter.

Worked for …

Athens, Greece

Voyae Online

Seriously serious developer.

Seasoned with Python thanks to Zope, Django and AppEngine.

Proper DB designer with PostgreSQL and Oracle.

Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan


i am a freelancer software eng.

Boulder, Colorado

Max Retter

Working with django for 6+ years, python for 8+.

Bristol, United Kingdom

Closed Loop Labs

Closed Loop Labs is a Bristol-based web development studio.

We specalise in making web apps using Django. We are currently looking for short- to medium-term projects to get involved with.

We are familiar with the following tech:

  • Django
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Javascript/jQuery/AJAX
  • CoffeeScript
  • Less
  • Backbone.js
  • postgreSQL

We would love to hear about …

Gent, België

Think Wize

We are an agile company developing web-apps with Django as core framework.

We have been using Django from the time before 0.97 and traditionally do work more on back-office (or Intranet) projects (CRM, ERP and custom software).

Turku, Suomi

Anders Inno Oy

We create websites and applications with Django, Python, Ajax and other modern technologies. Few Django-based sites we have build:

  • Punomo.fi
  • Warmia.fi
  • Herrainpukimo.fi
  • Lolaspussycats.fi
Pensacola, Florida

Andrew Coleman / Strike Iron Studio


My name is Andrew Coleman and I'm an expert Django and Python developer, and well versed in all the web technologies. I'm very familiar with prototyping for a MVP, and rescuing troubled projects. I will work for you.

Skype: theandrewbc

Résumé: https://www.strikeironstudio.com/resume.pdf

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/theandrewbc

Company: https://www.strikeironstudio.com/ -- If you've …

New Jersey, United States

Modular Programming Systems

I own a small business and we provide Web Design (in Django), Open Source Application Development, Mainframe Application Development, Networking & Systems support and Project Management. We've been in business for 43yrs, but we are small enough to remain flexible to accommodate any client around the world. Check us out …

Berlin, Deutschland


feel free to contact me

Buea, Cameroon

Boyong Lambert

I have over 5 years of developing web applications. I am also comfortable developing and working with RESTful APIs.

I currently have less than two years of developing with Python and Django.

Besides Python/Django, I am also comfortable with the following technologies:

Angular.js (2.0), Jquery, Node.js, Ionic Framework and linux …

Tokyo, Japan

Tim Daulat

Have been working with Django since Jan. 2007. I have built a digital media distribution web application for Avex currently developing a widget backend for Myspace Japan.

San Francisco, California

Brick Design

UX designer, python hacker, lover of Django.

Upland, IN

David Kasper

Looking for full time employment, willing to relocate.

, Ukraine

Sona studio

We are a web development team for businesses and creative firms. We believe in delivering simple, clean and affordable solutions using industry best practices.

We specialize in agile web development using Django framework. We work on simple applications from blogs, content management systems to complete interactive web applications.

Comfortable with: …

, United Kingdom

Tangerine Smash

Tangerine Smash is a newly formed independent software company which focuses on writing high quality software using Django, Python, C# and .NET. I write good, clean code which is why Django is my platform of choice for web development, as its structured design fits well with my own coding style. …

Hatfield, United Kingdom

Alex Luton

I am a software developer and project manager experienced at building a variety of Python based web applications.

My skills include:

  • Lead Development
  • Team Leading
  • Web and Project Management
  • System design and architecture

My experience comprises full stack development, from database level to front end

Technologies include Python, Django, Plone, …

Durban South, South Africa

Django Python Pro

Websites are not what they used to be and ushering in a new age of dynamic websites is Django. With Django as the backbone for for information system your once simple website becomes a marketing tool. Change content when you want to and not when the designer has time.

With …

Vancouver, Canada


Pieoneers is a web development, iOS and design studio based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The team works with established businesses and ambitious startups in the US and Canada and creates high-value web applications, iOS apps and user interface designs. The guys who built http://flowmail.com.Our mission is to:+ Bring meaningful ideas …