Lal Zada


I am Full Stack Web and Mobile Applications Developer with more than 4 years of experience in Python, PHP and Javascript. In these years of development, for couple of years i worked on PHP, then switched my field to Python and recently to Mobile applications development, which allowed me to explore myself as technology independent developer. I have worked on numerous projects from concepts to completion i.e database design, backend & frontend development, performance and speed optimization, server configurations, management and deployment for major companies such as Nextbridge, LEADConcept Solution Leaders and FiveRivers Technologies.Recently i switched to Mobile application development using React Native and ReactJS for both Android and iOS platforms.

Skills Summary:

Backend:Django, Django REST Framework, Pandas, CakePHP, Yii FrameworkFrontend:ReactJS, React Native, Bootstrap, HTML, CSSDatabases:MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLiteWeb Servers:Nginx, uWSGI, ApacheOther Tools & Technologies:Git, Celery, Vagrant, Ansible, FFMPEG, Web Performance and Speed optimization

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