6 AUG 2020

Django Engineer - Remove React from Project and convert to Django Templates

We have a 3 month old project that we’re looking to port over to a monolithic Django project.

Currently the project is React + Django Rest. The project in its current state is too complex for our current needs so we’d like to make things simpler by porting the project to a simpler Django project.

We need to remove React from the project, port over all of the views and generate them in Django templates, implement any JS or AJAX to replace React components, and ensure everything is back to its current state in a Django monolithic project.

We use Django and Bootstrap frameworks, so experience with both is required.

A little about you:

- You’re scrappy and know how to build and launch on a budget

- You enjoy the challenge of owning a large portion of work

- You appreciate frameworks for the speed they offer

- You don’t mind working solo and have experiencing building solo projects

- You prefer working asynchronously and can manage your time on your own

- You value simple rather than complex

- You sometimes wonder why javascript frameworks are so poplar

- You’re an expert with the Django framework and have years of experience

- You’d rather someone else create the designs and HTML/CSS but you’re comfortable implementing them

- You enjoy solving complex data management (ETL) problems

- You’d rather work in a small team than a big one

- You enjoy having the responsibility of keeping things up and running

Things you’ll do:

- Port over existing project front-end into Django views and deprecate front-end (temporary project)

- Lead the design and development of backend features and components

- Scaling the backend architecture and codebase

- Reducing the level of technical debt of the backend codebase

- Stewarding technical standards and quality

- Maintaining both private and public APIs

- Optimizing database queries and access

- Taking ownership of a major part of the codebase and shipping code regularly!

- Interface with product and other functional teams and their leadership

- Provide peer code review and work with remote engineering teams

- Analyze and assess code with an insistence on quality and reliability

What you’ll need:

- 3-5+ years working with Django framework

- Proficient with Javascript and HTML/CSS

- Experience working on Python backend systems at scale, using technologies and frameworks like PostgreSQL, Django, Redis, RESTFul APIs, Javascript, etc.

- Experience with AWS tools and available infrastructure technologies

- Experience building and deploying complex but well architected, maintainable, and testable application backends

- Good troubleshooting and debugging skills

- Experience with error logging and performance tools such (Sentry, New Relic, etc.)

- Strong object-oriented programming and test driven development skills

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