digiDzine is a group of professional web developers & web designer from Indonesia. Open source is at the heart of digiDzine and our team members are contribute to a range of open source projects. Our platform of choice is open source tools including Python, Ruby & PHP for server-side programming. For MVC-based framework, we choose to use Django, Ruby On Rails, CodeIgniter, & Yii to enhance the speed of development. And for client-side scripting we use HTML5, CSS3 including libraries/frameworks (Twitter Bootstrap, LESS, SASS), Javascript including libraries/frameworks (AJAX, jQuery, BackboneJS), GIMP, & Balsamiq. We offer you the product that is performed by the most experienced and skillful developers & designers in the below mentioned fields. And at a moment, we are still adding more services, which listed below but not limited to: 1. Web Design, Development & Maintenance 2. Database Design, Development & Maintenance 3. System & Server Administration 4. Project Management Be sure that opening the contract with us is the guarantee that all your requirements and deadlines will be met for sure. The personal approach to your project will make it different and unique from the rest of the market.

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