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Ambitious and strong-minded, I am tenacious in my pursuit of excellence.  I love to challenge myself and those around me to be the best, whilst maintaining a professional outlook.  I have strong listening skills developed over a period of six years in customer facing roles, which allow me to demonstrate empathy and communicate well with a diverse range of people.  With over ten years’ experience working with computers and various software, including the development of my own applications, I have learnt to adapt very quickly to change.  My hands-on approach to work makes me equally comfortable working independently and as a team member, always meeting tight deadlines and being forward thinking.  Consequently, in an ever-changing world, my love of learning equips me to develop personally and be passionate about assisting others, especially in respect of engineering the web.

  • Excellent IT Skills with a working knowledge of Python/Django, Subversion control (GIT), JSON, API Development, HTML5, CSS, jQuery 

  • Incredibly adaptable to new technologies and practices, keen to pick up new development methodologies, with some entry level Scrum experience

  • Excellent organisational, planning and time management skills.

  • Logical thinking with creative problem-solving ability with a meticulous attention to detail.

  • Good communication, negotiation and listening skills.

  • The ability to work well with others and lead a team – Experience running a team of thirty people.

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