We are a software development enterprise based in Lima, Perú. We have experience working in big and medium size bussines like Ambev and Pariwana, a ranking for top vendors and a Intranet that manages reservations, services and Point of Sale of a succesful Hostel chain in Peru, powered by PHP and Django respectively.

We develop

We know how to develop robust, reliable, fast web aplications that powers your bussines process without perfomance problems or continuous freezings.

We care about customer relatioship

We want to develop a long relationship with our customers, we are not only vendors, we want to partnership and help achieving your objectives.

We care about your knowledge

We respect our customers bussines process and protects their enterprise information, we don't share or use it with other clients.

We like free software

We like it so much that we have release some code to!, as yo can see in our bitbucket account


Do you have a need but don't know how to define it?, a crazy idea but not know how to express it? Contact us, with our experience and knowledge we can help raise it and take it out on your bussines intranet, the Internet or wherever necessary to achieve your goals.

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