2 SEP 2021

[Freelance] Remote Django Developer - Day Rate $200-$350 - Mentorship

Coder here who needs some help with a bunch of projects I'm working on:

  • an interactive museum exhibition where on-site hardware communicates with our servers via web-sockets
  • a system to grab all the open-data for various types of tourist attractions. Lots of scraper and data merging work
  • automation of car damage reports (DRF + image libraries + bit of machine learning)

For anyone curious about who you'll be working with, I'm a programmer myself (~12 years experience) looking to provide fun and challenging work as well as professional/entrepreneurial mentorship to help you grow. I have some videos on YouTube about my approach to coding and indie hacking. E.g. watch me vim here https://youtu.be/futay9NjOac

Bonus Skills (not expected, but if you have them, definitely mention them)

  • Experience with React Native
  • Experience with React
  • Can read/write/or speak German

Other stuff

  • Remote obviously fine.
  • Clear written communication is important.
  • Pay is ~$200-$350/day depending on seniority.
  • We need someone who has at least 2.5 days a week capacity (or can scale up to that reasonably soon).

If you're interested, PM me with links to your GitHub/blog/Upwork reviews/anywhere else you show your coding and communication skills online.

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