3 SEP 2014

Web Developer - Málaga

Position immediately available for an experienced software professional. You will work within an international team of developers skilled in Python, SQL, Java and Common Lisp.

The ideal candidate will have excellent skills as a software engineer and professional experience delivering web-based applications developed and deployed on Linux.  You should be fluent in Python and SQL for the backend, and an HTML, CSS and JavaScript expert on the front end. Knowledge of Django and jQuery are highly recommended.  Must be adaptable and willing to learn new technologies. You work successfully in a small team environment, with a willingness to teach and to learn.

You will develop, extend and support a set of web-based tools for use by a team of non-programmer colleagues. You must be proficient at working directly with this team to support their needs and improve their work flow. You should be equally comfortable working with the development and operations staff, including leading reviews of your code and participating in the reviews of others.

The ability to communicate effectively in English, both in writing and verbally is a must. Knowledge of Spanish is not a business requirement. European Union legal working status is strongly preferred.

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