1 DEC 2022

Senior Django Developer (Remote)

We are looking for an experienced Django developer to work on an hourly-rate contract basis. The position can be remote, we would love to work with agencies.

We have 3 products using a Django + PostgreSQL + Jquery stack that have been in maintenance mode where one now needs some feature work. Once this feature work is done you will be moved to our new early stage product built using Vue.js and Tailwind on the front end, and FastAPI and SQLAlchemy on the back end.

We need you to:

  • Work with a very small team for 40+ hours a week, communicating using Slack, Google Meet, and email.
  • Write Django views, models, templates, unit tests, etc. with minimal hand-holding.
  • Take part in standup meetings (Google Meet)
  • Use Shortcut for tickets, docs, and project management.
  • Use git for version control and know how to issue pull requests on Github.
  • Write views that generate documents in .xlsx or .pdf formats.
  • Develop locally either with docker-compose or vagrant.


  • Strong Python 3.8+ experience
  • Strong experience with Django
  • Familiar with basic HTML, CSS, and jquery + javascript for front-end work
  • Experience with git, including issuing pull requests and merging branches

Bonus skills:

  • PostgreSQL
  • HTMX
  • Understanding of HTML security headers, particularly CSP

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