26 AUG 2014

Senior Django Developer wanted to do good


We're expanding our campaign platform for social good across the world and we're looking for a lead developer to help us get there. The platform, developed by a Django core developer and a team of UX designers, developers and activists in Australia, has been operating for 3 years and has supported 500+ campaigns for change in that time.

The platform combines the ease of use of petition tools with the power of campaign platforms many times its price making it the perfect tool for all sorts of people right around the world to do good. We're on the cusp of a revolution in empowered citizenry and Do Gooder wants to ensure that good people have great tools to help them take action.

We're proud of the difference we've made both domestically and further afield, changing bad policy at the local, state and federal levels within Australia. We’ve fundraised to save rainforests in Ecuador, supported independent and diverse media, helped save the Tasmanian forest from World Heritage delisting, stopped loggers in their tracks, saved solar energy tariffs, supported conservation of wildlife as diverse as Australian wallabies and the great Orang-utans, reduced human rights abuses in multiple countries and even helped save Beagle puppies from chemical testing.

Our platform is robust, built on strong foundations and is already used by major organisations like US based Rainforest Action Network, the Australian Conservation Foundation, consumer watchdog Choice and many others in Australia and the US.

But we’re not yet firing on all cylinders. We need more developers so we can make Do Gooder the force for good it has the potential to be.

Position Description

We are looking to hire an experienced Web Developer proficient in Python and Django to join the do-gooder crew. You'll work closely with our lead tech director (a Django core developer) and our activist CEO to architect a revolutionary new platform with action tools never before imagined for activist platforms.

Specific platform enhancements for which you’ll be involved in : (include but are not limited to):

  • Help us build automated politician database tools to ensure elected representatives are always contactable, and accountable.
  • Build a suite of cutting edge action tools that go way beyond email or traditional online actions
  • Design and build a distributed architecture to allow campaigners to spawn and manage a thousand local campaigns
  • Build an integrated email campaigning engine to allow laser focussed targeting of decision makers
  • Build multilingual campaign features
  • Collaborate with groundbreaking open gov projects like Open States, Populus and many others
Good skills to have
  • A degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 4+ years designing and building a range of medium sized LAMP infrastructures (CMS websites, SaaS platforms, etc.)
  • System administration skills
  • 2+ years using Django
  • HTML5, CSS, Javascript, XHTML, AJAX
  • UML, Information Architecture, Responsive Interface Design
  • Experience using Git (we use Assembla)
  • Understanding of Agile Development methodology
  • A collaborative approach to getting things done

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