5 OCT 2015

Senior Backend Developer

Are you an innovative and talented full stack developer? Does working on a project that serves over 100,000 end users float-your-boat? Do you believe in shipping quality code early and often? If so, come and join us at GradConnection.

You will be responsible for designing, implementing, monitoring, scaling and optimizing the code that powers the GradConnection site and client applications. We’re a global company with operations in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Cape Town, and the company and our products are scaling rapidly. We're also looking to expand into the US and UK and would like you to join us on this journey.

What You'll Do

We would like you to design and develop new software applications, features, and frameworks for the GradConnection site and our Saas applications. We also want you to help us improve and troubleshoot issues with the existing architecture and code. You will work with UI developers and designers, as well as with developers in Cape Town and Sydney for product and application innovation. You will polish and improve our existing UX/UI, and gain an understanding of all technologies used in the backend infrastructure.

This position is located in our Cape Town office. You must be eligible to work in South Africa today.

More about the role and company

We have been re-structuring our software development processes over the past year, moving from the ad-hoc processes that helped this company achieve market dominance in Australia. As a senior software engineer, you'll be responsible for contributing to the development of our upcoming projects such as the next generation of HR and recruitment products, as well as improvements on our existing flagship website.  

Skills & Requirements
  • Python

  • Django

  • Django REST framework

  • AngularJS/React

  • Socket.IO

  • Gerrit/Jenkins

  • Gulp/Grunt

  • Postgres

What we expect from you

  • Excellent coding skills and a track record of getting stuff done

  • Several years of full-stack web development

  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Database

  • Previous experience in leading and mentoring less experienced developers would be beneficial

  • Have strong opinions on projects you are developing

  • Eager to influence the software development process as well as product design and UX experience

You will be a core pillar in our software development team, and you will be required to lead as we expand our South African office. You will advance our in-house software engineering processes and expertise.

About GradConnection
  • We write web software for universities to enable their students to apply for jobs globally.

  • We also run site for university graduates to find graduate positions and allow employers around the world to advertise to students anywhere in the world.

  • GradConnection is expanding fast as a ambitious, profitable and easy-going company.

  • We're an international company expanding around the world. We started in 2008 in Australia where over 70% of graduates employed in graduate positions found their graduate position from gradconnection.com.au. We're also busy expanding to South Africa, Africa, UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong.

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