Ryan Casey

I learned Django the hard way.

My first exposure to Django was last year. I spent eight months developing a social network for a startup. I was the sole developer, so the learning curve was pretty steep. But by the end of it all, I knew that framework like the back of my hand. As someone once said: “Easy learn, easy forget. Hard learn, hard forget.”

I like Django.

I started building web apps using unadorned PHP. Eventually I found CodeIgniter. I was pretty excited. ORM? MVC? Magical acronyms. After that it was on to Symfony, which I must say wasn't too bad. But it was nothing compared to Django. I loved the ecosystem of plugins and extensions, and I came to also appreciate the discipline the framework forced onto my code. As I learned, doing things the Django way is easy and results in cleaner code. Treating Django like PHP? Never turns out well.

I want to work with Django.

I want to work with the technology I like. I'm more productive and happier that way. So if you need a Django developer, send me an e-mail and we'll talk.

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