Matthew Russell

I'm interested in web projects (especially backends) which provide services. I've been developing professionally with Python since Python 1.5. (circa 1999), with a two year break to acquire a BSc in computer science. For the dissertation I developed an Artificial Immune System, which employed machine learning techniques to identify mutations in DNA.

Professionally, I have a previously helped develop secure financial systems, clinical research applications, and a geo-social website and accompanying API, deployed an in use by web and mobile clients.

I'm a primary contributor to the geojson python library (, the author of pymockobject (, and have started to contribute patches to Django.

Other languages I've worked with professionally: SQL, Javascript, Java, C, XML, XSLT,

I have experience and interest with web frameworks, especially Django and Pylons. I'm a competent *NIX user of many years, and have the system administration skills. In the distant past I've also used NT, IIS and once held an MCP qualification (1998).

Im my spare time I like to play guitar, read, stumbleupon and surfing (on water!) and follow the development of all things python.

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