Weblivion, Inc.

I have nearly two decades of experience creating web sites and applications for customers from small businesses to the extended enterprise. I specialize in user interface archtiecture for web-based applications, including everything from concept to implementation.

I have a broad variety of web-related skills, including strong skills in core technologies such as:

  • HTML;
  • JavaScript;
  • CSS;
  • Python/Django

.. as well as support tools:

  • CSS extensions such as CleverCSS/Less/SASS and custom tools;
  • Version control using CVS/SVN/GIT;
  • Compression-obfuscation using YUI/csstidy;
  • Image compilation using custom tools;

… and several django modules I've created myself or contributed to).

My professional experience includes:

  • Customer needs analysis and information architecture;
  • Wireframing and complex task flow design;
  • Polished comprehensive design for user interface;
  • Design and creation of new support tools and enhancements and patches to existing open-source projects;
  • Code design with an emphasis on documentation, readability and maintainability;
  • Powerful, layered approach to configuration/customization (“franchising”);
  • Improved end-user experience through thoughtful JavaScript/AJAX functionality enhancement;
  • Design and implementation of legacy application RESTful client APIs;
  • High performance delivery (library catentation, spriting, compression-obfuscation, hashed-media and far-future expires, static media server delivery, etc.);
  • Worked with legacy software, including interfaces written using PHP, Java, and .net-based technologies;
  • Accessibility for users with disabilities (e.g. Section 508 compliance/WAI);
  • Documentation of software and tasks;
  • Staff training via presentation and courseware authoring/development

I am fluent in English and moderately conversational en français, and seeking short- to long-term contract employment. Full-time employment may be available for the right project and if you are OK with remote employees (travel possible).

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