30 SEP 2020

A Web Development Officer

Permanent position

Candidacies : until Oct. 9, 2020


IRCAM is a non-profit association, associated with the Georges Pompidou National Centre for Art and Culture, whose missions include research, creation, pedagogy and innovation activities around music and its relationship with science and technology. IRCAM is located in the heart of Paris, close to the Centre Georges Pompidou, at 1 Place Igor Stravinsky 75004 Paris.

IRCAM’s innovation dynamic is based on a unique model focused on contemporary creation. Close collaboration between artists and researchers leads to inventions for the sound production of works that are, in fact, advanced prototypes. The technical engineering process utilizes attempts to extrapolate and pool unique artistic approaches in generic concepts and instantiate them as forms adapted for broader use.

Within the Innovation and Research Means department, the Web Team (POW) ensures the coordination, development and maintenance of web-oriented applications for all IRCAM's departments through the framework of collaborative research, development and open innovation projects. This team is part of a desire to pool resources for agile development, to factorize sustainable technological resources and to optimize the flow of digital, social and musical data within and outside the Institute.


You will be in charge of managing, developing and maintaining some of IRCAM's Web services dedicated to communication, documentation and music/audio research in synergy with the other missions and projects of the development team. This job implies some internal interactions in the Institute (developers, system administrators, product managers and researchers) but also with external partners. You will be also involved in the management of the team and in the global web strategy of IRCAM.


Full-stack developer (40%)

  • Architecture of application packages
  • Deepening of the business knowledge of each application
  • UI/UX design
  • Software development
  • Technologies and languages : HTML, CSS, Python, Django, Django-Rest-Framework, PosgreSQL, MySQL, GraphQL, Javascript, Vue.js, WebPack, Web Audio API

DevOps (30%)

  • Initiatives to organize the code and its deployment
  • Management of deployment and continuous integration environments
  • Development of maintenance scripts
  • Technologies and languages : Linux, Docker, docker-compose, Git, Nginx, SSH, Bash

As a project manager (20%)

  • Collection of needs
  • Drafting of specifications (punctual)
  • Estimates, prioritization and costing
  • Arbitration of feature requests
  • Collaboration with service providers
  • Project management in agile mode

UI/UX (10%)

  • Wireframe design
  • Usecase writing
  • User Interviews
  • Master’s level of engineering school (specializing in computer science) or equivalent,
  • professional experience of at least 2 years,
  • operational English,
  • mastery or good knowledge of the technologies listed above,
  • experience of development or participation in an open source project,
  • autonomy, rigour and reactivity but also a certain passion for music and audio in general,
  • a knowledge of the audio oriented R&D environment and experience in data science are a better.

According to education and professional experience.

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