I'm an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science from NUS, have been providing freelance web development for at least 5 years. Also, while undergoing my stint in National Service I was requested by the commander specifically to develop web applications for unit-use. After finishing my stint in NS, I developed full time applications for various major organisations up till the point I matriculated in NUS.

With regards to my versatility and capabilities in development,

I am very comfortable in PHP, having written a few full-fledge web apps on it. Personally, I'd recommend building any full-fledge web apps in Django, Python, which I've built a full-fledge merchandizing store on it. (email me for reference)

Besides that, I design my sites in CSS and XHTML, and write my own Javascript libraries customised to each web application. I'd prefer using JQuery as my Javascript framework of choice. And yes, I'm fully adept with Ajax.

I too manage my own servers (I use CentOS), colocated and hosting my own sites/startups. I am a full-time Linux User, I'm very familiar with unix terminal commands, as I run Ubuntu on my desktop, and Opensuse on my laptop. I've been managing and dealing with remote administration earlier than when I began development.

I'm always keen to pick up new technology that you might wish to include in your company's works, as thats what actually keeps me going, new technologies that simply makes life easier.

I've been using MySQL since I began building web apps, hence my command with SQL commands are not an issue too.

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