• Languages: Python, PHP, Java

  • Methodologies: OOP, design patterns, extreme programming, agile

  • Frameworks: Django (Python), Zend (PHP), Express (Node)

  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle, PostgresSQL, MongoDB

  • ORM: Django ORM, SQLAlchemy, Doctrine

  • JavaScript: JQuery, Underscorejs, Requirejs,, Angularjs

  • Unit testing: Python unittest, Django-nose, PHPUnit, SimpleTest,¬†

  • Caching: Memcache, Redis, Varnish

  • Messaging Queue: RabbitMQ

  • Worker: Celery

  • Operating systems: Mac OS, Ubuntu, Red Hat Linux, Windows

  • Version control: Git, SVN

  • Issue tracker tool: Jira, Mantis

  • Cloud computing: AWS

  • API development: Django Rest Framework, RESTful API

  • Web servers: Apache, Nginx, uWSGI

  • Configuration Management: Shell, Ansible

  • Virtualization: Vagrant, VMWare

  • Monitoring: Stack driver, Statsd/Graphite¬†

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