Swiftkind is a full-stack design and software development company in the Philippines.  Focusing on Python and Django web application development using agile methodologies. We are committed to deliver competitive products that innovate the way people connect and work. Aiming to create experiences to help individuals, startups, brands and corporations innovate and change lives.We develop complex web applications using the cutting-edge technologies that are fully focused on our client's needs and business requirements. Specializing in crafting corporate applications fully optimized to enhance productivity and user experience. From Wireframes to Prototypes, we create original and effective designs to produce top-notch user-centered experience for both usability and aesthetics.Our team of developers are the strength of our company. They are highly skilled and experienced to do backend and front-end development. We take immense pride on our dedication to our clients and the quality of our services.Stacks that we commonly use:

Python, Django, HTML5, CSS3, JS, AngularJS, ReactJS, TypeScript, Rest APIs, AWS, DigitalOcean, Linux (Ubuntu), OSX, Nginx, Uwsgi, gunicorn, celery, postgresql, mysql, mongodb, couchdb, etc...

Interested in hiring us? To know more about Swiftkind you can check our site swiftkind.com and leave us a message contact@swiftkind.com.

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