29 SEP 2021

Senior Software Engineer @ CustomMade

About CustomMade

At CustomMade, we're changing the way people get engaged. An engagement ring is one of the most significant, and one of the most expensive, purchases in a young person's life. It shouldn't be confusing or transactional, it should be fun, inspiring, and transparent. That's what we aim to do. We make the process of designing and creating an engagement ring personal and meaningful, providing 100% custom design, attentive individualized service, and affordable pricing.

Every customer connects with people on our team who guide them through the process, and every piece of jewelry we create is designed and manufactured from scratch, exactly once. It's easy to imagine why there are some real challenges in making that work with predictability and at scale, delivering exceptionally satisfying experiences, and making a profitable business out of it. We've proven our ability to do this, and now we're hard at work on growth.

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About the Role

We're looking for a thoughtful, independent, and flexible Senior Software Engineer to join our small team. This is a great opportunity for someone who loves developing software and seeing the results of their work adopted immediately, and for a candidate eager to embrace the growth challenge of owning large pieces of a growing platform and software development cycle with a lot of freedom and independence.

Our apps are built in Python (using the Django framework) and React -- with the expected smattering of databases, search engines, web servers, caches, image servers, CDNs, and other components of a modern, cloud-deployed web site. Our core software products include a consumer-facing site and project management UI, where our customers exchange messages with our team, explore educational and inspiration materials, manage project and payment details, etc. We've also developed a purpose-built CRM that our growing teams use to manage the complex process of guiding a customer through a custom jewelry design experience, and coordinating the one-off design and manufacturing process through a complex, asynchronous workflow with many specialist teams.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable developing across the entire stack, with a particular emphasis on comfort and confidence developing React JS apps. This role will partner with our Principal Software Engineer, our Product Management and Design teams, and will report to, and be supported by, our co-founder and VP of Engineering.

Where We Work

Our headquarters are located in Cambridge, MA, but we have a distributed team, with most of our staff (including those who work near Cambridge) being remote much of the time. The ideal candidate will be within a few hours of our time zone, and will be comfortable working and coordinating with remote team members. Local candidates who prefer to work in our Cambridge office are absolutely welcome to do so, though much of the coordination and collaboration will continue to be with remote team members.

A Bit More About CustomMade

Our web-based custom jewelry business was founded 6 years ago and has a proven business model, and demonstrated ability to scale. We're a bit different from many other tech startups for a few reasons:

  • We're consumer-facing and we make a physical product. Every day, sparkling engagement rings we designed and created are photographed, packed up, and shipped to our customers -- and every day, pictures of their weddings and engagements make their way back to us. It's an incredibly satisfying experience to see our work directly impact our customers' lives.
  • We've built this company with a focus on business fundamentals, rather than startup fundraising cycles. CustomMade has taken no VC funding, and we believe in growing sustainably.
  • We've built a team of smart, hard-working individuals, and a culture of kindness and supportive collaboration. Every member of our staff is responsible for making smart decisions about where to invest their time, and has a great deal of room to develop and grow their area of responsibility.

Qualifications, Skills, & Abilities
  • 3+ years experience developing software, ideally in a web-based environment.
  • Experience with full-stack engineering. Python and React experience are a big plus, but experience in other environments (e.g. Ruby on Rails, other Javascript frameworks) translates well.
  • Experience with MVC frameworks, ORM-based database interaction, and SQL.
  • Familiarity with AWS or other cloud-based deployment environments a plus.
  • Familiarity with web applications and web architecture. Experience with MySQL, Nginx, Thumbor, Memcache, Redis a plus.
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, SASS. Familiarity with Browserify and node.js a plus.
  • Track record of high-achievement and increasing responsibility.
  • Proven ability to self-motivate and self-manage.
  • Bachelor's Degree from a top college/university a plus.

How to Apply

Send your resume to Sasha Shusteff (engcareers@custommade.com). No recruiters, please.

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