8 OCT 2015

Blockchain and Ethereum Developer

brainbot technologies is working on cutting edge blockchain development. We are a major contributor to Ethereum, a Blockchain 2.0 system which supports turing complete smart contracts and is a platform for rapid development of decentralized applications (DApps). The platform also comes with a secure messaging infrastructure (Whisper) and a DHT based storage (ipfs).Our core product is HydraChain which is an extension to Ethereum for enterprises.ResponsibilitiesYou’ll work on the client core and/or build applications based on the Ethereum and HydraChain platforms. Most of the work will be on open source software.To get an idea about the tools we are using, please take a look at the code:

As we are relying on PyPy and gevent, we are currently using Python 2.7 but plan to move to Python 3 once PyPy is compatible with Python 3.3.Note: We do not use Django. The architecture of decentralized applications which are build on top of Ethereum is: local ethereum-node <- jsonrpc -> HTML/JSWhile building distributed applications on top of the Ethereum stack might be one of your tasks, the focus will be on core development. Essential Skills & Experience

  • Strong Python skills
  • Experience in an open source community
  • Experience building and maintaining products with real-world usage
  • Experience in testing and continuous integration
  • Attention to detail – awareness that the applications here are mission critical  
  • Ability to own what you are building and see it through from end to end
  • Knowledge of git and git workflows
  • Fluent in English (oral and written).


  • Good C++ skills
  • Experience in profiling code
  • Experience with blockchain technology
  • Experience with cryptography
  • Experience with p2p and networking
How to apply

Send your updated CV to contact@brainbot.com

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