16 JUN 2015

Amendment to existing iGROWFIT Fitness Portal

iGROWFit Portal helps you to book anytime anywhere any fitness class in Singapore.
Different users on iGrowFit are as below
1. Super Admin
2. HR Manager
3. Studio Manager
4. Employee 
Roles of Admin User
1. Create all types of user
2. Create studio and its settings
3. Create client Package with its settings
4. Admin can run the script to create class schedules
5. Admin can the run the script to create new users
HR Manager
1. HR Manager can see the statistics of package usage.
2. HR Manager can see the individual usage of package
3. HR Manager can disable the employees left from organization
4. HR Manager can add new employee
Studio Manager
1. Reject or accept the class.
2. Can see the statistics about package bought
3. Reject or approves booking if the booking is after the quota limit
4. Bookings are auto approved within the quota
1. Book the class
2. Cancel the class
Each Employee user is assigned a Maximum Quota and concurrent Quota Limit
It means 
Maximum Quota is max no of sessions one employee can book until Package expiry
Concurrent Quota limit is No of sessions employee can book at a time

Amendment List:
1: Most Important Amendment is to allow user to book the class until 4 hours before.(eg. Last permissible booking for class at 5th June 2015 8pm will be until 5th June 2015 4pm)
2: Consolidated list of all the classes booked for one studio should be sent out to Studio at midnight.
3:iGROW has decided for now to include only class booking in capacity and above capacity employees will not be entertained for class booking so there will be no emails going for pending confirmation and approval/Rejection.
4:Migration of code on iGROW Server as now project is not launched

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