4 MAY 2021

Django API Developer

As a Django API Developer with Emissary.ai, you'll be working on a Django Rest Framework project with multiple production clients. If you prefer to stay only in the backend, communicating with other team members mostly over Slack, this role is ideal for you.

Experience with Django Rest Framework, Celery, AWS, Docker, and similar technologies is ideal. Although this is a backend position, experience with client-side JavaScript is still a plus, as is experience developing SaaS projects.

Emissary.ai is a rapidly growing SaaS platform that provides enterprise grade texting/SMS tools for recruiters and HR teams that work in harmony with other platforms. We are transforming the way employers communicate, making the process more efficient and user friendly for everyone involved. Our customers include global brands spanning diverse industries.

Requirements:* Extensive Python and Django Experience

* Strong Written English

* A mind for secure code and test coverage

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