6 JUL 2020

Full Stack - Lead Engineer

Life Ledger is looking for a motivated and ambitious full stack developer (django and react) to join their small and dynamic team. The successful applicant will take on the technical ownership of the Life Ledger MVP and will be focused on the delivery of the next iterations and features of the product in order to try to achieve product market fit and build the business into a world class product company.

*Please note we would like the successful candidate to work from our office in Cornwall (PL11). We are open to talking to high quality candidates that are not open to working in Cornwall as well.


  • Fully conversant in web languages including;
  • React JS
  • DJango (Python 3.5+)
  • Graph QL
  • Fully conversant in data storage including;
  • SQL, Redis and SQL injections
  • Strong on the server side and development ops, with the ability to manage the server using AWS or a server setup that you are conversant with. We’re currently using EC2, S3, Spanner, Cloudfront, Load Balancing, and Beanstalk, thus goood knowledge of all of these is preferable.
  • An understanding of and a good level of experience in:
  • Standard code repositories such as Git or Bitbucket
  • The different software development processes including Agile
  • Undertaking code reviews, and maintaining sizeable code sets
  • Continuous deployment
  • Unit testing
  • An ability to pick up tasks, plan them out, deliver, and effectively test. Providing deployment ready demos which require minimum feedback and iterations. You need to be able to think about the product, and deliver the right user experience and not just the technology.
  • An ability to assess the product’s codebase and pick out areas that will require improvement or enhancement.
  • An ability to understand a roadmap, plan it out and deliver in time.


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