Clonmel, Ireland

Bernard McMahon

Worked on many sites, often as the team lead. I have management experience in Google. I have my own pet project site:

Montana, United States

Dj Gilcrease


  • HTML
    • I have been using HTML since 1997, I keep up on the new standards and am closly following the progress of HTML5
  • Javascript
    • I have been using Javascript since the advent of DHTML, which later morphed into AJAX. I am familiar with a number of Javascript libraries, including ...
Miami, Florida

Igor Guerrero Fonseca

I'm a coder that live and love coding in Python, C/C++, and .NET. Using off course his favorite operative system Ubuntu Linux.

I'm founder of a Ubuntu Group in my hometown Nicaragua. And a early contributor to Banshee Project(

I develop websites for ...

Bangalore, India


I have been working in Python and Django for my projects. I have the hands on experience  for more than 10 projects so far in Django. I love to work in ubuntu operating system with python.

Hilversum, The Netherlands

Orne Brocaar

Orne Brocaar is a freelance web developer (Python / Django), specialized in developing high-performance, scalable and modular web applications.

Check my website for more information and an overview of projects.

Lima, Peru


We are a software development enterprise based in Lima, Perú. We have experience working in big and medium size bussines like Ambev and Pariwana, a ranking for top vendors and a Intranet that manages reservations, services and Point of Sale of a ...

Jakarta, Indonesia


digiDzine is a group of professional web developers & web designer from Indonesia.
Open source is at the heart of digiDzine and our team members are contribute to a range of open source projects.

Our platform of choice is open source tools including Python, Ruby & PHP for server-side programming.
For MVC-based ...


Vadim Chin

Python, Django, ExtJS, JQuery, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, developer
I like experiment with new languages frameworks and tools.

Skills include:
  • Software Development, architecture and design.
  • Solutions Deployment
  • Coding, Scripting and Code standart creation
  • User Training and Support
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting
  • Testing and Documentation
  • Manage and architect crm
  • IT Consulting
Languages, frameworks, cms ...
Dunedin, Florida

Bram Swenson

I am a python developer looking for freelance work.

Wroclaw, Poland

Damian Świstowski

One year django experience, two of python, many of programming.

Waterloo, Canada

Albert O'Connor Web Developer

Albert O'Connor gradutated from the University of Waterloo majoring in Computer Science and lives in the Waterloo Region.

Over 8 years of experience, focusing for the past 4 on modern web development with Python and Django. Specalities include Python, Django, AWS, jQuery, Postgresql, and Ubuntu.

Founded WatPy, the Waterloo ...

Kathmandu, Nepal

Amit Chaudhary

  • Computer engineering student
  • Loves working with Python.
San Francisco, California

Samuel Sutch

I am a technological generalist, entrepreneur and film maker. My technical strengths are (in no particular order) data architecting, cluster computing, reasoning about software patterns and UI/UIX design. I am ardent about open source and an active author and contributor to many libraries and packages over the years.

I ...

Ottawa, Canada

Weblivion, Inc.

I have nearly two decades of experience creating web sites and applications for customers from small businesses to the extended enterprise. I specialize in user interface archtiecture for web-based applications, including everything from concept to implementation.

I have a broad variety of web-related skills, including strong skills in core technologies ...

Dallas, Texas


At AXZM, we can assist you in simplifying the repetitive processes in your business with a custom web application development services such as:

  • Project Management Systems
  • Customer Portals
  • Intranet / Extranet
  • Payment Portals
  • Analytic Dashboards
  • Data Mining
  • API Systems
  • Membership Systems
  • Social Networks and more.

Bengaluru, India


Full Stack & DevOps Engineer. Mobile Developer (iOS & Android). Open-Source Fanatic. Big Data, Machine Learning and IoT Enthusiast. Father. Atheist.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I've been using Python for about 3 years, with Twisted + Clearsilver + Postgresql to build some web applications. Lately I have been using Django more and more for building the web app for my startup.

Basel, Switzerland

We use django for anything web related and c++ for desktop projects