30 NOV 2015

Senior Python/Django Developer

iGROW is a Health-as-a-Service platform based out of Singapore. With the launch of our flagship product iGrowFIT (www.iGrowFIT.com), we are trying to solve the problem of employee health and fitness for companies. Our platform is based on Python/Django/jQuery/Bootstrap, and hosted on AWS. We aim to be the leader in Corporate Health solutions in Singapore and ASIA.

We're looking for great developers who are

  1. Knowledgeable in Python/Django
  2. Experienced with AWS, and deployment with Fabric.
  3. With Some front end chops with jQuery, Bootstrap
  4. Love working at a startup environment that's growing(we already have paying customers)
  5. Enjoys learning new things
  6. Comfortable with taking tech decisions and leading the product dev

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