Samuel Muiruri

I code mostly using Python a powerful yet simple to use programming language.

I do Web Development: with Django, for the front and back-end. If you're looking for a functional user friendly site that looks great from the front-end and with a backend that's fast without needing to invest in massive server specs at the start you should consider request a quote, after all it's free and after developing websites since 2012 I can tell you the complexity of your project and how you can manage it.

Django is modular: like a modern CRM it's intended to be built in a way that you should be able to edit most if not all content on the front-end from the backend with a simple and easy to use page

and the backend comes with cool inbuilt features like: controlling user priveledge so your staff accounts can be limited to only what they should edit ensuring you feel more secure and incharge of your site. The front-end is built with the backend in mind so can specify when you want content to appear, disable viewing of content instantly and arrange your content based on your preference. Your creativity is the limit of what's possible... within reason, just be reasonable it's code not magic. 😄

Do you believe data is the new gold, maybe you own some of that data but without order or figuring out how to use it it's not turning to gold... this is where you'd need Data Science scripts that can scan through hundreds of thousands of rows of data in excel or from a database and answer the question you need to know, what's actually going on and how you can take advantage of it.

If you own the data or you want to first mine it (provided it's publicly available or if data that can be sold like target audience profiling) I'm your guy. I can build intuitive visualization for your team with graphs and any other plot and also custom make script that can feed in data to an application you may use that you use on a day to day basis, request a quote.

If your data is huge but has a predictable pattern that you use to gain insight, something that writing code to give prediction would mean writing a huge piece of code and any new field would mean more code to include this, your data is a good match for Machine Learning a model that can find patterns in your data and use this to intuitively give predictions which could even include a discount price based on data of base price and final price with the discount calculated and the more information like the customer's background can make it more of a better sales person.

You might want a custom inhouse application that covers all your business logic like stock management, online transactions, inventory tracking even an analysis of content from the internet and filtering it to a subset of what you need. What you need is a Desktop Application, I can design this for all platforms: windows, mac and linux that can either run locally without internet access only on one machine or on the local network sharing the content between the networked PC's or an application that needs information from an internet resource that will fail gracefully if the connection is interrupted or the source of your data goes down.

If your interested you can request a quote or learn more about me, the skills and tools I use and previous projects I've worked on the about page

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