Morfat Mosoti

Full Stack Python Software developer. 

My skills are :  

  1. Databases:   MySQL,PostgreSQL
  2. Programming Languages:  Python,PHP,Java
  3. Environments: Ubuntu,Cent Os 7
  4. Webservers:    Apache2,Nginx
  5. Web frameworks and Libraries:  Django,Laravel,djangorestframework,jQuery,Bootstrap,Foundation,Semantic,MaterializeCss,
  6. Others Skills:  Git,USSD and SMS integration,Android apps development,Cent Os Server administration, Css,RESTful API development,,Amazon Ec2 and S3,Virtualenv,Fabric,Problem Solving ability

Developing industry standard applications since  2014  .My core top 4 tools are Python ,MySQL ,PostgreSQL,PHP .

Software programming is my passion as I love solving problems using code.I love what I do. Welcome me to your next project so that I be counted in that journey.

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