McHenry, IL

Fred Grott

Broad experienced developer in enterprise development with django nand python skills.

Austin, Texas


 We have been working with Django for over three years, and have successfully completed 12 projects using it. We are very familiar with all aspects of the framework, and have also worked with a large number of django plugins, including:

  • Auto-logout after enough inactivity (Django Session Security)
  • Robust email server …
Los Angeles, California


I am a full-stack web developer, with 8 years of experience developing in Django (since before 1.0!). I've worked on massive CRM integration projects for clients with Django, built custom CMS systems and customer acquisition flows for clients in Django, managed remote Django developer teams, and I even built my …

Northern Mindanao, Philippines

Miguel Ike Dumancas

I am a Web Developer based in the Philippines. I specialize in Backend Development, usually programming with PHP or Python/Django. I have a considerable amount of experience in developing sustainable solutions and maintainable codes. I loves facing new challenges and I'm always eager to learn new technologies.


  • Python, PHP …
Rahim Yar Khan, Pakistan


i am a freelancer software eng.

, Singapore

Abraham Saputra

I am Python and Django developer from Singapore ;) cheers…!!

Los Angeles, CA


We are an agile software development team specialized in web applications. Our problem-solving skill set includes Python, Django, Ajax/JavaScript, Java/Jython and cloud computing technology such as Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services.

We are a multilingual team based in Los Angeles, California, fluent in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Cambodian …

Kiev, Ukraine


We are team of experienced web developers (4 years in Django, 8 years in web development) - We are real fans of Django, Python, and web-development. We love to bring useful projects for people.If you need a Web Project, we may help.If you are still reading this, few more …
Lima, Peru

Antonio Ognio

  • Using Django daily for several projects with peruvian and some US customers since 2008.
  • Limited experience with other Python web frameworks: webapp (GAE), Pylons, Flask.
  • Complementary web development skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery
  • 10+ years of web development experience using LAMP
  • Database experience: Years with MySQL and PostgreSQL, playing with …
Kakkanad, India

SparkSupport Infotech Pvt Ltd

Sparksupport is an agile organization with an impeccable record for deploying and managing end-to-end IT services.Being pioneers in Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) and web-based application development, we have helped SME's to leverage their business by making use of prompt and viable IT solutions. Leveraging our strong expertise will allow you …
Davao City, Philippines

Ralph Leyga

Fullstack Python Django and Javascript Developer

  • 10 Years experience
  • Python and Django developer
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Experience in agile development
  • Expert Frontend HTML, SASS, LESS and Bootstrap
  • Expert Frontend coding skills in ES6, TypeScript and Javascript
  • Proficient with front-end frameworks like Angular and jQuery
  • Experienced with Postgres, Mysql and No-sql
  • Developed …
Tegucigalpa, Honduras


We are a company dedicated to software development especially in django. We use a variety of front-end and back-end frameworks to master any web application.

Portland, Oregon

Jeff Schwaber

Been freelancing since 2008, and I love seeing all the different ways projects go.

LoFi Art is a full stack development shop of 2, sometimes 3, people. We love Django, especially with Backbone JS and Bootstrap on the front and PostgreSQL on the back. Here's a short list of techs …

Київ, Україна


Top %5 python developers on Elance with more than 15 projects successfully completed. Moreover, positive attitude guaranteed :)Special Expertize in: - travel site, e-commerce, data aggregation;- platforms (directories, marketplaces, crowdfunding);- payment system integration (Stripe, PayPal, any custom payment gateway);- custom and complex web sites for startups.We've automatized building of typical …

Kathmandu, Nepal

anish chapagain

Full stack Python/Django Developer.

Python is my core power in programming and django have given me the same height in Web based development. 

Completed M.Sc Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence) from Bangor University with Project in Text Mining (TUI using Python) under Prof. W.J. Teahan.

Skills: Web Scraping, Data Science, Analysis …

Chiang Mai, Thailand

basx Software Development

We have expertise in building organization-internal web-based databases with Django. Our projects evolve around complex workflows, highly specific requirements and secure hosting and access of data. Most of our company's experience stems from the fields of personnel data, data-history, document handling, data imports/exports as well as organizing media-artifacts and the …

San Francisco, California

Marcus Mauller

been around the block. I remember when Guido's kid Python was Django's age for instance. Prefer telecommute/remote.