20 JUN 2014

Python Developer

Firm Description

Horizon Investments is a tactical investment manager with a focus on the global marketplace. Horizon believes markets, along with client needs, are dynamic and therefore require a flexible approach in order to be successful. Horizon provides strategies for the three main challenges investors face throughout their investing life cycles: Accumulation of assets, Protection of those assets and Spending through retirement. 

Horizon develops web applications for our employees, clients, vendors and associates. We are somewhat language/framework agnostic but have found Python to be particularly useful for our industry. 

You will be ... 

  • Assisting technology team with key technology goals.

  • Assisting the technology team in system and software development efforts.

  • Maintaining the firm’s compliance with all compliance mandated technology protocols

You should probably have some ...

  • Programming Experience (or Interest)

  • Financial Services Experience (or Interest)

  • Technology / Programming Expertise or Interest

    • Networking 

    • Cyber Security  

    • Mobile Device App Development and Deployment 

    • Development Experience in Python (particularly numpy, scipy, pandas)

    • Web/ORM Application Experience (django, HTML, JSON, CSS)

    • Source Code Control (git, mercurial) and server side scripting (linux)

    • Google Apps (APIs)

About the Position ...

This position is a full-time, on site role in Charlotte, NC. 

To Apply ...

*Interested applicants should send a plain text email to talent [at] horizoninvestments [dot] com  with your cover letter as the body of the email. Attach a resume in PDF format.

No Agencies Please.

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