Tomas Neme

I am a seasoned programmer, specialized in games development in Japan in 2003-2006, and worked in the games industry until now, mainly making games for the Nintendo Wii.

I began my CS degree in 2001, and then the japan trip happened, and when I came back monetary obligations are stopping me from finishing it right now. I learned python while making database and IRC server with twisted for an MMO game we developed and loved it from the beginning.

I've worked steadily as a django developer since 2011 dabbing on more lower-level python software, such as Diamond and Saltstack, and I've done my share of Node.js as well for a FOSS television broadcasting framework.Although python is my language of choice, I'm quite proficient in C++ and Javascript. I've used lua in the past as well, and though it's been a while I quite liked the experience. I have also had some short but fairly deep encounters with Php although I'd rather not repeat the experience. I also have experience with HTML and CSS, having been programming web-related things for a while, and I'm very excited about all the new standards and models emerging from HTML5.With django, I have quite wide experience, from simple cms-based websites, to e-commerce sites (and mixes between the two), as well as RESTful APIs. I also like learning new languages and toolkits.Right now I'm not based anywhere specific, but have been travelling South East Asia while working remotely, so I'm more than willing to relocate anywhere in the world. In my free time I like walking around whatever town I happen to be at, trying the local food, taking pictures and recording the sounds of the people.

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