Vladir Parrado Cruz

I'm a systems analyst. I graduated from the University of Camaguey, where I studied from 2001 to 2006. After my studies I worked as professor and project leader at the University of Informatic Sciences in Cuba. There I teached artificial intelligence for several semesters, while doing research on bio-informatics and leading a related project. I finished a masters in Bioinformatic in february 2010. During the master studies, and so far, I have worked on gene silencing and algorithms for searching siRNA' targets in RNA sequences, miRNAS, and SNP influences in miRNAs. Lead by me our group designed and deployed a web application for applying those research results.From 2011 I have been doing web programing (full time) with Python+Django (I started to work with Python+Django from 2008, though). My working day is about css/SCSS, Javascript, JQuery and databases, and of course Python code.Skills    As Web Developer:        - Back-end: Python + Django        - Front-end: HTML & CSS (OOCSS) , JavaScript (OOP, AJAX & DOM), JQuery, Bootstrap.         - Control Systems: Git, Mercurial, Subversion.         - Databases Systems:  MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server,.         - Web servers: Nginx-uWSGI, Nginx-Gunicorn and Apache.        - Operating Systems: Linux & Window.         - Software Development Methodology: RUP, OpenUp, XP.         - CASE tools: Rational Rose, Visual Paradigm.         Generals:            - Experience working remotely.             - Search Engine Optimization.             - Memcached.            - Twitter and Facebook API.             - Translate PSD to cross-browser HTML template.             - Web deployments, Performance enhancements.            - Haystack (whoosh)    - Artificial Intelligence    - Bioinformatic (Gene silencing)    - Analysis & Design of Algorithms.     - Other Programming languages: Java, Prolog, C#, Object pascal.

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