31 JAN 2024

Law Firm Website Expansion

Rapidly growing law firm is seeking to expand the features of its internal and public-facing websites. The firm's core sites are built with Django and will likely continue to be built with Django for the foreseeable future. Styling is based in TailwindCSS, and asynchronous functionality is done with HTMX, so experience in both is a major plus. All site design should be made responsive/mobile-friendly, specifically via TailwindCSS. The majority of traffic to our public-facing site(s) is from mobile devices.

The functionality within our sites and the availability of the underlying data are largely user- or group-specific. Most initial work will involve the development of a user profile system and user workflow that guides users through the process of settling outstanding legal matters. This workflow will be protected by Django’s built-in security/authentication middleware. Some existing workflows rely only on session-based security. This project may require updates to both. Please be versed in testing with the Django RequestFactory and whatever other testing may help ensure that users are able to access the parts of the site, and the specific workflows, that pertain to them, but nothing more. 

You'll be working with our in-house developer, primarily on Django development, but if you are able to assist with other ongoing duties, we may have other opportunities for you (database administration, design of complex reports in SQL, workflow automation using Python, API development, testing, etc.). 

We are planning for a substantial amount of web development throughout 2024. You will be expected to deliver functional components by specific deadlines. Some familiarity with GitHub is required.

Your tasks:

  • Developing Django projects as a website or a web app
  • Improving the usability of existing web projects
  • Striving for high test coverage 

Your profile:

  • Documented professional experience as a Django developer
  • In-depth knowledge of Python and Django
  • Experience with Git and GitHub
  • Familiarity with TailwindCSS and Linux
  • Good communication skills

What we offer:

  • Flexible hours, working from home
  • Opportunities for additional projects
  • Access to a great network of State and Federal Attorneys

How to Apply:

Send us an email to evan@noacklawfirm.com with:

  • your CV,
  • your hourly rate, 
  • your earliest possible starting date ,
  • and one selected Django project that helps us to evaluate your coding skills.

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