Wasi Mohammed Abdullah

Wasi Mohammed Abdullah.CEO, Founder of Dreamcatcher ITChittagong, Bangladesh.

Cell: +8801858 503 621

E-mail: wasi0013@gmail.com

Pythonista, Javascript Enthusiast, Thinker, Day Dreamer & An introvert with exception

I’m a  passionate web developer who loves to help others to find the best programmable solution to achieve their objectives. As a web developer, I enjoy using my obsessive attention to detail, my unequivocal love for making things, and my mission-driven work ethic to literally change the world.

My programming journey started on 2012. I have 2+ years of working experience as a Software Engineer and served a Software Company in Chittagong. Plus, 4 years of working Experience on different freelancing platforms. I have dedicated myself full time on building up my own startup. Its been a year already! and, counting…  My work is something I do with lot of honesty, appetite and commitment.

In my spare time, I like to read books (pdf mostly) sometime, you’ll find me getting  lost in the beauty of chess and music. Occasionally, clicks with camera also like to compose music.

Professional Skills:

  • Programming Languages: Python, Javascript, Java, PHP, C++, C, C#
  • Databases: MYSQL, MongoDB, Postgresql
  • Frameworks: Django, Meteor.js, Phaser.js, Twitter-Bootstrap3
  • Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu), Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Android
  • Version-Control: git



  • ICT Certified Trainer, National 500 apps Mobile Application Development Trainer Program 2015 (Android Mobile Apps)

  • 2nd Place, Math Olympiad 2014, Chittagong (Venue- Premier University)

  • ~10th Place in Bangladesh, at SPOJ http://www.spoj.com/ranks/users/BD/


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