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In the eyes of most people who know us, professionally and personally, one:ten does websites. While this is a true statement, we'd like to clarify once and for all that the situation is a little more complex than that. After all “doing websites” is only slightly more specific than “building buildings.”

In fact, one:ten does two parts of the website equation. First, we create web applications: the powerful code than enables everything you can actually do on a website. Our first application was an e-commerce suite, but we've made more since.

Second, one:ten designs and builds websites. We come from diverse backgrounds: besides the obvious collection of computer scientists, our training includes graphic design, education, math and history (yes, history). While our different interests make for stimulating lunchtime conversation, they also help us do far more for our customers than just provide the raw code: we can plan, design and teach too.

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