Tom Clancy

I've been writing HTML since a college class in 1996 and building sites professionally since 2000. As an early adopter of the XHTML/ CSS approach, I built some of the first XHTML/ CSS sites for large companies. Whether as a lead developer at a large consultancy or on my own, I have been involved in almost every aspect of web development, writing HTML, researching search engine optimization options, improving accessibility (for clients like the State of New Hampshire), building applications and ensuring the usability of it all. I've been involved in every part of the application development process, brainstorming ideas with clients, gathering requirements, creating use cases, designing database and object structure, writing code, managing other developers and deploying the finished products to servers. Of course, not every application is a monster requiring hundreds of hours and multiple developers. Sometimes these tasks are clearly delineated, sometimes they're rolled up into one incredible rush, going by before they can be named. I wish that were never the case, but I'd be lying if I said I've never experienced a deadline as insane as the one you're about to ask me to meet.

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