21 JAN 2020

Full-stack Python/Django Developer


We’re a well established company in Leicester city centre looking for a developer with the skills and passion required to slot into a small tight knit team that takes pride in delivering reliable, secure web applications and content-managed websites using Python, Django, Wagtail and other open source goodness. Our full service agency has existed for over 38 years and covers advertising, design, PR, social media and digital. We’ve been building websites and apps for about 20 years so far and would like to go another 20.

We don’t do Microsoft. We don’t do PHP. We don’t do WordPress. It’s nothing personal, but if your expertise is in those areas, this isn’t the job for you. We’re increasingly interested in React and Node.js though so a bit of that wouldn’t hurt, but our core is Python and other technologies such as HTML5, Docker, MySQL, Nginx, Ubuntu and jQuery/JavaScript.

Our work is varied - we work on projects big and small for the private sector and the public sector.

A typical day might see you:

  • writing some beautiful, concise, but not clever-for-clevers-sake Python code
  • wrangling a bunch of cloud servers and Kubernetes clusters
  • configuring a Wagtail CMS with some custom plugins and neat customisations
  • being responsible for testing somebody else’s code
  • explaining to a client how to use their shiny new CMS
  • helping turn our excellent front-end developer’s designs into Django templates

Socially with the extremely friendly bunch around you, you might be:

  • arguing about The Mandalorian*
  • eating Italian chocolates*
  • justifying the benefits of bathing over showering*
  • humblebragging about your Apex Legends rank**
  • enjoying an absolute belter of a curry in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country**

*witnessed just today

**witnessed prior to today


You’ll need to be passionate about what you do and have some prior experience of building Python-powered apps and websites at the very least, but ideally Django and Wagtail too.

If you know your way around Linux servers, understand Docker and Kubernetes, have cloud computing experience and know some front end development then that’s great.

A university degree might help indicate some life experience and ability to coexist with others, but it isn’t an essential requirement from a CV perspective: we rank the ability to search Stack Overflow and think creatively on the spot higher than that.


You’ll get a good chunk of money, varied and interesting projects, a super relaxed environment, the ability to work remotely sometimes, whatever hardware, software, training and tools you need and mutual respect and support from a bunch of talented and like-minded people you can chat with and bounce ideas off of whenever you like.

We should probably embed a YouTube video showing how unique and cool we are at this point - you know the sort of thing we mean: slow motion clips of people playing table tennis, people high-fiving in GitHub t-shirts, somebody nodding in front of an iMac whilst sipping a craft beer, that sort of thing.

We don’t have table tennis though, so the best we can give you is that working here is genuinely fun and fulfilling.

There is a real buzz, excitement and family feel about the place. All 60 of us are passionate about what we do. People wear slippers, share pictures of their pets and kids, and frequently organise good old fashioned drinks in the pub. Some people even do a fulfilling day’s work before heading home at 5.30pm with a smile on their face.

References from ex-employees that still keep in touch, fondly remember us and regret moving on are available upon request.

If you’ve made it this far and this is making sense, please apply, cheers!

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