Guillermo Colmenero

I am a software developer from Montevideo, Uruguay. I enjoy building everything from web apps for startups to industrial critical systems. If I'm not working remotely on projects for clients all over the world, I'm learning new technologies.


  • Project Management
    • Traditional (From the PMBOK)
    • Process management (CMMI, SPICE, ISO 9002)
    • Agile (Scrum, PP, XP)
  • Back-end Development
    • Python (Django, Celery, Scipy, Virtualenv, Scrapy, Twisted)
    • Java (JEE, Spring, Android SDK, Maven, Gradle)
    • JavaScript (NodeJS, Express Framework)
    • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
    • NoSQL (Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, Memcached)
    • C# (MVC, WCF, EF)
    • SCM (Git, Subversion)
    • C99
  • DevOps
    • Debian GNU/Linux (Bash Scripting, APT, Pipes, Cron, iptables, etc)
    • I been studying and using the full network stack
    • CI (Jenkins and Travis)
    • Web Servers (Apache2, nginx, Jetty)
    • Docker
  • Front-end Development
    • JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, React, Underscore)
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Usability
  • BigData / Datamining / Machine Learning
    • Orange Canvas
    • SciPy
    • Weka
    • Tanagra
    • R
    • Elastic Search + Kibana
    • Apache Hadoop (Basic Usage)

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