14 AUG 2023

Django + Javascript developer

We are looking for an junior to mid-level Django developer to work on an hourly-rate contract basis. The front-ends of our apps are mostly plain HTML+CSS with some javascript, but we are just starting on a front-end for a new app (wagtail/django back-end) where we would like to experiment with using https://htmx.org.

This position is remote or office (if you live in the Denver area), your choice.

We need you to:

  • Work with a very small team for 40 hours a week, communicating using Slack, Google Meet, and email.
  • Write Django views, models, templates, unit tests, etc. with minimal hand-holding.
  • Use Shortcut.com for tickets, docs, and project management.
  • Use git for version control and know how to issue pull requests on Github.
  • Develop locally with docker compose.


  • Python 3.10+ experience
  • Experience with Django
  • Familiar with basic HTML, CSS, and javascript for front-end work (just coding, we have designers for any graphic design)
  • Experience with git, including issuing pull requests and merging branches

Bonus skills:

  • PostgreSQL
  • HTMX
  • Understanding of HTML security headers, particularly CSP

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