2 JUL 2014

Senior Software Engineer

Catchafire (www.catchafire.org) is looking for a passionate, quality-focused senior software engineer with a social conscience. Your job will be to support, enhance, and expand Catchafire's pro bono matching website, where we match nonprofits and other social good enterprises to volunteers who are willing to donate their skills. If you have passion not only for technology but also for applying technology to further social causes in new and innovative ways, we'd like to speak with you.


  • Engaging in all aspects of software development, including architecture, documentation, unit testing, and deployment using Python and the Django framework
  • Writing Django templates, JavaScript, and basic HTML & CSS
  • Working with internal sales, community, operations, product team and executive staff to review and implement ideas
  • Website systems administration and optimization on Ubuntu servers
  • Providing leadership to and mentoring other technology team members

The ideal candidate for this position must demonstrate the following:

  • 5+ years experience coding in Python
  • 5+ years experience using the Django (or similar) web framework
  • 5+ years SQL coding experience
  • 3+ years experience coding JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Experience scaling and administering full web application stacks
  • Eagerness to learn and work at all levels of responsibility
  • Working knowledge of source code control and unit testing

  • Experience scaling with MySQL
  • Experience working in the social good sector
  • Project leadership and management duties
  • Experience using Fabric for devops tasks
  • Experience with nginx, gunicorn, caching systems
  • If you're truly awesome, and have some characteristic that you believe will compensate for lacking one of the key skills, just explain it in your submission.

Candidates from outside the US are welcome to apply, provided they are willing to align their schedule, at least in part, with East Coast US hours.

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